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A smallish level designed mostly for saber battles. It takes place in an Acid Storage Facility. With catwalks, and curving halls, it should provide plenty of fast fun gameplay, along with some nice eye candy. I hope you like it!

Editor's Note: This level missed the MLP3 by inches, so if you're looking for a quality sabering level, this is it.


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Level Info:

Download: Acid Storage Facility
File Size: 920k
Date: 11/29/00
Author: MaDaVentor
Downloads: 4266


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 66
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blujayPosted: 11/29/00 04:11   Report Abuse
I really thought this would make the pack. It's simply excellent. A must-download.


HoardPosted: 11/29/00 04:25   Report Abuse
I love this level. It has great gamplay, and looks simply amazing. I'm glad to see that you decided to submit it after all MaDa :).


FBJK_RazielPosted: 11/29/00 04:37   Report Abuse
I think this level is GREAT! It shoulda been in the MLP3, but if it was, we would have to wait even LONGER to play it =)


good job MaDa


MaxisReedPosted: 11/29/00 04:55   Report Abuse
I ADORE this level!

From the first time I beta tested it to the last time I did before the submition, I thought this was an INCREDIBLE level...

I am disappointed at the results of the pack, becuase it left out this AMAZING level...

The only reason I could see for NOT having this level in the pack, is that God blessed the other projects, more than MaDa's

MaDaventor, I salute you!

0 0

{_ _}


JudgeDreddPosted: 11/29/00 05:25   Report Abuse
A must-have. :)


SlingsRatPosted: 11/29/00 09:37   Report Abuse
Top notch! Does this mean that the MP3 is going to have even better levels? Cant wait.


IGx89Posted: 11/29/00 15:29   Report Abuse
MaDa, are you going to release the 16bit version of this level, too? I can't wait to see the acid in its full glory =).


howlrunner22Posted: 11/29/00 15:45   Report Abuse
It was pretty good when I judged it. I think I gave it a half-vote. =


FalconZacPosted: 11/29/00 15:54   Report Abuse
This level is great! I was one of the beta testers. MaDa, did you find a way to fix that small error I found?


Lt_GreywolfPosted: 11/29/00 17:38   Report Abuse
Very nice work MaDa nice to see that you got rid of the dflt.mats! :) BTW I love that warning luck me i read the whole readme MaDa!:
There is one hidden area in this level that has a quickly flashing texture.
If you are epileptic, or are effected in any negative way by brightly flashing


SDA_LakutiPosted: 11/29/00 20:51   Report Abuse
WOooooooooohoooooooo! Awesome! I love to saber over ACID!! WOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOO! AWESOME LEVEL!! WOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOO!


blindsaberPosted: 11/29/00 21:54   Report Abuse
great level! i think you should make a guns version too.


DethlordPosted: 11/29/00 22:23   Report Abuse
This level is r0x0r!!! :)

This level impressed me the first I tested it. I hope you release the 16-bit version, Mada; as if this isn't good enough already, in 16-bit it's about 189874329832 times better! :)


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 11/29/00 23:03   Report Abuse
Wow... I guess people _do_ actually like my work. Thanks all!


PravdaPosted: 11/29/00 23:20   Report Abuse

Excellent level indeed!

Just to ask, did that Level pack come out at all? Haven't heard a word about it until now.

Again, a simply SUPERB level!


SlingsRatPosted: 11/30/00 10:56   Report Abuse
Oh yeah, this is the most beautiful level I've ever seen. Too small for fighting though. Wont stay on my HDD.


BackslashPosted: 11/30/00 12:21   Report Abuse
All I can say is: Aaaaaaaaaaah!... Try doing the 100m Acid Dive... its fun... Anyways, uhh. This level is probably my fav Sabs level ever, and I was glad I got to beta this level before submission. All I could do while fighting on the ledges was laugh, because we'd make long attack runs, then one of us (or both!) would fall in the acid. At any rate, DOWNLOAD this level. It "roxorz".


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 11/30/00 12:35   Report Abuse
Too small for fighting? Take a look at VOTJ... It's TINY! It's a SABER level.... If you make a saber level much bigger than this, gameplay goes "bye-bye". Sabers don't have long range attacks, so you need to be close to your foes at all times. If anyone disagrees with this, show me a GOOD, sabers level that is BIG. To my knowledge, there isn't one, because saber levels need to be fairly small! Anywho, one bad comment out of a bunch of goods isn't too bad, but when people tell me my level is small, I have to explain why. So, consider this next time you want to d/l a "sabers" level.


