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Designed after the movie Stargate (not the TV show). Layout is based mostly on screenshots from the DVD. Activate the gate and then run through it and you'll be taken to a faraway land. Guns/sabers. Best with at least some Jump, Speed and Seeing. Player starts with NO weapons, kinda like GoldenEye.


Level Info:

Download: Stargate
File Size: 516k
Date: 11/26/00
Author: JK_addict
Downloads: 6792


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 37
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MasterTrunksPosted: 11/26/00 23:25   Report Abuse
Great concept...I will download this for sure


DarkheartPosted: 11/27/00 00:10   Report Abuse
Level is done quite nicely. Only a few problems that I found. First when going through the gate you could just turn around and go back. When in the base it is rather large and you get lost quickly. Other then that the level was great I look forward to seeing more of your work.


DoublefakePosted: 11/27/00 00:31   Report Abuse
Great level, it was like the movie exept, well small, still it was fun to play and that was what really counts.was it me or could you not get to the top of the hill?


ICJ_ZephyrPosted: 11/27/00 00:33   Report Abuse
i have two words: kick ass! actually, more than two....heheh, this level is awsome, i demand download! lol, actaully, anyobody who is anybody needs this level!


EAH_Psych0_MaNPosted: 11/27/00 01:14   Report Abuse
The level simply kicks ass! You did a good job. Perhaps you should have had sector thrust in the warp speed tunnel or had the mat sliding cog on to make the stars fly by. But its a nice level...I gave it a 9. Keep up the good work.


howlrunner22Posted: 11/27/00 02:37   Report Abuse
It looked promising butthe texturing in the base was a bit..... off.


MooKowPosted: 11/27/00 16:25   Report Abuse


JediideJPosted: 11/27/00 20:43   Report Abuse
This is absolutely an amazing level........i just think there should be signs on what rooms are what i got kinda confused


GarakPosted: 11/27/00 21:00   Report Abuse
Great level you got here.......but i was hoping for maybe a bit more. The base does seem a (best term i think to describe it....) but it isn't that bad. Personally i didn't get lost in the base just found the corridors a bit cramped.
The best bit by far was the egyptian bit, nice open space but why couldn't you go clamber around the pyarmid?
Anyways good fun level. :)


SpiralPosted: 11/28/00 00:26   Report Abuse
Sweet level... I was planning on doing something similar, but I lost intrest, I have a Stargate Anubis head 3do. I would have let you use it if I knew you were making a stargate level..


Prince_of_NabooPosted: 12/03/00 01:27   Report Abuse
I liked the level and have recommended it to several others. Stargate is cool, wish it was a little better. I also think that players should have to start in base, but that might be unavoidable. I also wish the other planet was a little bigger. But I really like it.


MkjediknightPosted: 12/04/00 22:15   Report Abuse
Um...there's a bug...when taking a blaster rifle and firing it into the gate and jumping through it while firing and pressing jump whiel going forward, I came out of the gate invisible! Was cool but it's a bug, my friend had force protection when he came out! Thing this might be a great map for alien vs predetor! heehee :-)


JK_addictSGPosted: 12/05/00 07:11   Report Abuse
The reason you can't fire in the gate is because that would be really cheap if you did. So since you shouldn't be firing into the gate in the first place, the bug really isn't a thing. There isn't sector thrust in the gate because it has to go both ways... and the stars streak by better than w/ a moving mat I think, since they are alternating HOM surfaces. And the base is based on screenshots from the movie. The only thing I added to the base was stuff that kept the corridors from having too many dead ends. Watch for the hackers that will use the boot blocking hack, cuz they will get crushed by the elevator and stay there while you can't kick them... in such a case type 'endlevel' in the prompt and it will restart the level. Happy Gating. ;)


Royal_Neo-TL-AE-3-SGPosted: 03/17/01 19:56   Report Abuse
I'm From the stargate sg-1 website, and i thought the level was pretty good. I think that it would of been better if Abydos was a little bigger. Also, if there was more to the Pyramid it would of been a lot better, like making it able to move around the more of the Pyramid and put an elevator or something to go up into the Pyramid, and to of tried to make Ra's ship on the Pyramid, and from what they show in the movie, try to make some of the inside of his ship. But all in all the Level was pretty good. Some of my friends have played the level and said the same thing about it. It is really good and i think you should make more like it.


howie_h8erPosted: 04/07/01 20:10   Report Abuse
"Churston Grammar School- Just go there, theyll hurt us if you dont"


CrisStarwalkerPosted: 05/13/01 19:40   Report Abuse
This is the best multiplayer map ever! love the film love the level ;-)


CaptainRAVEPosted: 05/14/01 18:24   Report Abuse
I loved this multiplayer level. As i am quite a fan of stargate i really enjoyed this. It was also very accurate and good fun to play. As a result i gave it a 9.


ApoK_DarePosted: 05/14/01 21:51   Report Abuse
It was a great level is was just a little maze like and i found it easy to kill the enemy,you just find them when u have the conc and just follow them and shoot the walls since the6y are all close together and when they regenarate they dont have a weapon so its easy to kill (if your not playing fist = peace) and i would have liked it more if u made it possible to shoot while in the gate and when u go up the hill place theres that sky u cant go through and you cant fire on the other side of the gate,i think it could have used a little bit more guns and the fact that u dont start with out saber kinda sucks. hehe sorry if its kinda long i think the level is standerd


naubolPosted: 05/15/01 11:51   Report Abuse
Sorry, was just briefly perusing user comments for levels and felt a desire to respond. I have not yet played the level (about to check it out) but if there is a tunnel involved you could consider having sector thrust changed by which surface was entered. For instance, if you enter one side the sector thrust is changed so you are propelled to the other and vice versa, via a cog. I'm pretty sure that crossing a surface is mappable to some code using a cog. Could be wrong.


scaramangaPosted: 05/16/01 01:38   Report Abuse
I didn't like the movie, but this level is awesome! The cool thing about video games is that no plot is neccesary, something that was missing in Stargate. I give this a 9.


