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This level is a cargo ship traveling through space. There are many traps in the level and it is medium sized. Probably best for 2-4 players.


Level Info:

Download: Cargo Ship
File Size: 358k
Date: 11/15/00
Author: EAH_Psycho_MaN
Downloads: 1019


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 8
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EAH_PhaZePosted: 11/15/00 04:08   Report Abuse


jlawPosted: 11/15/00 06:50   Report Abuse
This level is nice. I like the stars flying by,...that ship is cruuueeszzzin. . I have one suggestion to the author...Be aware of how far you can see, like from the back of the ship, because it can really slow down the framerate considerably if you can see all the way through the entire level. Thats one long ship...I wish i had a sniper scope to shoot somebody at the other end.


EAH_Psych0_MaNPosted: 11/15/00 14:10   Report Abuse
Thanks for that tip jlaw... I did notice that the game got a little choppy framerate in some places.


DivinE_KorNPosted: 11/16/00 01:56   Report Abuse


ChrisPosted: 08/10/01 19:08   Report Abuse
I like some of it. The YT-1300 flying outside is cool. The conc trap is pretty useless though. There are a few errors on the level in the bridge and the lifts. The bridge is prety good could be a little higher and bigger. Would be good if you made more of the ship and made the 2 lifts outside the cargo area work. You cold make another version maybe.


Force master2Posted: 10/29/01 11:51   Report Abuse
This is 1 cooooooooooooool lvl, only thing is the frame rate & when u go out side u die, why?


force master2


EAH_Psych0_MaNPosted: 11/25/01 02:52   Report Abuse
I just made it a trap to shove opponents out of, and kind of a nice effect... oh well. hehe


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 04/20/05 23:34   Report Abuse
"When you go outside, why do you die?"

There's no air in outer space. ;)


Force master2Posted: 04/21/05 16:57   Report Abuse
lol! and that would mean that there would be no air in the ship either, cause the door's open!


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