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This will be my final version of Arsenal. This mod includes a 9mm pistol, UZI 9mm, Frag Grenades, HK-91, M-16, Psg-1, G36k with bayonet, and a Tommy Gun. It will work for multiplayer (see screenshots). The gameplay is changed dramatically with military skins by BlueBot and realistic damage. It still has unlimited neutral force powers and force push as well as unlimited IR. Goggles. Kyle can still do flips and has a new death animation. I also made improvements to singleplayer. Enemies will fire bullets and their guns will make realistic sounds. I have changed the KEY files of most of the enemies deaths. I have made more power-ups for ammo and health. This is by far the best mod I have made. If you liked my two other mods, then download this one.


Level Info:

Download: Arsenal 3
File Size: 1.4Megs
Date: 11/26/00
Author: Chad
Downloads: 6418


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 42
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TSM_CrOc11Posted: 11/26/00 22:03   Report Abuse
2 good 2 be true


TLE_ThrmalPosted: 11/26/00 23:39   Report Abuse


OthPosted: 11/26/00 23:52   Report Abuse
You know what?
I got this before it came out!!

I found it while I was looking through the library!

It's cool! Alot better than the last one =^)

In the last one you couldn't hurt people..

Nice job !!



Deluxe_SixPosted: 11/27/00 01:00   Report Abuse
Uggh. Most off the models were so boxy and badly textured it makes me want to throw up.


Dr_OZzPosted: 11/27/00 03:20   Report Abuse
LoL look whos talking, Deluxe six the author of one of the most boringly textured mods on massassi,DWP. Yes the guns in this mod are *not* incredible by any means, but it dosent deserve a comment as stupid as yours, after all, I thought the comment system was for contructive critisism...


matt_kenobiPosted: 11/27/00 06:04   Report Abuse
I liked Arsenal 2 a bit more. Also this is more like Arsenal 2.5. Awesome though. I especially like weapon 3,it was my fav weapon in Ars2 aswell. I give it 9.


BLAHBLAHBLAHPosted: 11/27/00 17:08   Report Abuse
Alright these guns sucked because most of them did about the same damage 'cept for 7 which didn't even have that much ammo (5 SHOTS!!!!!), but Deluxe_Six you got it all wrong! There is nothing wrong with the textures and the sounds are perfect! I liked Arsenal 2 better by the way. Just because of the sounds and skins, I give it an 8.


BLAHBLAHBLAHPosted: 11/27/00 17:10   Report Abuse
Oops got it mixed up, there is nothing wrong with the MODELS.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 11/27/00 22:01   Report Abuse
I agree with Deluxe_Six, the texturing is boring. All the guns are black and white. The guns look like they're wrapped with masking tape.
The BMs are probably all made using Paintbrush, and looks too simple.
All the guns' secondary functions are the same as the primary.
The gun with the bayonnet can't poke people, so its just an extra useless piece of metal.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 11/27/00 22:03   Report Abuse
For the external view of the weapons, the hand isn't attached properly


Jozey_WalezPosted: 11/27/00 22:33   Report Abuse
This mod is good, but for some reason the SP skin looks jacked up, wvwrything below the waist is jumbled. All the guns look great except the 9mm pistol, who's texture looks bland. You should be able to stab guys with the Bayonette (however you spell it). All in all a good Mod, not better than Arsenal 2, but not worse.

Jozey's rating = 8


Jozey_WalezPosted: 11/27/00 22:34   Report Abuse
*everything below the waist. :-)


ChadPosted: 11/27/00 22:52   Report Abuse
The model messes up when you use secondary fire with the sniper rifle. As for the textures I was trying to make the guns fit into the game. If I made the textures real looking they wouldn't fit with the cartoonish 256 color graphics.


MoS_MeccaPosted: 11/28/00 02:10   Report Abuse
This is definantly the best of the Arsenal MOD's.


KingDudePosted: 11/28/00 03:32   Report Abuse


Knight_FonzePosted: 11/28/00 03:50   Report Abuse
This sounds cool from all the comments.Looking forward to it.


