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You are the unknown cloned Darth Maul. The only ones that know of you are the other cloned Sith. You have been wrongfully accused of killing Jerec. We all know who did, though; Jerec was their best friend. The Rebels have been able to destroy the cloning facility after they discovered Sith have been cloned, and now the cloned Sith are all out to get you. They have already gathered some Imperials and have taken over your favorite dance\battle arena, the "Sith Lord Discotech". You are much stronger than you think you are. You can fight them, you will get the Sith Lord Discotech back, and YOU WILL HAVE REVENGE!!!

P.S. If I can make a multi-player version of this level I will. A very special thanks to my brother, "The Jock of Jazz", because he came up for the name for this level when I gave him the first tour of it.


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Level Info:

Download: Sith Lord Discotech
File Size: 1.6Megs
Date: 11/23/00
Author: Zippy1000
Downloads: 4015


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 33
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ElmoOfDeathPosted: 11/23/00 18:43   Report Abuse
Burn baby burn disco inferno! Funky lookin level ya got there....


JuztynPosted: 11/24/00 01:32   Report Abuse
Oh my... Oooooooh my.


SlingsRatPosted: 11/24/00 01:39   Report Abuse
Well, 10/10 for originality. Have my computer connected to my stereo and will just leave it running at my next party, lights and sound. Ah classic!


Number7teenPosted: 11/24/00 02:16   Report Abuse
very good level..just in the 2 music rooms with the constant lights,it hurts my eyes with the flashing..someone can get a ceasure lookin at constant flashing..other then that..sweet level


MacmatochPosted: 11/24/00 03:40   Report Abuse
This level almost gave me a seizure because of the super flashing lights. But other then that this level was pretty cool. I gave it a 9/10. Minus one point for almost giving me a seizure attack. You should make a second sith discotech level. (please dont use those flashing lights to bright next time.


matt_kenobiPosted: 11/24/00 09:35   Report Abuse
Awesome....but damn hard when you fight boc and Gorc and stuff. It works great with Arsenal 2 on because it is one hit kills.


ChewbubbaPosted: 11/24/00 14:48   Report Abuse
Yet another silly level.
1) Architecture: Poor. Welcome back to box-land, folks. However, don't forget the extremely long hallways that connected the boxes. There were some improperly flagged adjoins which made it appear you were walking through walls as well. Needs more angles, beams, shape variety, and simply more than 8 rooms.
2) Texturing: Poor. Lots of stitching errors and mats that weren't scaled correctly (like in the really big rooms with the Trandoshans, the upper walls/ceilings were an eyesore). Not to mention the cmp errors on the dark jedi, which made them all look pink. Oh yes, let's not forget the default mats that abounded also. Next time try for a greater variety of mats and use some scaling.
3) Lighting: Interesting lighting was non-existant, but (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think you can do much with lighting in JKEdit.
4) Atmosphere: Since it was a disco, the looping sound clips were fine. Nicely done and not too annoying. However, if it didn't say "disco" somewhere in the readme and such, I would have thought these were just ugly boxes with some ok music.
5) Gameplay: Boring. After a 2 minute run down a hallway (why didn't you give us Force Speed??), the player enters a room with a variety of aliens and Imperials. A simple Force Deadly Sight takes them all out but one and he only needs 1 or 2 hits from the saber. This scenario is played out twice before you enter the world of cmp-error-Dark-Jedi. Facing 10 Bocs, 2-3 Sarris', 5-6 Gorks, and 2-3 Maws is not my idea of "a great fight sequence". Nevertheless, here they are. Pink, even.
For those of you who have been playing addon levels for awhile, this is one to avoid. I gave it a 2.


EmperorManiacPosted: 11/24/00 20:08   Report Abuse
I wish you authors here at Massassi would be original for a change of pace:
Lvl design: 0 A bunch of boxes and rectanlges, pretty much uniform lighting, poor textures and stitching, CMP errors everywhere.
Dynamics: 0 OK, what is the point of this level? You're running around in a disco, as a clone of Darth Maul, fighting Imperials and aliens, then you fight multiple clones of each dark jedi. When will the authors here realize that what the people want are GOOD levels, not this senseless garbage.
Just so you know, here's what makes a good level: Above average architecture, decent item and enemy placement, an INTELLIGENT plot, good lighting, and properly used and stitched textures.


VenkmanPosted: 11/24/00 21:54   Report Abuse
I do have to agree with the last 2 comments, but at least you tried. Personally, I don't know how a level with poor texturing, screwed up enemies, boxed areas and two huge boxes with flashing lights and repeated music got people excited. This level could have been a much better.


