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This is a saber-fighting level between you and MAW!!! You are at a landing pad. There is also a new cutscene.


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Download: Fight
File Size: 463k
Date: 11/18/00
Author: Jaime Muscatelli
Downloads: 1505


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 13
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Rancor_1Posted: 11/19/00 15:06   Report Abuse
This is horrible. The look of it is, no offense, terrible. As soon as the mission starts, Maw uses force jump, and kills himself. It is not even neccesary to fight him. The background is just some grass that ends quite strangely on the horizon, and you cannot take any fall damage at all, while poor Maw dies as soon as he jumps. No offense to the maker, but you probably thought you didnt have to put any thought in it just cause it was a boss. I'd give it a 1. No offense. I have to admit, nice install program...


DipstickPosted: 11/20/00 02:52   Report Abuse
No offence, but i think you need to spend a little time, and put some effort into your levels. You've been pumping out a few sub-par levels, but although your skills have improved throughout these levels, the still need work. It's been what, like 1 1/2 weeks since vaders base was released?
Take my advice, and you might just make a very good level.


ExcaliburPosted: 12/29/00 18:56   Report Abuse
The name says it all dosn't it?


Cid HighwindPosted: 04/03/01 00:38   Report Abuse
As i can see there is almost NO effort put into this at all. I know i don't make levels or anything, but even i could make a better level(no offence intended)!



darthy_boyPosted: 06/12/01 00:23   Report Abuse
This level is really terrible the grassline cuts off at the sky. Maw also gets stuck in it and it's no fun fighting maw in a hole.


DemonMunkPosted: 10/09/01 11:46   Report Abuse
interesting level, but next time please make it so the evil jedi does not ill himself. But it is alot better than what i coulda done. :)


ANLPosted: 08/30/04 00:57   Report Abuse
This game was just horrible. The grass looked worse and waorse the closer I got. Also when the tie bomber took off Maw used force jump and went flying into the wall and I heard him scream like I hit him with my lightsaber. Then I went down the side to get force boost, When I came up he had heart attack, but I did nothing to him. So couldn't win the mission because of that. If you are going to make more duel games here are some suggestions, First make them bigger, second fix the grass, next put more items, and finnaly make sure he does not have force jump.


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