LunatiC [LFC]Posted: 11/28/00 20:48   Report Abuse
The mod, as far as texturing, new templates, models and such, was farely excellent. I was playing this by myself, just to test it out. So, I pulled out the 9mm pistol, and then I fired it. Sounded familiar, so I started to check all of the guns, by golly, they're all from counter-strike. I did a list of the sounds, and I think I should get an award for remembering what they sound like.

9mm Pistol - Steyr Aug
UZI 9mm - Mac-10
HK 91 - M4A1 Carbine
M 16 - M4A1 Carbine
PSG-1 - AW/M
HK G36 - M4A1 Carbine
Tommy Gun - FN M249 Para

Just wondering, would this be considered as copyright infringment or whatever? I didn't see any credit given to Gooseman or the Counter-Strike team for making the sounds? Just all too curious, ciao.


ChadPosted: 11/28/00 23:25   Report Abuse
Actually it is legal to use the sounds from cs because you can download it for free. I think so at least but I doubt they will sue me over a little mod that I made for JK. Im sure they have better things to do than sue 15 year olds


Obliterator2Posted: 11/28/00 23:38   Report Abuse
It's very good.....I'd only like to say that the gun models weren't great. I won't say they were bad, because they weren't....But I think they'd be better if they were a bit more realisticly textured. Other than that, I can't complain....

Keep up the good work.


Deluxe_SixPosted: 11/29/00 00:43   Report Abuse
Don't you think you should of at least given them credit?


LunatiC [LFC]Posted: 11/29/00 00:57   Report Abuse
While playing Arsenal 3 in single player, I noticed that there is a problem when switching from weapon 6 (M-16) to weapon 5 (HK 91). That and the secondary fire were the only bugs I notcied, gameplay is great though. I like that it only takes one shot with the PSG-1 =)


ChadPosted: 11/29/00 21:36   Report Abuse
I did give them credit. In the readme file I gave all the credit to CS. It didn't say that I made them my self.


FW_LoreSeekerPosted: 12/01/00 14:25   Report Abuse
WOW!! This is the best gun mod I've ever seen! The only glitches are the weapon switching one mentioned and the sniper rifle problem. The texturing on the guns was good (it's not like we're gonna have rainbow guns, you know) but there was the need for a bit more brown on them in my opinion. Very good work!


XD_Martin_BPosted: 12/01/00 23:03   Report Abuse
good mod!


Super_AnArchist_DPosted: 12/04/00 01:03   Report Abuse
I stopped playing JK about half a year ago. So, I decided to reload it and start d/ling mods. I left at a time when IWP2, DFA(MOTS), and Theft at Nar Shaadaa had just come out and things were going anywhere but down for JK MODs. Well, the surprise I got was that this MOD had gotten a high-rating. I took one look at it and I was a little disguisted, it was no IWP2. Chad, I think if you overhauled the models and textures it might have gotten the same rating.

So, I have one question:
Why did this MOD get such a high-rating?
No Disrespect Intended...
Its good for a 3rd MOD.
But it doesnt deserve an 8...



KetwolPosted: 12/06/00 00:26   Report Abuse
This mod is better than most I have tried and I got to beta test it with the guy who made it on the Zone. I liked Arsenal2 more though. Gun number 3 was awesome. If it worked in multiplayer, I'd say it was better than A3 hands dowm. The guns were more diverse in A2. number 5,6 and 8 seem a heck of a lot alike. It is fun to play around with for a while, but not as much as A2. I wish there would be an improved Arsenal 4 to look foreward to. That's wishful thinking I guess...


PHANTOMPosted: 12/11/00 17:04   Report Abuse
Awsome mod!! The Force Push is best by far! Used it on planet sith SP, stormies and ai blown against wall like boling pins. Should use that Push in more mods too! Sniper SHOULD zoom though.