SlingsRatPosted: 11/30/00 21:33   Report Abuse
Sorry MaDaVentor, I feel embarrassed to have been singled out for my "one bad comment". I DID say it was the most beautiful level I've ever seen. Surely thats a positive. What I mean by too small is that I like to leap about a bit while sabering and with ASF every time I do I end up in the acid. It just doesnt suit my style, thats all.


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 11/30/00 21:42   Report Abuse
I apologize. I may have sounded a bit harsh, but I was simply explaining the reason behind ASF's small size.


SkopePosted: 12/01/00 02:32   Report Abuse
Well I love your level. Its so much fun to saber at. Keep up the great work! :)



GE_XepharPosted: 12/01/00 02:57   Report Abuse
It all started with the screenshots.. waaay back when, around when I bought HL. I automatically wanted to play it, even if it was only 4 untextured sectors so far.

Well I had to wait, just like most people, and When I beta tested it, I fell in love right away. I mean, it's a BUNCH OF GREEN GOOP!! and the catwalks and stuff... well basically this is my fave sabers only level.

MaDa put a LOT of work into this, with EXCELLENT textures, good framerate, and a superb atmosphere unlike any other JK level. ASF has it's own feel, set by the detailed texturing/lighting.

Sadly I wanted to see this in the MLP3, but now that it didn't... I have REALLY high expectations. GIVE US ANOTHER LEVEL MADA!!


NaythnPosted: 12/01/00 03:03   Report Abuse
You shouldn't have put the conc in if it's supposed to be a sabers level.


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 12/01/00 03:07   Report Abuse
Shh!!! No one was supposed to find out! :p Seriously though, It adds a very interesting twist to gameplay, because the person who has it normally dies in the acid, or kills themselves with it. It's not that valuable in a small level. Anyway, it's hard as heck to find/get. :p And, the description says _mostly_ for saber battles. :p


FunkyGnome™Posted: 12/01/00 22:48   Report Abuse
ur lvl rocks i love it...and when i always get a since of dread like i'm really gonna die in real life when i fall in the acid Ü


JimanatorePosted: 12/01/00 23:20   Report Abuse
Though its absolutely beautiful to look at, I have to agree with SlingsRat on this one, its like a single lane highway you cant pass on. awesome work though. just not my style of sabering.


YectiwanPosted: 12/03/00 17:07   Report Abuse
W00T... W000000000000t.... I like this level... Excellent work... Kinda glad it wasn't accepted, cause then I wouldn't have gotten to play it so soon... Thanx! Keep up all your hard work and determination... Get #1 spot on MLP4....

--Once you stray down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.-- Yectiwan


TGE_Connor0Posted: 12/04/00 21:36   Report Abuse
This level is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff ClarkPosted: 12/04/00 23:10   Report Abuse
Well, the conc rifle was in bad tastes in my opinion. A conc rifle always has some use (secondary fire). Also, it didn't suit my own sabering style at all, I prefer more open spaces for sabering, and the curves and such just didn't cut it for me.

The texturing and architecture was fine, for the most part, but the gameplay aspect wasn't my style at all.


GE_XepharPosted: 12/05/00 02:12   Report Abuse
ASF takes a bit of getting used to, but it really requires some skill to maneuver on the ramps and hallways in order to effectively combat someone, and in order for you to survive at all with a positive score, you must have effective movement controlling skills, along with saber timing. This is currently my favourite sabers-only level. Don't turn your mind off of ASF after one game.


Jeff ClarkPosted: 12/05/00 02:35   Report Abuse
Thank you for the insult about "turning my mind off". I played several games, the conc is unbalanced, the gameplay is shoddy, you spend as much time trying to keep your balance as fighting, which I do not like at all. It might be pretty compared to most JK levels, but it isn't one I would actually want to play with my friends. I like combat, not keeping on a straight path or risk falling to my death.


Jeff ClarkPosted: 12/05/00 02:41   Report Abuse
quick follow up, with the conc in there, it is no longer a sabering level, it is a control of the conc level, since maintaining control of a conc is not really much different than staying on the platforms. With the conc though, you can drive your opponent into the acid much more easily. Sure, you might die a time or two trying to get it, but you will own once you do if you use it intelligently.