JediideJPosted: 11/24/00 22:00   Report Abuse
this level ruled it would make a great coop level for mp and is great with WOW......,sure its a little silly but suck fun to test mods andmusic is very fun


SlingsRatPosted: 11/24/00 23:24   Report Abuse
People seem to have taken this level a little to seriously! BTW, it's spelt Discothèque, OK!


JediideJPosted: 11/25/00 03:52   Report Abuse
meant such not suck hehe BTW try some dif music


Dark LukePosted: 11/25/00 13:20   Report Abuse
Well he used some of my cogs from Dark Emperor 1 (The Emperor's guard look like the one from my Dark Emperor 2) - And when you killed a unit it'll say "Mission objective completed". And guess what... When all enemies in the level are cleared (mission objective completed, mission objective completed...) then there comes the printed lines of the ending of my Dark Emperor 1! LOL LOL LOL LOLOLOLOL...


EmperorManiacPosted: 11/26/00 20:39   Report Abuse
This level was awful, plan and simple.


CyberMan16Posted: 11/27/00 23:07   Report Abuse
Way 2 go zip. U finally got the level posted.
This level rocks, alot better than the one you couldn't get working. Good luck with your second level.


DakkonPosted: 12/03/00 16:41   Report Abuse
Okay, you run around, kill some guys with deadly sight, run into about 1,000,000,000
pink Jedi's, which you just plain can't kill without any patches like Arsenal 2... I'll give it a 4. At least you tried... Oh, and try not to use such bright lights, and figure out how to make the .mat's move and blink... Especially in the control room.


puresithPosted: 12/03/00 19:39   Report Abuse
this level was horrible. it was 2 material @ best. BTW, who wants to have disco back anyway?!?! i gave it a 1!


CyberMan16Posted: 12/05/00 14:33   Report Abuse
This Zippy1000'a first level..... you gotta expect that.


CyberMan16Posted: 12/08/00 14:34   Report Abuse
If he had been editing levels alot, i would say this sucks. But this is his first level. i give him a 10 out of 10


DarthyunPosted: 12/16/00 22:27   Report Abuse
no biggy here


CyberMan16Posted: 12/27/00 20:35   Report Abuse
Let me clear something up. This isn't exactly his first level. His first one screwed up and it was a multiplayer level. second, he worked his a$$ of on it, he was working on it for months, DarkLuke I'm not sure if he told you but the thing at the end of the level was an accident, not supposed to be here, and he's aware if you actually built this place, it would come crashing down, so there. that's it.


PreparePosted: 01/13/01 16:36   Report Abuse
It sucked like a hoover vacum...


kwjPosted: 01/18/01 01:07   Report Abuse
I must say, this level is extremely disappointing, which is why it gets a rating of 1. It's true that it has some cool music and flashing lights, but the basic architecture was some of the worst that I have seen. The catwalks where Maw is do not even look like catwalks and the level had no point to it. In addition, there are over 10 annoying jumpy Bocs around and over 10 Gorcs. The level was unrealistic, poorly designed, poorly put together, and just poor overall.


PreparePosted: 01/21/01 00:30   Report Abuse
Calm down... It's your first level...


Zippy1000Posted: 01/28/01 11:38   Report Abuse
people over estimate on how many jedi i put in, there is only 14, 2 maws, 6 bocs, 2 sarisses or howerver you spell that, and 4 gorcs. there is a way to beat it with out cheats, i did myself, so if you wish to make a comment on how i could improve my next level, go ahead and make as many comments as you want. But if your just comming in to be a jerk and just say it sucks. than go ahead and be a jackass. As for the rest of you, have a nice day...... oh yea, and chewbubba, your just a computer NEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRD!


Zippy1000Posted: 01/28/01 11:41   Report Abuse
lol!! ok the hoover vacum is pretty funny, ill admit that.
(some how my other comment get down after the guy said calm down..............??? dont ask me)


Zippy1000Posted: 01/28/01 11:48   Report Abuse
i had already been working on the next level i was going to post, before this level was posted. I don't know how much longer it will take, cus there are a few things im not sure how to do yet. But i can tell you now, it will be alot better than this level.

ps. if someone could send me a wav file of duel of the fates (just some realy good parts that are ok to loop, ive got the hole thing but thats illegal.) and if you do send it please send it to this address cus hotmail wont take it

or if you could tell me how to take out parts of a wave file, that would be GREATLY appreciated.


