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What happens when imaginary power is combined with Jedi Knight editing skill? The answer is Purgatory.

It all starts in the battle field, the Imperial troops are invading your hillside village, and you will not stand still and let this turn of events take place. You gather up as many warriors as you can, and march to certain death against the invading Imperial forces.

After just seconds of fighting you realize the battle is futile, but it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. You drop to the ground from the force of a laser blast travelling through your body. You fall to the ground feeling the pain, the glory, and the horror of dying in war. Your wounded body lies on the cool grass, while others continue to fight over you. The pain of your wounds nearly drives you to insanity, but your pride gives you a sense of peace, knowing that you died fighting for your freedom. Then you begin to wonder if the price you paid was worth it. You begin to wonder if killing the men from the opposing forces, and sending your own people to their death, was all justified. Then your soul is overtaken by fear, the fear of eternity. The human mind was not designed to think upon such abstract ideas, and you begin to not think at all. You no longer have control over your body, and all you can do is gaze, gaze into your past, and what could very well be your future, you gaze into the eyes of your dead corpse, wasting away to nothing... all in the name of war, the name of death, the name of evil.

You are swallowed up by the heavens, to be given the final test. The questing on this test is simple. There are two choices, life or death, blessing or cursing, both for eternity. Now your fate is in your own hands, a place it was never meant to be held. Welcome to Purgatory.


Level Info:

Download: Purgatory
File Size: 1.8Megs
Date: 11/03/00
Author: SM Sith Lord
Downloads: 10715


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 124
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DAKPosted: 11/03/00 03:30   Report Abuse
This Level is, I have to say, Very trippy(and I love trippy schitt!), as far as the Jedi engine goes.
It's like combining Jedi Knight and Afterlife.

I would definetly like to see a bigger, Single player version of this for either JK or MotS (probably MotS becuase you have the Undead Sith Lord zombies!)
But Still, I have to say, excellent Level, a few spots of low framerate, but other than that, excellent Framerate throughout! I definetly recommend it. (and I hardly Recommend levels!)


ME_PrezAarvenPosted: 11/03/00 05:08   Report Abuse
Well, actually. That one room with all the switches was at the end of the maze. PLUS, there was a small, secret room that it was in.. But, this review isn't for what was in it before. It's what's in it now. Like I said in my last post, I was the first beta tested. (Hey, I need a title! :P) Well, except SM_Sith_Lord. But, that's besides the point. I've loved the level all the way through the beta testing, and it's gone a LONG way since the first time I saw it. I hope you keep up the good work, SM. Just don't forget to take those kind of MATs out of your level. ;)


_C_SS_TrunksPosted: 11/03/00 05:34   Report Abuse
this level rulz......i dont know how you made such a HUGE level have almost no lag.....


CotW_LobeznoPosted: 11/03/00 09:23   Report Abuse
Great level!!!!
I got frustrated when I got lost in the maze, but I found my way out (15 min. later).
No lousy lag or framerate here, just a killer level with lots of cool and impressive things!
Heaven and Hell where the finest parts of this level.
Keep up the amazing and awesome work!!!!!


SM_ButcherPosted: 11/03/00 12:45   Report Abuse
This level is amazing and its gone from a long, very long way, i remember one of the beta with hell in it, each time u got in the elevator, theelevator was going directly to hell, but i was always dying, so sith change it :).
To get in the wide platform with the mountain, u nedd spork, and u just have to go up the Gunz arena (AFTER THE PILLAR)

About the trap, there is so many trap that even SM_Sith_lord dont know them all, or he just want to keep it for himself, BAD sith lord,

And this is not a dead level, it easy to finish a game over 30, what can kill u a lots of time is ur stupiddity of doing the same mistake,

P.s: Im the NinJA!


SM_ZeddicuusPosted: 11/04/00 07:57   Report Abuse
This lvl is one of the best I've played, ranking up with Jawa Dwelling SE and Drazen Isle. It has sections for mini games such as Capture the Bunker, and the mountain for Spork Push Off. It also has great NF saber areas such as the Pillars, also suitable for Deranged FF Guns matching! Can't find a better level to download than this one! I give it a 10/10. Oh, for a challenge, try to go through the maze, very difficult...


bugPosted: 11/04/00 09:16   Report Abuse
It's um, different.