JK_addictSGPosted: 05/16/01 03:34   Report Abuse
Thanks for the comments and thanks for the level of the week spot! There couldn't be sector thrust in the gate tunnel because sector thrust cannot flow in two directions... and if two players want to go opposite directions in the tunnel one would have to wait... not good for MP.


POV_SarurmanPosted: 05/16/01 13:45   Report Abuse
I think this is a VERY good level and everone should DL it. There was one problem, when I went in the stargate I shot my gun and than on the other side no one could see me!


JK_addictSGPosted: 05/17/01 03:47   Report Abuse
That's because you fired in the gate... just don't. You'll h ave to rejoin the level if you do.


Shadow ThiefPosted: 05/20/01 18:57   Report Abuse
WOW ! ! ! Great level. I love playing this one. The reason why i didn´t give it a 10 is because the desert level was a little small and that the portal sometimes screw the game up if you enter it with a weapon, also, if you use force_persuasion when going through the portal it makes you invisible 4ever and the enemies can´t see you with force_seeing. Other than that...GREAT LEVEL !! All of you guys out there: Download ASAP !!


Shadow ThiefPosted: 05/20/01 19:03   Report Abuse
ÓH sórr¥, Í wás wróng. I fíred m¥ gún whíle ín thê pórtál. Thát´s wh¥ thé gámé scréwéd úp. DÓN´T FÍRÉ Á GÚN ín thé pórtál !!!


CoLd FuSi0NPosted: 05/23/01 12:03   Report Abuse
The concept is great, but it's bugged as hell. Not being able to shoot in stargate is fair enough i guess, but if you even go through with a g out, you can't use it when u arrive at the other side. Um, inside teh actual stargate could have been done a bit better too.
As for the sector thrust comment, and one person having to wait, as far as I was aware, in Stargate you can't open a Stargate if one is incoming, os it would be more with the storyline.
In short, this lvl is mediocore. I think someone was lazy when looking for lvl of the week and went for this due the novelty factor.


JK_addictSGPosted: 05/24/01 02:30   Report Abuse
Thanks, but that's "mediocre", not "mediocore"...:)



EmonPosted: 05/28/01 03:26   Report Abuse
Slick level! I agree it's small, but hell it's still cool! MATs would've been less buggy for the Stargate, but that HOM idea is ingenious! I think the desert area should've had more combat space, even if you made some tunnels and cubby holes on the sides of the hills. Even if that didn't follow the movie, it would improve the gameplay.

Anywho, I give it an 8. Great work!


Time4milkjrPosted: 06/04/01 16:38   Report Abuse
I loved this level JK_addict hey do you have any other levels that you have made? Again I love this level. This is the only level my friend and I can agree on!


_JangoFett_Posted: 07/05/01 15:34   Report Abuse
this lvl is cool but U should have made egipt bigger and the base smaller


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 07/06/01 21:56   Report Abuse
I came onto this thinking, well it's just going to be another crap, movie mock level. I looked at the screenshots, and had a heart attack *Not Litarally*. I played it, and I thought it was awsome. I give it a 10, for being one of the first levels, based off of a movie, that didn't stink like 500 tons of rotting monkey poo! AWSOME!!!


Seifer_PunkPosted: 08/03/01 01:03   Report Abuse
Hey Everyone,
First of all I don't make levels Yet, but i will be starting soon but I thought this level was great. He took a good idea and made it into a level. The only things that I found wrong was that you could not go to the pyramid and the desert planet was a little small, also what was that artifact that you find in the base. I am a big fan of the movie and T.V show but I don't remember seeing that artifact there. Anyhow this level was great I am really looking forward to your next level. Try making another level on the T.V show of Stargate SG1.
Peace Out and play on.
Seifer Punk


WhiteNightPosted: 11/21/01 20:50   Report Abuse
Nice concept, but everything's too dark for it to be effective.


minisithPosted: 11/27/01 19:58   Report Abuse
I havent played this yet, but from the screenshots it looks like stargate movie. i am defenitly downloading this lvl!


Ceaser_2002Posted: 12/25/01 18:50   Report Abuse
great level anyone who likes stargate should download it.I`m looking forward to the next stargate level.


Jake DarkPosted: 07/23/02 16:50   Report Abuse
if it had somewhat better texters it would be better


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 01/01/03 04:47   Report Abuse
I dloaded this level quite a while ago, but never made a comment... Until now at least. Well, it was a different level, i have personally never seen stargate sg-1, but the level was great. The level isnt what got me... It was that interesting cog used for the warp gate... I would amuse myself by turning it on and off, never getting bored of the effect. Sorta addicting, i know that you prolly wouldn't, but would you mind turning in your cog's to massassi?

P.s. Your level got a 9 for my easy-to-aquire amusement.


TristanmPosted: 08/07/03 02:53   Report Abuse
Great level, you should make a level for the tv show now...


Terra111Posted: 08/08/03 11:31   Report Abuse
Why did this get LotW NOW? Its pretty old.


TristanmPosted: 08/08/03 19:54   Report Abuse
it got it now cause.... i dunno, but it's just as good now as when it was released :D


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