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Black and White Deathmatch Arena Intended for 2-16 players with intense 3-dimensional action using only small arms (no rail or conc).


Level Info:

Download: Cerberus
File Size: 455k
Date: 10/18/00
Author: Masq
Downloads: 2195


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 26
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murtamanPosted: 10/18/00 23:29   Report Abuse
WOW - beautiful architecture and the consistency of the textures make it even better. Very sweeeeet


DormousePosted: 10/18/00 23:30   Report Abuse
looks really good from the screenshots..i like the gothic atmosphere it looks to have..(=

black and white! truly a novel concept..i like.


JP_HighlanderPosted: 10/19/00 01:46   Report Abuse
Man this is very very good. You have a great talent. I am very impressed with not only the architecture but the beutiful texture work that you used on this.


melef_5o8Posted: 10/19/00 04:57   Report Abuse
finally, a level geared towards small arms combat! thank you thank you thank you


melef_5o8Posted: 10/19/00 04:58   Report Abuse
by the way, this level is a beauty


FuryPosted: 10/19/00 07:43   Report Abuse
(sorry to post twice--didn't see the link for doing it this way until now)



FBJK_Raziel1Posted: 10/19/00 11:52   Report Abuse
This level is a BEAUTY! I like I like I like!


serpent81Posted: 10/19/00 21:51   Report Abuse
WHOA!!!!! This is truly something else! This level is just so nicely done! Great Job!


Dark_ShadowPosted: 10/20/00 17:09   Report Abuse
Wow! This level is a beauty! really nice! THe texturing and the architecture are both first class


JO_Luke_Posted: 10/21/00 12:08   Report Abuse
looks very good.. however.. it could be just a tad bit bigger.. other than that.. all the textures.. i love em..



DrumZillaPosted: 10/21/00 15:32   Report Abuse
this levels not bad, textures are amazing, looks great, but it's too small and after about 5 minutes...*flush* it stinks like my grandmas ear medicene. Not bad level though.


halcyonPosted: 11/09/00 20:36   Report Abuse
That did get SOTD didn't it?


MasqPosted: 11/30/00 12:38   Report Abuse
Nope, no screen of the day.. Though my previous level got both SOTD and LOTW, so this one going completely unnoticed is kinda disappointing. Eh, whatcha gonna do?
Oh, and you can expect more small arms levels on the way... bigger ones, according to these comments [ear medicine, really? pew ;)]. Thanks for comments guys. ;)


SlugPosted: 02/12/01 23:57   Report Abuse
Unnoticed, eh? :)

Very nice looking level, but it was a bit too cramped and hard to manuever in for my tastes..


ApoK_DarePosted: 02/13/01 04:37   Report Abuse
good job.


HethrirPosted: 02/14/01 19:46   Report Abuse
Nice archi, and the use of monotone texturing looks great, like a black and white movie! Can't rate it tho, as the download doesnt work. From the screenies tho, it looks great.

Good work Masq!

Ps. CHENZO, before having a go at other people, make sure they can't laugh back at you (lol. my neice spells better than you, she's FIVE)


DarthBosskPosted: 02/18/01 02:32   Report Abuse


adrenalmedullaPosted: 02/22/01 04:50   Report Abuse
HE, HE! nice one, hethrir, except that the word is spelled "niece," not "neice." remember "i" before "e" except after "c!" no offense, i just thought that was funny, you making fun of someone else's spelling.


adrenalmedullaPosted: 02/22/01 04:51   Report Abuse
oh, and nice level, by the way. i like the black and whiteness of it. that was a clever way to do the stairs, too.


DeAtHPosted: 03/09/01 18:05   Report Abuse
This level totally reeks of awesomeness & pure carnage need I say more?
Truly yours,
The Reaper


MasqPosted: 03/10/01 02:36   Report Abuse
Bah! The rating has actually gone down since it became LOTW ;)


SuperNerd_IJPosted: 03/12/01 22:34   Report Abuse
WOW! Imsry but i am not gonna download this....im a memory saver! bUT JUDGEING BY THE SCREEN SHOTS.....GREAT!!!!!!! The architexture looks great! keep up the good work!


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