It's horrible DM level. It seems more suited towards an RPGish type of gameplay.

There were a lot of areas that were just... strange. It's sortof like Drazen Isle on crack.


KAB_DarkMaulPosted: 11/04/00 14:26   Report Abuse
This level kicks!!!!!!! Good job on it!! i think it will have the MOST downloads on massassi and have the record for the best level on massassi. EVERYONE DOWNLOAD THIS LEVEL! IT KICKS @$$. (in cartman's voice) it is SWEEEEETTTTTTTT!!!!!. lol good job again!


SM_Boba_FettPosted: 11/04/00 18:33   Report Abuse
What are you talking about bug this level has awesome game play it is best suited for fighting not some dumb rpg. JK wasnt made for rpg's it was made for combat either kill everything in sight or get outta my way cause i will....THIS LEVEL JUST PLAN ROCKS!


XD_Martin_BPosted: 11/05/00 02:40   Report Abuse
This level is sweet. I love how you can go to hevean or hell and its nice and big and you even get a little intro (The intro is a little freaky but thats ok) and the story posted above helps good. This is the greatest multiplayer level for Jedi Knight Dark Forces II, I'ts very popular on the Zone too i give it a perfect ten!!!


BelibisPosted: 11/05/00 05:31   Report Abuse
Simply Excellent. I did find some bugs though. Mostly while using Light Force powers.


SM_ButcherPosted: 11/05/00 08:09   Report Abuse
LOL! what u call a bug, i call this a really intelligent way to stop poeple from using light power, its simple, The Sith Mercenaries Hate Light Power, and sith too, that is why,
You want to use light power huh?
OK, then GO IN UR GRAVE!!!!!


Nature PaladinPosted: 11/05/00 18:40   Report Abuse
This is an original idea, but it needs a LOT of improvement. The architexture was very boxy in most areas, and regular gameplay simply doesn't work with the largeness of this level, unless you agree to gather weapons and then meet in a certain location for a fight, or manage to assemble some 10 or so people (In which case there will be too much lag). Purgatory also takes a large hit in its ratings from the aforementioned light force powers bug (We don't like light force powers is no excuse, in fact it only makes it worse that it is not a bug). This might work for RPGing, though I've never tried it. The music is also very, very annoying.


SM_ButcherPosted: 11/05/00 19:13   Report Abuse
to play this level u dont need force or spork, u can go to heaven without spork. the only place u need spork its to climb the mountain , and the only place u need a little force jump is in the pillar


ShinkanPosted: 11/06/00 01:01   Report Abuse
I gave this level a 9. The sky was a bit freaky and bogged down my crappy 3D card, but otherwise I loved this level. Great for RPG'n and DM alike. The graveyard was a nice touch when you respawn into the level. The sounds were fairly ok if you don't listen for too long. Anyhoo, great level!
-Shinkan out


JediPosted: 11/06/00 02:10   Report Abuse
This is one of the coolest, and weirdest levels I have ever downloaded! your nuts if you dont get this level. ITS HUGE!!!


Hmmm. Great warrior! Wars not make one great!!


JediPosted: 11/06/00 02:12   Report Abuse
oh, and i almost forgot!

The begining scene is awesome!!


Anger. Fear. Agression. The darkside are they. Easily do they flow, quick to be with you in a fight.


Bulletproof BPosted: 11/06/00 21:28   Report Abuse
10 10 10 10 10

this level is Amazing ive taken 20 secs out from Playing it with my Bro on the LAN to say Right on man may you make many more Amazing levels i know people have said this before but

cant you turn your skills to Single player Levels


JemPosted: 11/06/00 23:19   Report Abuse
This is one WEIRD level....it's GREAT INCREDIBLE WOW !!! I give it 10 !! (heck I give it 100 !) Man it would be just great if you did something like that on singleplayer.
keep up the good work...




Cl-lÄ0§Posted: 11/07/00 00:36   Report Abuse
this is one of the best lvls ive seen in a while. i like it alot because its big because you always find somin you never found before. i recomend you download this lvl if you havent already.


