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This is Xan from Unreal Tournament. Please note that a 3D accelerator card is required to properly render 16-bit textures.


Level Info:

Download: 16-bit Xan Skin
File Size: 491k
Date: 10/14/00
Author: Cave_Demon & MerKer_Godlike
Downloads: 1980


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 14
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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XanatosPosted: 10/15/00 00:00   Report Abuse
Aww... I was hoping it'd be a Xanatos skin *s*

oh well...


SDA_ObsidianPosted: 10/15/00 00:55   Report Abuse
Xanatos kicks ass!!


Thunder WolfPosted: 10/15/00 01:10   Report Abuse
Dude this skin is awesome! It is actually the first skin to use BF that I am not ashamed of using. The sounds are top notch also. I want more dude!


XanatosPosted: 10/15/00 02:37   Report Abuse
Nobody takes the time to create a simple Xanatos skin tho....


XanatosPosted: 10/15/00 02:37   Report Abuse
Nobody takes the time to create a simple Xanatos skin tho....


AKPiggottPosted: 10/15/00 08:35   Report Abuse
Isn't this skin illegal? It looks to me like he's taken the textures straight out of Unreal Tournament.


Cave_DemonPosted: 10/15/00 09:59   Report Abuse
Actually,i didn't take textures straight from UT,look at jet/backpack,with this skin here is 2 lines in it,with original Xan,here is not,and look at hip,nothing like...


Zeratul(SC)Posted: 10/16/00 22:52   Report Abuse
hey, is this skin compatible with BFP2.1? because one time i dled a skinpack, but since i had bfp2 it crashed everytime i selected any skin, in bfp and the skinpack


Cave_DemonPosted: 10/17/00 05:17   Report Abuse
Nope,this is not compatible with bfp2(.1)
If u want use this skin with it,you must open models.dat file of this skin,and then bfp's models.dat,then copy the last line of xan skin's models.dat,and paste it to bfp's mdls.dat,then just set count how many skins is in bfp's mdls.dat and set the count to top of the file,to number of skins...


AdunPosted: 10/18/00 20:40   Report Abuse
Then agian, you changed 2 sections, otherwise the entire skin looks ripped off directly from UT.


Cave_DemonPosted: 10/20/00 05:37   Report Abuse
GOOD!that's what i tried,that skin looks like from UT!!!!


TSM_Trendy_NessPosted: 01/09/01 07:54   Report Abuse
Actually It looks like a mandalorian, so if anything was ripped....

Nice job. I wish I could get it so precise that people thought I took it straight out of another game!


markishome359Posted: 02/14/01 00:01   Report Abuse
Nice saber. Where did u get it?


markishome359Posted: 02/14/01 00:01   Report Abuse
The skin looks great too, btw.


Cave_DemonPosted: 03/12/01 20:54   Report Abuse
I made the saber =)


MrAcidPosted: 04/01/01 07:21   Report Abuse
skin looks good and the sounds r kew but i dont think its fit for gameplay cuz the sound causes lag even if i have cable(which i do) :( but its good xcept part of lag caused by continious sound.



DemonicMurrayPosted: 04/02/01 01:28   Report Abuse
The sound causes lag on a cable?!?!


ApoK_DarePosted: 04/14/01 14:33   Report Abuse
Nice skins nice saber.


XithJediPosted: 06/12/01 20:29   Report Abuse
It is a cool skin! I still wonder if this skin is legitament, I mean, the Unreal Tournament textures and these, look VERY similar.


Nameless01Posted: 07/10/01 19:56   Report Abuse
I can tell it isn't ripped, Xan doesn't have the whole shoulder thing, the eyes look irregularly shaped (One on the right looks bigger), and the legs are too thin, but otherwise it's just as good as the real thing


spootmonkeyPosted: 07/18/01 03:30   Report Abuse
This is a cool looking mod because i have Unreal Tournament and i've beaten it before.


Non-EntityPosted: 08/20/01 22:23   Report Abuse
First off, I gave this skin an 8. This is a very good skin and the texturing is very good, but it looks a little bit messed up, for one thing, the shoulder pad looks like it wasn't textured as well as the rest of it, and the shape is a little off (which is understandable, but that would have made it a 10 if you could somehow do that.) And for another thing, people, you have to stop saying that it looks like he ripped it off of UT. It doesn't really look that way, I think some people are just jealous of this skin. Overall, good work on this skin, it's a keeper.


blackPosted: 02/13/02 23:35   Report Abuse
how do i load the file in to my game


Z-MASTERPosted: 08/10/02 09:47   Report Abuse
Nice, I wish someone would make a complete UT mod for JK.


a_personPosted: 11/19/03 04:34   Report Abuse
10/10 cause i love ut. ill make a mod. i already found a redeemer. and the rest of the guns cant be that hard. but cave demon id need u when it came to the skins.


a_personPosted: 11/19/03 04:34   Report Abuse
maybe evan chuck in a few ut lvls aswell


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