OU_FAN_4_LIFEPosted: 12/11/00 23:23   Report Abuse


MrGrimPosted: 12/12/00 20:12   Report Abuse
This is an OK mod. The best weapon is the PSG-1. I agree w/ ID_Junkguy, the texture is boring. BTW, Junkguy, I LOVE YOUR KWP MOD!!1


EvilX_GReaperPosted: 12/17/00 18:53   Report Abuse
this mod is very cool u can have a war in it wit ur friends i love it but the people textures arent that great but satisfyin so i give it an 8.5 i suggest u get it
the best weapon is #7 even though it uses only 5 ammo then comes #3


TienPosted: 12/18/00 02:35   Report Abuse
Overall a good mod.
Havent tried it in multi player yet, but for single player i like arsenal 2 better.
I Liked the assortment better and it had more farmilliar weapons. I gave it a seven.
plus you cant use the bayonet which was a bummer.


rathiPosted: 12/19/00 03:40   Report Abuse
lot of improvement, but number 5,6,8 were all the same.


Thrawn_89Posted: 01/08/01 23:11   Report Abuse
This one confused my brains to an amazing extent

All of the weapons, sans the lightsaber and pistol were 90% see through, when in the first person view.

Also when I changed to the 3rd-person view the main character seemed to be quadrapalegic or something, his left leg was on sideways and the foot of the right leg seemed to be attached to his knee! to add to the confusion he was also facing the ground regardless of how much I tried to correct his posture, he would not budge.

I'm sure that this could have been solved by a small tweek in one or two places,(apart from the weapons thing).

I do remember downloading a Mod which was very similar to this I suspect that it was Arsenal 2, so I reccomend that in place of this.


core_masterPosted: 01/11/01 21:01   Report Abuse
I just finished DLing this mod. My friend says it rocks. i know that your frist and second ones did. BTW i posted something @ your first mod site.


ChadPosted: 01/26/01 16:42   Report Abuse
I am making another mod. It is called ATTC
or Anti-Terrorism Total Conversion it will be out by Febuary break possably earlyer
Better modles Better textures better sounds
better keys Better projectiles
better variety of weapons and damage better AI and better gameplay


Jozey_WalezPosted: 02/09/01 21:43   Report Abuse
Sounds cool, i'll check it out.

if you make another gun with a baoyonette (however you spell it) you should be able to use it. 2ndary fire or something.


Jozey_WalezPosted: 02/09/01 21:43   Report Abuse
Sounds cool, i'll check it out.

if you make another gun with a baoyonette (however you spell it) you should be able to use it. 2ndary fire or something.


Jozey_WalezPosted: 02/09/01 21:44   Report Abuse
Sounds cool, i'll check it out.

if you make another gun with a baoyonette (however you spell it) you should be able to use it. 2ndary fire or something.


Jozey_WalezPosted: 02/09/01 21:46   Report Abuse
Why did it do it 3 times?! now i look like a freak... (starts to cry in his hands)


LeoNPosted: 02/20/01 23:07   Report Abuse
this mod totaly kicks!!! if i where everyone else i would mimick this mod it is so far the best i have ever seen!


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 03/04/01 00:31   Report Abuse
Excelent mod! Sure the textures wern't the best, but when I played this mod on Planet Sith, words just can't describe what i heard. Once I busted out the HK G36K and shot into a crowed of storm troopers, it felt great. The sound brought a tear to my eye.Pluse, the new death animation was great! I loved the sight of storm troopers and other baddies flying left and right! Please, oh please make one of these for MotS.


YodaTrooperPosted: 03/05/01 04:36   Report Abuse
Well BlahBlahBlah the mod rules!You see it may shoot sound the same but the power only counts.


YodaTrooperPosted: 03/05/01 04:38   Report Abuse
Chad please tell me why the 2nd wepon was silent?My Fav. was the PSG-I gave the mod a 10


moldy_hairPosted: 06/02/01 04:08   Report Abuse
nice mod, it was ok, i wouldn't say it's great, i wouldn't say its bad, but it ok, i tell what though, it is better then what i could ever do, so i would give it a 5, and also, i think there are too many automatic weapons, other than that, nice job. the kid that need some shampoo


BrianNewmanPosted: 06/08/01 01:55   Report Abuse
Yeah, I havn't played it yet, but I think that LunatiC guy should get an award alright, an award for the guy with the most time on his hands, AND the guy who probably has no life but to listen to gun noises! Let's give him a hand lady's and Gentlemen, for the winner of 2, count them 2, Capital L LOOSER awards, thanks you and join in next year. Oh yeah, and about the Mod thingy, I hope it's good. Won't have much time to play but that's alright cause I have a life.