TSM_Trendy_NessPosted: 11/07/00 07:01   Report Abuse
Anyone who says this level is boxy is looking at his/her computer screen but not the images on it, the fast scrolling sky was hard on even my computer and if anything scrolled it belonged in hell, the only thing that really annoyed me is the bunker thing with the star-trek type gun replicator thing and the mine trap, that was designed for camping, (needs a Farsight XR-20.) It would take me months to design a level of that quality and I prefer boxy old (lag free) levels, the "light-side glitch" got me out of some nasty situations, and who says you need specificly Legacy of the Jedi's Spork to get to the mountain, a simple jetpack/grapple mod will do fine, *cough*manowars2/kwp*cough* I think this level is great, there are some areas where 3do's dissappear and reappear where it would be better to cleave and delete, and that scream when you open the door is more annoying than a horny cat, but overall I can't give your level anything less than a 10, because I wan't to encourage you to make another level that is superior to it. Good job, and keep up the good work!

[saracasm]Oh by the way, I am making a huge city, should I use freesector and go rotate to put the domes on the skyscrapers? (I hate lethal saber duels)[/saracasm]

~Trendkill Nesseight


SM ButcherPosted: 11/07/00 12:45   Report Abuse
The scream are only there to warn other ppl but you just skip them by comming in the house by the 4 other door. And yes, the Bunker is done for camping but even if u are in the bunker you are not safe, when the windows r up, ppl can use a trap to blow up the bunker, and thee is 3 way to get in the basement so its not hard to capture it. Most of the time you can play Capture the bunker in team, it really kick ass


nK_ArchangelPosted: 11/10/00 14:21   Report Abuse
Firstly, I think you mean "imaginative" power...hehehe...otherwise it comes across as "actually non-existent" power...haha...the irony. This is a very strange level, to say the least. It certainly has its good points though. The floating isles rock, somehow I like the music, and the underwater section in Hell is great. Gameplay-wise it isn't that great, certainly not for nf guns anyway, but it IS fun to play - what with all its secrets and such - just not for toooo long.

Well done though - a skilful bit of JK editing. 8.



NotQuiteSanePosted: 11/11/00 00:15   Report Abuse
I thought this level was pretty cool. I love playing it with friends, and finding all the secrets and rooms. I still haven't figured out the maze, but I intend to play it until I do--and even after. Heaven and Hell are great, the Mountain rocks, everything was sweet. Definitly not the #1 level of all time, but it has all the qualities of those levels. Large it may be, but have any of you actually spent more than a minute or two looking for your enemies? No. So zip it and enjoy this great level.


KingDudePosted: 11/17/00 17:29   Report Abuse
this level rulez!!
if your only gonna get one level this is the one to get!!


_Mantissa_Posted: 11/18/00 04:14   Report Abuse
This level looks neat, has some nice 'eye candy', but it's just not good in the gameplay department.


Prince_TyCoPosted: 11/19/00 04:09   Report Abuse
This leval rly freaked me out made me think and scared me in some places but it had to be 1 of the best ive ever seen.


tacoman_nzPosted: 11/27/00 11:45   Report Abuse
my god.

I died and went to Jedi Knight heaven.

This level rocks, It is surreal as hell and so massive that i still haven't found everything! This level will be the yardstick by which i measure all future levels!!


Dbzm_VegetaPosted: 11/29/00 20:03   Report Abuse
I love this level! i gave it a ten. my only regreats are that hevan dosent look as cool as hell. also i dont know how to get to that big mountian. u know the one were u press that button in the secret room that shoots a concsion bomb on to that mountian. Also i wish there was a way to return to the real word as a spirit. I sugest that u play this level with no mods or kwp or some other mod. its good! O ya why does the dragoon ball z mod not work with this level i think it would be cool


"I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"


Duo_SaberPosted: 11/30/00 17:42   Report Abuse
When JED masters descide to make a weird level, the result is best described as weird. This level is ENOURMOUS, i really wonder how the author made everthing that is in this level and still have it be as non laggy as Bespin. Even I have not found all of the rooms in this level.


ih8missouriPosted: 12/03/00 14:26   Report Abuse
This level is cool. I am running it with my Pentium 533, so I dont have alot of lag graphicswise except for the fact that I have a crappy videocard from 1994 even though I have a 21' monitor and a big sound system. It hasnt given my non-accelerated video card many problems, problems that most user levels give (i.e. hanging, splintering my character). Way to go sithy... were ya high when you made this?


puresithPosted: 12/03/00 22:54   Report Abuse
Do u know how sweet this level is? i gave it a 10. the begining is awsome!



