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Take part in a raid to punish Rebel supporters. A full background story and walkthrough are included with the level (which has been in production on and off for 10 months). You can find out about my levels in production at my web page: Note: This level is not recommended for anyone with a slower computer or without a 3d card because you will experience bad framerate in a couple of areas.


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Level Info:

Download: Stormtrooper: Vengeance
File Size: 3.0Megs
Date: 10/22/00
Author: Michael Chastant (MikeC)
Downloads: 4008


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 23
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ElmoOfDeathPosted: 10/22/00 23:42   Report Abuse
I always thought screenshots were supost to make you want to get the level. Altho I must say I was greatly impressed with the picture of the space shuttle thing, and those explotions were tremendous looking ;) I'm just kidding I think this is a pretty good dl and I would get it if I were you....


_MikeCPosted: 10/22/00 23:58   Report Abuse
I don't know why those shots are so hard to see. I swear they weren't that dark when I sent them in.


JuztynPosted: 10/23/00 00:04   Report Abuse
Well, I downloaded this level and beat it. For the most part it was a fairly good play, though the texturing in an area or two made me scratch my chin. Also, I was unable to find the yellow key without the aid of the walkthrough, the blastable wall was just too difficult to spot without the hints in the doc. Enemies were sparse, but well placed, and lighting was pretty good for the most part. All in all, a very LONG and straightforward level. A good play if you've got a few spare hours.


Val LangleyPosted: 10/23/00 00:38   Report Abuse
I thought, that HAS to be a level with the same name, but then I saw the author's name and said woohoo! Great level. I missed the puzzle stuff, but I can't say I'm even half through, not knowing how big it is, so it may not have come up yet. Worthwhile download.


rowdyharmonPosted: 10/23/00 21:47   Report Abuse
There are good levels and then there are great ones. This falls into the latter category. These days I don't have much time to play levels but what I do know is that in the 10 minutes that I have played this I have had a blast. I have walked around kicking the crap out of tons of enemies. Most levels like this would suck, but this level has great atmosphere to go along with it. Nice job.


starlightfuryPosted: 10/23/00 23:45   Report Abuse
do you guys think I should download this lvl cause the rating r average please post your opinions


imajediPosted: 10/24/00 03:33   Report Abuse
just get it cause it's not MP!


MoNKeYTGMPosted: 10/24/00 06:11   Report Abuse
The screen shots are to dark...


_MikeCPosted: 10/24/00 14:49   Report Abuse
MoNKeyTGM - did you bother reading the other comments? I already adressed that.


MoratPosted: 10/24/00 15:38   Report Abuse
Good level, even if I had to play it on MikeC's machine. My video card doesn't work well with the darker levels. Very large level, and I enjoyed some of the new enemies. My only complaint the latter part of the level was a little enemy and item scarce, although I'm willing to bet it was because MikeC was up against the 3do limit. I would have split the level into two, seperated by a cutscene, but that's just me. Worth playing, however, if you can trust his beta tester's comments.


CougarPosted: 10/24/00 21:59   Report Abuse
Strangely enough, I agree with Morat. :) It could have used a few more enemies, and it did seem like you would be going high on the 3do count. There were a few other complaints, though. Some of the wavs the enemies and civilians made should have been fixed. I found a few that said "Here she is!" I don't know if it was a mistake or not, but there was one civilian that yelled "Long live the Rebellion!" She was immediately executed. :) She was in that one area with the really weird orange textures, which I think should have been different. I assume that's what the guy above mentioned.

Anyway, it was a great level. I always like playing as an Imperial. Now, off to play TIE Fighter again!


_MikeCPosted: 10/24/00 22:15   Report Abuse
As predicted I couldn't add more enemies because I was getting really close to the 3do limit. As for the sounds - I fixed the ones I could. Some of the enemies (the pirates in particular) are set up with wavs about "she" and there are no alternatives to pick from. As I have no microphone I ain't making new wavs for them to use.


CougarPosted: 10/25/00 01:11   Report Abuse
I noticed it was the pirates, mainly that little skinny guy, that said "she". That explains it, then. It sounded kind of odd while playing, though. :)


Brandon MezeiPosted: 10/26/00 12:41   Report Abuse
I am going to dowload this as soon as possible it looks like a cool level!


