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A medium sized canyon consisting of 2 main areas wich are covered by a grapple cage to be used with the Ninja Kage MOD. Jam packed with secrets and other suprises. Additional info at Alchemy Minds.


Level Info:

Download: Shadow Caverns
File Size: 345k
Date: 10/13/00
Author: NOFpuXnk
Downloads: 1810


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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MCMF_HethrirPosted: 10/13/00 21:02   Report Abuse
This level is GREAT if you like Ninja Kage. The idea of putting that Kage under the ceiling was GREAT. I played this before you finished it, I just hope you got rid of that kell dragon at the bottom of the drop. oops! Should I have said that? Anyway, don't go down there unprepared!!! 8/10


dingydogPosted: 10/14/00 14:23   Report Abuse
this level is reasonably good with ninja kage, but without that mod it is not nearly as fun at all


MCMF_HethrirPosted: 10/14/00 18:55   Report Abuse
:). Its a kool level though. For a secret, if NOFpuXnk says I can post one I will


SpudRatPosted: 10/15/00 23:32   Report Abuse
heh heh....weed


GR_SandRock_GLPosted: 10/21/00 00:38   Report Abuse
Im CGW_SandRok_GWP I came up with the name for the level.


ENA_AkumaPosted: 11/04/00 18:22   Report Abuse
this lvl is great, i was the main beta tester, and killin newbies to it with all secrets are fun, the name isnt too good, it should be called green house(that was the original name)anywayi had fun beating nofpuxnk in his own lvl lol.....


ENA_AkumaPosted: 11/04/00 18:23   Report Abuse
WOOHOO i'm the white denkou in the screenshots!


ENA_YoshimitsuPosted: 11/09/00 02:42   Report Abuse
This level is most hottest level for Ninja Kage mod. I really love it!


KingDudePosted: 11/17/00 23:37   Report Abuse
great level..the dragons are a bit weird but
over all its a great level!


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