PossePosted: 12/12/00 01:04   Report Abuse
It's amazing how different people's tastes can be, i gave this level a 2, because i thought it sucked. too big, too freaked, plays bad, and looks horrible


SM Sith LordPosted: 12/12/00 01:36   Report Abuse
It appears that your the only one so far that had a different opinion.


NorthChaosPosted: 12/12/00 12:47   Report Abuse
Actually, if you look at the levels in *any* commercial game, or the most respected levels in any other gaming-community, you'll see stunning architecture, clever ideas, and *good* gameplay with actual *flow*.

I just don't know what's wrong with JK-s community. Maybe the people just want to wander around "finding new stuff everytime they play". If it's that, go buy AC.


SortexPosted: 12/19/00 23:13   Report Abuse
I don't know where all these comments about the level looking bad come from. I think it's amazing! And all these comments about bad game play are just misguided. If you have trouble finding people to fight in the level, it's not because the level is too big, but probably because you're playing with people who would rather run away from you than fight.

By the way, why are people giving the level a bad rating because the sounds are "scary"? Apparantely these people lack the understanding of ambience for the level. The scary sounds fit in with the whole idea of purgatory.

This is a fantastic level! Definately worth a 10 and certainly a fun level to play! If people don't like playing in a level of this size, that shouldn't go against the creative aspects of the level.


GE_XepharPosted: 12/26/00 05:12   Report Abuse
I enjoyed looking and playing/goofing off in this level, but the flow was nonexistent, the level was huge, and gameplay lacked. However, editors should most certainly not disregard this level because it had some of the best ideas I have ever seen.


AssaultPosted: 01/15/01 21:48   Report Abuse
This level is fun in some ways yet in some ways strange. But then again the Author might of been going for strange. But it does have a good intro and is fun if you have a lot of players.


dogg_ladPosted: 01/26/01 08:20   Report Abuse
whoa, that is some wierd sh*t! I love it. I still can't get enough of the death sequence at the beginning and starting off in a grave. I also love the blurry room and the bath full of blood and......... everything! Very nice! Good work!


Plasma ManPosted: 02/11/01 18:32   Report Abuse
Wow, it outdownloaded JHS by a lot. Who's repeatedly clicking the download button?


LoA_Anxious_BobPosted: 02/12/01 00:08   Report Abuse
I'd download it but I contenue to get an error message. Looks cool from all the screenshots and the comments though. I'll download it as soon as I can.


TSM_Trendy_NessPosted: 02/13/01 16:41   Report Abuse
Bull, This is bull, somethings going to happen to fix this error! just watch! it may not be today, may not be in a week, or it may, just wait and see!

There's constructive critisism for you.


ShelkartMarnePosted: 02/14/01 21:18   Report Abuse


PossePosted: 02/19/01 22:19   Report Abuse
due to a recent happening with these guys, i checked the level again, and...


i'm sorry, but i don't see how anyone could like a level like this... i could do something of this shoddy quality in 15 minutes.

everything about it is bad... i couldn't get myself to find one good comment... AND I LOOKED HARD.

btw, northy, don't tell these crazy people to get AC, tell them to get EQ ;)


FH_OmegaPosted: 03/18/01 04:53   Report Abuse
WOW! This is by far my favorite level. I hope your dont mind a little constructive critisim.
1. It would be cool if you could go back to the battle ground where you died.
2. WHAT IS THE PIT MASTER? you should have added a boss or something to give that area a point.
3. The VERY top of heaven would make a very cool saber arena.
4. DBZ 3.0 doesn't work well with this level.
5. The desert doesn't really sever a purpose but it's cool.
thats it and dont you think for a second that I dont like this level because whoever made this is a GOD.


SM ButcherPosted: 03/19/01 23:34   Report Abuse
1: in a beta u actualy could go back there (it was at teh 50/50 room) and it was really boring
2: The Pit Master is maded for 3 person, 2 gladiator and 1 pit master. the pit master is the one that open the gate, when u push the switch, it warn the pit master that you are there.
3: yeah, but the Pit is there for that. and playing NF pillar is fun
4: DBZ power are like light power.. heh
5: its only a surface with a big mountain...