MandalorePosted: 10/28/00 22:26   Report Abuse
This level is pretty cool and interesting but maybe a cutscene or something to help it would be good. Overall, I really liked it but I'm having trouble finishing. What do I do once I get past the big bridge?


starsabersPosted: 10/29/00 20:12   Report Abuse
I will d/l but I am pretty sure that some one clicked the download button 450 times (one person). Well any way if it isn't good I will get very, very mad :)


AKPiggottPosted: 11/05/00 23:54   Report Abuse
I've been a bit too busy to play all this, but suggestion to Mike regarding the Pirates, some of the pirate taunts don't have the words "she" or "her" in (for example, "you can't escape"), what I've done for the level I am currently working on is change it so they say just the unisex phrases, maybe you should have tried that.

Oh yeah, what I saw of this level was pretty good, I'll bring more feedback once I played through all of it.


_MikeCPosted: 11/06/00 23:21   Report Abuse
DOH! Why didn't I think of that? All it takes is changing the snd file.


AKPiggottPosted: 11/10/00 20:10   Report Abuse
I finally played it, and I liked it. Texturing was possibly the worst aspect of the level, there was little variation at the start. But it got better as I progressed. The level was nice and long, which rarely occurs in SP levels, most can be completed in about 10 - 20 minutes, it took me about an hour and a half. One problem with the length was that the puzzles seemed to consist of a lot of key hunts, and keys were placed some distance from the doors that they opened, which made the level seem longer. Enemies were sparse, as previously stated, but some of the little puzzles and challenges made up for this. Architecture was very good, never an eyesore.

On the whole, very good, I've given it an 8 out of 10.


Janitor BobPosted: 11/18/00 01:36   Report Abuse
When I first saw this level, I was amazed about the architecture. And then I saw the who the author was and I went "ah". Some of the exterior buildings looked a bit ugly, though. I loved the places and powerups that made sense, like the gun shop. I always hated when their were shields and concussion rifles laying on the floor of a prison section on a star destroyer. I couldn't beat it, but nice level. (I loved the rebel citizen)


mlehewPosted: 12/27/00 20:01   Report Abuse
I gave this level a 7 because it has a wonderful plot, design, and the walkthrough design is terrific. The reason the three points were subtracted was because the lighting in the level was WAY to dark. I had to use a cheat code to get the entire map and then find my way using it. All in all, a worthwile download.


CoolBombJinnPosted: 01/23/01 02:02   Report Abuse
All in all not bad. I understand that you were at your 3DO limit, but it could still have used more enemies. They are right, it was a little too dark but not too bad. The sound was a bit awkward, but I know you did not mean for them to say "she" or her". The level was long, the architecture good. But the texture needed more. You could make a 2.0 version if you wish to fix these. Or if you want to leave it behind and go on that is fine. Maybe next time we will not have so much difficulties. Other than that, great job and keep up the good work!


DemonicMurrayPosted: 03/22/01 14:52   Report Abuse
This is a very cool level. I loved using cheats to make "Jedi Stormtrooper"

I gave the level a 9. Great job!


OvermindPosted: 04/16/01 23:34   Report Abuse
Big level to download but still cool It is time I download this good work level 10 to be exsact.

-Live for the swarm-


xXMisfit86XxPosted: 05/08/01 23:25   Report Abuse
This is one of my favorite levels. I think more levels where Kyle is switched for a Stormtrooper are needed. This level doesnt get boring at the end, i would say that this is the most true to what the original levels look like. Awesome level!


Lord_GrismathPosted: 06/13/01 18:16   Report Abuse
Ow!!! My eyes!!!!

Well, that was my first comment. But other than the total pitch black darkness outside in which I couldn't see anything (hey, wouldn't the citizens use street lamps or something?!?), it was a pretty good level. I loved the 'militia' guys, and the new unifomrs, and it was a generally good story line.

Perhaps you could release a daytime version :)


SBrickPosted: 11/16/01 23:18   Report Abuse
can you male a JK version?


GenkiPosted: 04/04/02 14:52   Report Abuse
yea, can't download it, all that there is,is an error for a gif ....nothing else


Beatles_D.Bowie_R. StonesPosted: 06/26/02 22:21   Report Abuse
A really coo level, but only a few minor problems...Like at one part a pirate or two said 'she's over here" or stuff like that, and the occasional COG_27000600, or whatever, but what the heck. Those things don't take away the fun of the level, and stuff like that. I'd say that it's not a "Gotta have it" level, but it's pretty cool and fun, and I reccomend you download it.


Keith MarshallPosted: 08/11/02 19:01   Report Abuse
Pretty nice level. It was fun mostly because you got to be a stormtrooper! I had a problem finding one of the keys though. I gave it an eight.


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