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 02/25/01 16:46   Report Abuse
I loved this level. When i saw the first flash of the lights i immediatly aborted
the mission, no not because i felt a seizure
coming on, because i had to jump into my old bell-bottems and turn off the lights to get the full effect of the excelent disco tech lighting.Once i turned that puppy back on i started tearing up the place with sweet dance moves. I don't care what anyone thinks, make a sequel as quick as possible.


ApoK_DarePosted: 03/24/01 17:51   Report Abuse
How could u realease this stupid shit. I meen come on but if this was your first level i understand.


AKPiggottPosted: 03/29/01 22:37   Report Abuse
So Chewbubba is a computer nerd because he doesn't like your level? That doesn't make sense. I happen to agree with Chewbubba's comments and if a competent person wrote a full review on this level, that's the sort of criticism you should expect. I'm downloading your latest level right now, from what I've seen of the screenshots, it looks better, expect a comment from me when I've done playing.


Zippy1000Posted: 04/02/01 19:52   Report Abuse
well yeah, chewbubba is wright but there is no need of writing a shit load that big.


ErucolindoPosted: 05/05/01 17:29   Report Abuse
I ain't played this level yet, but the story line is bloody cool, man, cook on always. Also, I want to say that it isn't the Sith Lord Discotech it is actually called, Halabalooba's big flying bash Sith Lord Dischotech, next time, would it be possible for you to implement the full name? Nice one mate...


JD_GossettPosted: 05/14/01 02:22   Report Abuse
Very cool. Get it!

The room with all the Bocs and the Gorcs is great training. I just loved it! I don't get the cynical attitude of others whose statements are so negative. It's free, it's fun, SHUT UP if you don't have a reason. The work in this is entirely greek to me so I don't have the insight to be critical, but with this level, hey, there's not much to be critical about! EXCELLENT JOB! :}


WOTF_CoN_ArTiStPosted: 06/18/01 16:34   Report Abuse
The level was good! There were some difficutlys, there were some textures missing and some surfaces that need to be ajoined. ummm... over all, very origianal, keep up the good work. RECOMEND DOWNLOAD


ChopperPosted: 08/11/01 00:06   Report Abuse
Quite good, 8/10

The lighting was too strong. (my eyes are throbing)
I loved fighting all those dark jedi and the mesage on the wall was cool and how come the two Darth vaders were so easy ?


Dice_IbegonPosted: 09/15/01 18:55   Report Abuse
And another one OUCH!!!! MY EYES
YAYAYAYAY I give it 10/10 lol


SgraffitoPosted: 09/29/01 18:46   Report Abuse
Hey ppl, I just wanted to say, maybe you guys should let up a little bit on the critism. It's not exactly easy making a level, and yours probably aren't the best out there either. So, a little bit of critism is fine, but don't put the people and their work down! Be curteous!



_gigaHURTZ_Posted: 10/02/01 15:59   Report Abuse
I can't beleive you can do such good levels all zippy does is cool!


funnierbonePosted: 12/11/02 23:49   Report Abuse
I agree with sgraffito. Just because you can make a better level (guessing you can) doesn't mean you have to tell other guys how bad they are. Sure tell them how to make it better but just saying the level sucked isn't going to help them get better at all. 10/10 for trying


Mini_JediPosted: 01/16/03 03:16   Report Abuse
You really need to get rid of the flashing lights. My son (an epileptic) came into the room and ended up having a fit.
Otherwise a big thumbs up!


Zippyl000Posted: 01/27/03 18:21   Report Abuse
Oh my god, I am so sorry, is he ok? I Plead, all downloaders, PLEASE read the warning.


SkyXaxPosted: 08/26/03 20:03   Report Abuse


ConnemaraPosted: 10/09/03 21:52   Report Abuse
Honestly, not that impressive. For one, the hallways were too long. It got boring going all that distance.

For another, it was just sorta pointless and not very story driven. You didn't even yhave objectives, and it never ended, you just killed everything in site.

I hope those are some constructive tips for you, I don't wanna just say "this sucks" cause you got potential, and you shouldn't let people get ya down. Keep working! No one's first attempts are very good.


a_personPosted: 10/29/03 04:24   Report Abuse
zippy i think Mini_Jedi was pulling ya leg. if he wasnt ten hes a bit of a f***ing f*** face for not reading the warning. i gave a 4 because i dont give a better rating 4 a first level. if i did then u would think ur current atandard is good. but it can improve. example. the whole ajd series owned. i loved it. i have kept all 3 and do not intend to remove them.


Force master2Posted: 08/03/04 14:43   Report Abuse
this IS great, & I use it to practise my saber skills, you gotta be good to fight bocs, gorcs, sarrises AND maws at the same time!!


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