ValiancePosted: 03/20/01 01:30   Report Abuse
I don't see why everyone likes this level so much,it lags really bad,it is too big and you have a hell of a time finding anyone. It's made for no less than 4 players. Not enough guns and ammo placement for such a big level either.And I hate any level where I have to make a bunch of jumps,and 1 slip and die. Oh and what is the purpose of heaven? Should have made heaven look better,it is really boring there. I still rated it 7 though due to so many horrible levels out there.Good work,but just not as good as everyone seems to think.


SM Sith LordPosted: 03/21/01 16:33   Report Abuse
It seems alot of people are complaining that there isn't enough guns in this level, so I just thought I'd tell everybody that I reached a "thing" limit when I was making this level, which inturn stopped me from making more stuff in it. If I added even 1 more "thing" to Purgatory, it would crash when you loaded it. So i tried to make up for it by putting the gunz and their ammo close to each other. Any way, I'm glad people are still downloading it, c ya.


forcenewbiePosted: 04/07/01 17:54   Report Abuse
on a scale of 1-10 i give this level 50,000.
i RELLY LOVE this level. but there are some things i would like to adress.

first off. i have to agree with some of the people here, this level, unless you limit players to spacific areas on the level, it is not very good for regular play.
on zone (1-4 players) i say it is better for rpg. in contrast though, useing IP/TCP (1-32 players) it is good for regular play.

i feel this level is best for rpg type games.
i am a big rpg freek,and i feel that, with some of the better mods out there, this level is very playable.

in contrast to what i have herd some peaple say on the coment board, i feel that this level is very good for DBZ 3.0 play.
Because, if you relly think about it, in Dragon Ball - Dragon Ball GT, some/ all of the charictors go to, iether heven or hell.
stop and relly think about it and you will see my point of view.

as i said before, this level is, all around, a very good level with no matter what you play it with.

the other thing i like about it is the secrets of it.

i trully would like to see a smaller single player level of it.

in all, i feel that this level is one of the few greats. this level is permenently eched on my hard drivve, and i urge people to download it.

(please dontmind the spelling errors)


Codemaster9Posted: 04/07/01 19:21   Report Abuse
I have to say that although I'm an expert at JK, it took me an entire hour and a half to explore this level, and then when I came back, I found other things I hadn't known about afterward! The silence that comes with hosting a solo-match by yourself only added to the spookiness that was there. It's very atmospheric and mood-dark, and the surprises and little sreams REALLY got my attention. The only thing I didn't like as much was that a)you don't see any demons, and b)Heaven doesn't look as cool. Besides that, the architecture was incredible, and the ideas for the rooms (e.g. the "dreamy blur" room and the upside down death room) were ones I wouldn't have come up with in a thousand years. This is one in a million download, and I would honestly recommend it to anybody. Download this now, if you aren't already!


OvermindPosted: 04/22/01 13:41   Report Abuse
This level rules it is such a good level one of the best I have seen.

-Live for the swarm-


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 04/23/01 21:24   Report Abuse
StarCraft rocks dude! For you that don't know, "Live for the swarm!" is wut the infested terrans say in StarCraft. Anyways, i gues this was a pointless comment. Peace!


**SaberPro**Posted: 05/04/01 00:39   Report Abuse
lol, starcraft does rock, any way.... i love this lvl!! perfect 10, more secrets than thought possible, its just rlly fun 2 play, sith lord, great job!!!! this is prob my fav lvl, i love it!! im at a loss at what 2 say right now....so....c ya


JS_SXL_ZombaPosted: 05/06/01 15:54   Report Abuse
this level is fucked out wackin trippy. i love it the music in hell is the greatest. i hope to see a bigger and better sequel to this level. i love the intro where you are floating and you got the minister person saying shit. IT FUCKING ROCKS. im still exploering most of it. i foergot where the maze is. ill find it though. make us proud and do an even better sequel


Shadow ThiefPosted: 05/14/01 05:46   Report Abuse
Wow !!! This level is the best i´ve seen for a long time !!! I give this a clear 10 ....mostly because i like scary shit !!! Keep up the good work !!! ---------------------------------------------Together we stand, Divided we fall.


