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Janus, A young but skilled Storm trooper, becomes entangled in a story of mystery and stealth. Purely by chance, he runs across an unsettling discovery which pulls him into a dramatic chain of events. Little does he know that this adventure will carry him to the highest reaches of the empire, as well as its most hidden depths. Help him fight through perils and secure the power of the empire once again.

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Download: PotE Level 1
File Size: 3.74Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: EvanC
Downloads: 4142


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 14
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EH_PhoenixPosted: 08/02/00 18:32   Report Abuse
Awesome level! It's nice to be a bad guy for once! Awsome Rebels!


EH_PhoenixPosted: 08/02/00 18:32   Report Abuse
Awesome level! It's nice to be a bad guy for once! Awsome Rebels!


Knightmare_XPosted: 08/08/00 05:42   Report Abuse
i agree with kornboy. there are way too many levels with canyons, but despite that, i enjoyed the level. get the next section out to me!


AKPiggottPosted: 08/14/00 22:38   Report Abuse
A most impressive level, with awesome architecture, but I don't know why, but I found it to get really boring after a while. The new enemies were brilliant (even though they were in snow gear) but i loved the new canyon critters.


MandalorePosted: 09/27/00 01:07   Report Abuse
I agree with piggot. The level was pretty cool and i had some fun with it but it got boring after a while. Good work!


LeeboPosted: 10/08/00 11:42   Report Abuse
Great Level!

I loved the rebel enemies

You could have put slightly less power-ups though.(I finished with 170 Shields and 80 Health)


Phil CPosted: 11/03/00 19:39   Report Abuse
This level is fantastic including all the new enemies and the brilliant ships. The voice of janus was neat even if he did sound like barry white in slow motion!!. The animals are fab and this is probably in the top 5 downloads in this sector. I also like the R2 units coming up to you and shocking you he he he he. Great architecture especially the little brigde areas.



DarkJeedaiPosted: 12/15/00 01:30   Report Abuse
interesting level and i liked the Critters to bad you cant kill them


DarkPhoenixPosted: 03/14/01 22:27   Report Abuse
This level has been reviewed at



Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/17/01 01:47   Report Abuse
REALLY REALLY GOOD, we can see that the author made a lot of efforts in doind this level. Original plot, good to be a stormtrooper. The skins were cool and the little animals too. I give it 10/10


NeoePosted: 06/08/01 20:18   Report Abuse
This is a very well done level. Wish it was longer and had more levels in it. I also enjoyed being a bad guy for once. Kudos author.


AlessandroPosted: 09/09/01 13:35   Report Abuse
ummm,i didn't like it.


kunckles1Posted: 10/09/01 19:58   Report Abuse
what does pote stand for?


GA zaarinnPosted: 12/22/01 19:43   Report Abuse
this level was great!!!!!!!!! when is the second one coming out


\/\/|-||TE P0|\|YPosted: 03/08/02 19:00   Report Abuse
OK, two things:
1. Great level! I love the plot! (Although I'm probably not in the position to comment, really)
2. I know this isn't really the right place for this, but can someone please help me?! I can't get past the shields right at the beginning. I know this is stupid but go easy, because I'm 15 and I have a lot of schoolwork that I should really be doing instead.


Eric_LightheartPosted: 08/06/02 04:37   Report Abuse
PotE stands for "Power of the Empire".


ConnemaraPosted: 10/11/03 19:26   Report Abuse
At the beginning there are several shielded areas, but if you keep on going beyond them, you will come to a place that isn't shielded and you can open the first shield there...this continues as in each shield there is another switch to oen the next, until you get right into the base.

Anyway, the problem I has was...what happens after I flip the switch and the hangar door opens? What hangar is that, and why don't i have any more objectives? I was confused.


NamphibianPosted: 11/26/03 12:03   Report Abuse
I don't normally give out "warm milk and cookies" when rating stuff but I must say this is an exceptional JK level. The architecture in the canyons is even more awe-inspiring than the LEC Valley of the Jedi levels. I enjoyed fighting rebel soldiers and the funky work with the B-wings, speeders etc was painfully detailed. Aside from minor problems with texture alignment in some places I was totally blown away by the sheer quality and atmosphere of this level.


KHORGPosted: 12/04/10 07:52   Report Abuse
Really liked all the little touches, critters, non-LEC models, R2D2's that zap you, hologram x-wing.


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