ZimriPosted: 06/11/01 15:08   Report Abuse
An interesting gun pack, although it didn't win any permanent spot on my Patch Commander.


GI_Storm_ShadowPosted: 07/05/01 03:36   Report Abuse
Too good to be true! The only mods that I always have on my Patch Commander is the Arsenal mods! MAKE ANOTHER ONE!

Add a MotS style Machine Gun Turret in your next if you make another!


SuperHuman_TienPosted: 12/12/01 03:08   Report Abuse
WOOOOOOOO This Mod Rox Better Than ATTC These Guns Aren't On The Newb Side.9 BABBYY!!


GandalfPosted: 05/05/02 23:03   Report Abuse
It is a good idea that didn't work. The guns were not all that well and when you use the lightsaber the guy gets all messed up. I think you should remake the mod and make it better. MUCH better.


land_sea_airPosted: 06/09/02 00:45   Report Abuse
it wont work for some reason at first i played the game and i couldnt use my weapons not even my fists but then i used con man and selected the mod and took out static jkl and now i can see the guns and hear the sounds but i dont see the projectiles can u tell me y or if i need to take out somethin else tell me what. i give it a 7 cause of that problem


TheMaulPosted: 07/13/02 17:06   Report Abuse
Good mod, I like the guns but I think that your skin could use a lot of work. Also the one-hit kill saber is a nice touch. There is something wrong with the saber though. It seems that every time I use this mod the body of the skin gets so screwed up that you cant even make out a person in 3rd person view. One more thing, I think that the bayonet should actually do some damage. I give it a 6 overall. Nice job.



RedClawPosted: 07/24/02 14:58   Report Abuse
...All the guns are pretty much the same... This one gets boring FAST, don't even bother.


SkylarkkPosted: 07/25/02 16:37   Report Abuse
Yeah,Yeah, the guns, the sounds,...

What about the Key movments? Any one have somehting to say about them?


Force master2Posted: 11/04/02 10:51   Report Abuse
^%*( this looks good!


land_sea_airPosted: 12/14/02 18:50   Report Abuse
i agree with everyone else on this one this mod is great! but where do u get arsenal v2.0 from?


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 04/19/03 06:47   Report Abuse
People these days disgrace me... I think that this is a great mod, and for The final Godd@*#%$ time, this IS jk we r talkin about, not quakeIII, so i believe that these weapons r as good as the terrible jk engine can handle.


pcgamer58Posted: 07/16/03 03:25   Report Abuse
OK WTF is this? guns were similar to the mod Anti-Terrorism in other words it was a cheap rip off of it im not kidding looks like a poorly done Anti-terrorism mod the sniper rifle was a model of a sniper rifle with balck and little white dots Do a better job next time i give you a 3


JKF_Lynx0Posted: 08/17/03 01:43   Report Abuse
I like this mod because I am not a big fan of explosives. VERY GOOD JOB! I give it a 9. It would have been a 10 exept that the 5,6,and 7 gus were really the same thing with different 3dos. P.S. Tell BlueBot his skins were very nice.


_yo_tacos5Posted: 04/30/04 22:53   Report Abuse
kool mod and u could work on the textureing a bit but this is awsome i i give it a 9.9


PIPPosted: 06/20/05 13:54   Report Abuse
This mod is okay but the second arsnel and anti-terrorist is much better and DR_OZz don't criticize Deluxe_six about DWP that mod is friggen awesome and it is better work than U can do!!!Ok back to Chad (the author of THIS mod) it is not that bad but not that great either I say with the other mods you've made, you've improved


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