Shadow ThiefPosted: 05/20/01 19:39   Report Abuse
Sorry for above. I love the maze..I found your little portal, doh. I have one question: Why did you put the big mountain in the level ? what´s the point with it ? You can find it by climbing or using a grapple hook to get to the little opening up at the little roof in the red room which is upside down. oh and: Whats the point with the big red obelisk above the maze ? These and much more are there in the level for no other apparent reason than 2 make the size of the level a little bigger ! I recomend you remove these to reduce 2 allow a quicker download.


SilverRaven_2Posted: 05/21/01 13:26   Report Abuse
WoW this level is great i loved it !!!!
And i got really scared when i entered the house and heard a scream.....AND one more thing......the express elevator to hell was great to BUT what was the mountain there for ??? You could not go to it without a fly hack or grappling hook....and the maze was close to driving me to insanity !!! other than that great level i rate this 10\10 good job (^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^) !!!!!


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 05/22/01 18:56   Report Abuse
Ok, the mountian is there for peole who use spork. It's fun to play king of the moutian with just using the grap hook and force push. the castle thingy above the maze is just there for the people who climbed that wall. i like putting things there for the people who use mods. there is no real use for the castle. and the castle and the moutian add maybe 3k to the download, so it's not makin it a bigger download.


IPS_RoastedAtomPosted: 06/06/01 20:38   Report Abuse
This level TOTALLY freaked me out the first time I played it. Nice work!


destroyerig88Posted: 06/08/01 00:32   Report Abuse
If anyone wants to d/l Purgatory Uncensored, go to www.geocities.com/destroyerig88/jk_df2.html

The uncensored version has a secret room in hell that has a pic. (I love to see her take her shirt off....hint)

If you cant find it zm me on the zone as hunterIG88.


SuperLinkPosted: 06/10/01 03:30   Report Abuse
Great level.

However, you should make a map or walkthrough or something cuz I can't find my way around. This is much more complex than Drazen Isle.



SM_Sith_LordPosted: 06/15/01 04:41   Report Abuse
Nice to see Purg's downloads are comming back up. =) I would make a walk through for Purg, but i have put this level behind me. I don't really believe in making sequals or anything, or really doing anything at all for a project I already released. Right now i'm workin on a huge RPG project with a few other editors, we don't have a name yet, but it's only about 25% done and it's already bigger then purg. Peace out. and if you like NF sabs, try my Illusions of Victory level! it's my favorite lvl of mine besides Purg!


OmEgA_PoWeRPosted: 06/20/01 18:40   Report Abuse
Man this rocks....


Ree-Yo FettPosted: 07/15/01 01:57   Report Abuse
I like to hang out in the Purgatory house, its creepy in there...


ALLkneelB4mePosted: 07/17/01 15:41   Report Abuse
This lvl is the coolest and biggest i have very downloaded. It is huge! i know most of the secrets in purg. but i keep on having trouble getting through the dang maze. I gave this level a 10 because its the best! This lvl is great of deathmatches with guns and sabers but can also be played as a Rpg like "heaven vs. hell". One question SM Sith Lord, When are you going to get the website working? I tried the one you gave us in the loading part, but it doesn't work! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 07/21/01 15:36   Report Abuse
The site used to be up. It was hosted on ClanHappy, but then they changed their poicy and deleted all files over 100k. I never moved the site to a new host because I thought nobody played Purgatory anymore.


LeaderPosted: 08/03/01 20:25   Report Abuse
I congratulate the author on his imagination and good design...the begenning confused me at first but it brough it together..the guy talking..geneius! I look foward to a purgatory 2.


Coconut BoyPosted: 08/15/01 19:50   Report Abuse
1. At the end of the maze is a teleporter that takes you to a secret room in heaven where you can press buttons to activate conc-traps.
2. To get to the desert place, you must jump across the floating pillars until you get to the room with the open ceiling, then you just grapple to the ridge and your there
3. It's not "hide the bunker" it's "hide in the bunker" and the bunker is the place in the basement where the bathtub leads to.