Without the conc, I might play this level on occasion, but then again, I'm not a big fan of catwalk sabering.


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 12/05/00 03:00   Report Abuse
I'm sorry to say that you're wrong. I can kill people who have gotten the conc. One person who I played one with the conc. I play it sabers, and I kill the conc-owner with my saber. They die, I get conc. I die in the acid, Comcy is gone. It's always like that. Just cause you have the conc, doesn't mean you'll win. Just ask the people who played me, and darted to get the conc. I just hack them to pieces anyway.


MogushaPosted: 12/05/00 05:18   Report Abuse
the level had a bug in it that i found a couple minuts into gameplay but it still was an exeptional level.


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 12/05/00 12:49   Report Abuse
And might you tell me what this bug, is, exactly?


SWD_Terminator0Posted: 12/05/00 23:59   Report Abuse
Where exactly is the conc?


CadetLeePosted: 12/06/00 00:19   Report Abuse
Very nice, MaDaVentor.


LightsidePosted: 12/06/00 01:50   Report Abuse
AWESOME level. Gives me a nice, warm, cozy feeling. ;)


Jeff ClarkPosted: 12/06/00 03:48   Report Abuse
Just because you personally can kill whoever you played who was using the conc does not make it a good thing to add to the level. The conc can give an advantage easily, even if you concentrate mostly on sabering.

Maybe it is just the different people we play, but adding a heavy duty ranged weapon in a level you want people to use sabers kind of defeats the purpose.

Yes, you can kill people using a conc with sabers, you can kill snipers with a knife pretty easily in cs too, but that doesn't make a whole lot of difference at range.


GE_XepharPosted: 12/06/00 06:44   Report Abuse
Jeff, I wasn't insulting when is said "Don't turn your mind off", I said not to immediately start disliking the level, give it a chance. Sorry if you took it offensively, it was unintended.

The fact remains, and will continue to remain, that ASF is a level that has a lot to do with personal preference. While I personally adore this level, I'd just like to ask you to give it a chance, play the level with a positive attitude, and don't get extremely irritated from dying in the acid. Guess why the acid's there!

As for the concussion rifle, it's a secret, so most of the people don't know about it (unless they actually read this), and the level's flow is smooth, so it's not that hard to get close to a conc-gunner without being noticed.


Sven SoloPosted: 12/06/00 14:13   Report Abuse
I guess there are always people who make good levels and there are also people who make a lot of levels, but all of them are shitty like mine, but that doesn't mean we have to be mad about that, at least I'm not. Hell, I LIKE this level, A LOT. And I am happy that there are people who make good levels, just look at the screenshots that's all you need to see, hehe.

thx for letting me type what I carried with me for a long time, and good luck with your future levels. That counts for all you editors out there who might never have made a good level which exelled the 200-300 downloads, there will be a day when you start making a level which will go into the history books, like this one, Drazen Isle, Jedi highschool, and many more. The time for you will come eventually, all I can say now is keep on editing. My time will come too, only if it is just one level which will be good, it will be like this one and others...

May the Force be with all of us.


SWD_Terminator0Posted: 12/06/00 21:52   Report Abuse
thx for telling me where it is guys :p


GE_XepharPosted: 12/07/00 02:23   Report Abuse
it's a secret +b


MogushaPosted: 12/07/00 06:40   Report Abuse
sorry for not telling you what the bug is sooner but i was away. the bug i found was in the center area, i could walk right through the barrel thing. i even have screen shots.


MogushaPosted: 12/07/00 06:47   Report Abuse
i found two more canisters that you can do it on.


the_ZerkPosted: 12/07/00 17:33   Report Abuse
hey mada its b from SDA, to be honest , its way to small for my liking, thats just me so there =), but the new mats and cogs were sweet i liked thoughs.


SWD_Terminator0Posted: 12/08/00 21:28   Report Abuse
HAHAHA i found it. Wont refer to what "it" is but if you had scrolled up and read you would know.


MNMPosted: 12/08/00 22:15   Report Abuse
well, hmm...lets see...850dloads, about twice as many comments, and killer screenshots. OF COURSE IM DLOADING IT!!!!!