Also, after hours of maze-ing I found a way to get through it in a minute and a half, if anyone wants the instructions then e-mail me, StrWrsNerd@cs.com


ID_gunsurvivorPosted: 08/16/01 14:09   Report Abuse
this gets a 20 its sweet time 10


Non-EntityPosted: 08/21/01 22:02   Report Abuse
No offense to the creator of the level or the countless people who love this level, but it is my honest opinion that this level isn't all that good. While I must admit that it is a very creative piece showing that the author has a complete mastery of level creating, this level is more like something that you would explore on your own without other people. I have tried playing it with my friends, and the only part we really ever play in is the grave yard. The level is simply not suited for actual playing of the game, except in a few parts. This level would be really excellent if a lot of stuff was cut out. The parts that We found were very good were the grave yard, the room with the open roof, the desert, and the mountain. That is about it. The rest is terrible to play in, for example, in any other part of the level if you are playing with someone and all of a sudden they run away from you to save themselves, you might as well forget about them. I'm sorry, but despite the fact that this level is very pleasing in the aesthetic category, and is "very trippy" it simply isn't playable enough to stay on my hard drive.


Jedi_KylePosted: 11/06/01 16:28   Report Abuse
I have about 90 levels on my computer, and this one is by far the most fun to walk around in and explore new things. Very creative, and the music is good too. I sometimes use it for my PowerPoints at school.


LaxbenPosted: 11/25/01 00:20   Report Abuse
...im speach less...that is the most amazing level i have ever played im my who Jking deal..Plz plz i beg of you ..make some more of it levels..no other levels match this one!!..even drazen island dosnt meet this standerd of play!..make a purg II plz it would be soooooo cool..liek you could find a secrate into the battle scen i the start..aw man im going to go play it now!!!!!!!


LaxbenPosted: 11/25/01 00:20   Report Abuse
...im speach less...that is the most amazing level i have ever played im my who Jking deal..Plz plz i beg of you ..make some more of it levels..no other levels match this one!!..even drazen island dosnt meet this standerd of play!..make a purg II plz it would be soooooo cool..liek you could find a secrate into the battle scen i the start..aw man im going to go play it now!!!!!!!


Sauron2002Posted: 01/27/02 18:09   Report Abuse
A very creative level. I enjoyed staying up exploring the level (still haven't found all the areas). But, it would be a chore to find your opponets due to the enormity of this level. Here's an idea that popped up before I dozed off. You should break apart this level into the house (and others), heaven, and hell. That way we can have rotating levels and you can expand on the three areas w/o having to add more and more and more to the level. (you mentioned you reached your thing limit?) And I hafta admit, heaven is a little boring :P

A most excellent job though. You got skills and one helluva imagination! :)

~Sauron of Mordor

-Ash nazg durbatoluk ash nazg gimbatul
ash nazg thrackatoluk agh burzom ishi krimpatul!


zed2090Posted: 04/22/02 21:14   Report Abuse
Excellent level, its probably the best one i've tried in a long time. I would love to have a written transcript of the opening voice-over, if anyone has it could you send me it? zed2090@hotmail.com
Thanks, and very well done.


Highelf_LordPosted: 06/07/02 01:02   Report Abuse
Exelent level! I am very impressed with your work on this map. I love large levels like this one. It is great that it has little or no slow framrates. You are one of my two favorite mappists for JK! I love the deapht of the level and all the secrets. You have done a great job on this masterpiece. The opening sequence is great. The maze and other parts of Purgatory are great as well as the addition of Heaven and Hell. The level is kind of boxy but that can be forgiven with the textures and the exelent content! I love the idea. Your lightign was almost perfect! (there were some places in the maze that were darker than they needed to be). The sound was inputteded with almost complete persition (it would have been nice to have added even as little as half a second in the intro sequence to let the guy finish what he was saying). They only other problems I had with this level is that it is almost too large to engage your enemies unless you have a LOT of them and there is a part of the level only exesible with a grappiling mod. Your level is great in may aspects and all in all, I gave it a nine.

(P.S. It would be intresting to see an expanded single player version of this level.)


Eric_LightheartPosted: 07/12/02 17:28   Report Abuse
This is the most AMAZING level that I have ever played. Better even than Drazen Isle because unlike Drazen Isle, Purgatory has NO LAG!


x_X_pUFf_X_xPosted: 08/03/02 04:39   Report Abuse
wow, by far the most mind boggling and confusing lvl i've ever played. great lvl i spent a good half hour running aimlessly through it with about 12 other people. heh.
i give it 2 thumbs up. good mats, sky was cool. interesting and "stimulating" scenery. heh sfx were ok, and i liked the traps, music, etc.
to all ppl play'n this lvl, invite a bunch of noobz in it!!!! FUN FUN FUN.