_V_ViperSlayerPosted: 12/09/00 15:08   Report Abuse
SuP man? Hey I think this lvl rocks, and I had fun searching for the concussion rifle for an hour until I finally gave up... I actually liked the lvl better when there was no concussion rifle (cause I found it eventually), but it doesnt matter since I always kill the guy that gets it anyways. Great idea for the acid, and I love the texture :) One thing, there isnt too many places to go, which could be changed. maybe just a little bigger of a lvl, and more catwalks, but Im not complainin too much :) I LOVE pushing people into the acid hehe. This provides for a challenging map, and also one that requires intense concentration (if you are a jumper like me). Great job.


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 12/11/00 02:58   Report Abuse
I tell ya one thing, it's a heckuvalot better than half the levels in MLP3!!!


TGE_Connor0Posted: 12/12/00 00:27   Report Abuse
make an ASF 2!! one with flood gate controls in a main room. just flip the switch and everyone burns! :) great level dl it now if u havent already!


PossePosted: 12/12/00 01:05   Report Abuse
it's not bad, but it's very cramped, and just doesn't cut it for gameplay. eye candy and that's it. if you can find fun fighting on skinny catwalks and jumping and hitting head against ceiling, this may be your kind of level.


HaPpY2000gUyPosted: 12/24/00 22:42   Report Abuse
I like the look of the green acid.


darksidelukePosted: 01/09/01 23:37   Report Abuse
These are the plus's of this level:Great graphics,acid looks awesome.That's it!As for gameplay,these are the minus's:Too small,small is good for saber fight but you could have at least added one,ONE!open area to fight in,a platform something!Fights are way too closed in (hard to use much skill here)This level is for slugfests only,hard too use all your skills when you have halls and walkways the width of toothpicks!!!!!!Add one open area,and this would be one of my favorites,until then I'll stick with NEW BGJ for a good sabering contest!!More open areas to use all your skills,that took forever to learn.


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 01/11/01 12:47   Report Abuse
Thanks guys... And, by the way, this was my first released level, and I now realize it would've been better with some open spaces and platforms. I made ASF to fit my style of sabering, which I also now know, is not a good thing to do. I'll take all these suggestions into consideration when I'm working on my ACTF level. Thanks again for helping to make this level a success guys. I never expected my first finished level would fare so well...


YodaTrooperPosted: 03/05/01 03:54   Report Abuse
Good Level,but you should make the level larger,and I like the Acid its a cool idea!


ChrisPosted: 07/25/01 10:26   Report Abuse
The level looks good and theres the danger of falling in the acid. I like more space though while fighting and theres only narrow corridors and platforms.


Admiral_Ackbar_Posted: 08/01/01 16:34   Report Abuse
Acid looks cool but otherwise small i gave it
a 7


pcjedi007Posted: 06/03/02 00:20   Report Abuse
this level would have been great if it had more rooms in it. It's really meant for 2 players. Come on!!!


MrRavenXPosted: 12/10/03 20:11   Report Abuse
One of MaDa's most well known works. This level definently deserves 'Level of the Week' and should be apart of any Jedi Knight enthusiasts collection.


SSj2 Majin BejiitaPosted: 12/10/03 22:52   Report Abuse
A great level that I have spent countless hours and LAN parties in. The architexture is excellent, no computer stauttering or HOMing that I can remember, and plenty of maneuvering space. Making this the Level of the Week is a fitting way to remember MaDaVentor.


Mystic0Posted: 12/11/03 00:55   Report Abuse
R.I.P., Mada.


FreelancerPosted: 12/11/03 05:47   Report Abuse
I still say we kick Hard Vacuum out of MLP3 and stick ASF in its place! :D An excellent work from MaDa. Amazing to think it's his first level! You'll be remembered everytime I load Massassi, seeing as how there aren't many contest links without your levels in them.


DSettahrPosted: 12/11/03 22:48   Report Abuse
I believe this is the first level to have been featured in LotW twice. :) RIP, MaDa.


Tloc_Zloc_KillPosted: 12/12/03 01:24   Report Abuse
this is definetly my favortie sabering level....RIP MaDa...we all miss you


Nemesis_0_Posted: 12/12/03 22:10   Report Abuse
R.I.P man. you were an insperation to us all.


bobafett_765Posted: 12/16/03 00:57   Report Abuse
Amazingly good level.

R.I.P. MaDa


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