Gabba Gabba HeyPosted: 08/04/02 14:23   Report Abuse
JK Meets your Imagination? Sounds like H.R Puf'n'Stuff meets Poke`mon. Distracting, unusual, fun. Try playing this level in the morning when you're half awake. 9/10 Cuz' the Elevator is misleading ]:D


WoTC_KaoShinPosted: 12/01/02 06:43   Report Abuse

Just wow.


BTP_G_megamanPosted: 04/04/03 14:39   Report Abuse
You sir are a SICK PERSON this lvl scared the **** out of me when i first played it ...... people kept on jumping out lol it's very very spooky so i say AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh this lvl is just just just just WOW


MattDettorrePosted: 07/07/03 21:52   Report Abuse
holy sh*t you kick ass you get a ten for making my favorite level ever


ConnemaraPosted: 10/29/03 04:15   Report Abuse
This level gets a ten from me (one of the few i have ever rated ten) because of the sheer iaginative genius. To the guy who said he could make soemthing this good in 15 minutes...unless you are the Mozart of JED, you sir, are full of hot air.

Anyway, I wish a sequel had been released! :(


ConnemaraPosted: 10/29/03 13:40   Report Abuse
Just wondering, is the uncensored version still available? I'm not a lesbian or anything (sorry to disapoint), but I feel it is a bit of JK lore, and I just gotta check it out. I remember being told about it years ago when I first played Purgatory, and being like "weird"...so anyway, I'm curious, but that site is down (or at least, I can't access it)


DingnatePosted: 01/21/04 18:57   Report Abuse
This level is the best ever. Just the other night I had a lan party about 16 player playing this. And i was the only one to make it throught the end of the maze. (It says the guys initals and a portal to a cylender full of guns) sometimes on a rainy day, i just like to explore the level with a friend, its just that big. it took my about 2 days to to compleatly explore it, yet i feel like there is still stuff out there. great job, 10


NesseightPosted: 06/30/04 21:48   Report Abuse
This level is an old one, perhaps a little boxy, but considering it's age, it is still one of the most infamous levels in JK history.

I don't know the formula for Purgatorys maze, and I navigate it just by hugging the wall (never stop hugging one side of the wall and you'll eventually get through most simple mazes). It takes a long time to complete that way, but your character will get powerups.

It is not the author's initial's (EG) that are at the center of the maze, it is the author's clan tag (SM)

You can get the original Purgatory from Sloans Underground (I was shocked at that, SM doesn't even have that version anymore), but I can't post a link.

There is no walkthrough for Purgatory anymore, though if one is ever re-written, you could probably find it at http://www.sithmercenaries.net

- SM Nesseight


JuicerPosted: 07/06/04 03:46   Report Abuse
I love this map! its awesome, big, lots of secrets, good for RPG, i gave it a 10


The_Divine_ShadowPosted: 11/16/04 02:53   Report Abuse
Hard to believe this level is four years old and we're still posting about it. This is probably one of my all-time favorite levels for JK, right alongside Drazen Isle.



GhOsTyPosted: 02/22/05 04:01   Report Abuse
get it, play it, love it.
if u dont i shall hunt you down and poke you with a bamboo skewer


SM Mister MoePosted: 03/04/05 15:02   Report Abuse
It's true what they say, the best things really do get better with age. This is yet again another fine example of pushing JK to the limit, something only a handful of editors have done. As for a tutorial/walkthough, I know a lot of you are familiar with my SMHQ Guide that shows all secrets, incomplete zones, and plenty of level hisory of that level... well I've decided to make one for Purgatory as well. Not sure how much use the tutorial would get, but if you're interested I will probably put a link to it on the Sith Mercenaries website.


DjDTMPosted: 09/11/05 06:36   Report Abuse


interim_jarethPosted: 06/14/06 22:05   Report Abuse
This level is Superb. Six years later, and I finally place a comment in reguards to it's infamous glory.


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