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A medium-sized castle surrounded by a moat and some hills. Includes lots of vertical elements to add to gameplay.


Level Info:

Download: Castle Conflict
File Size: 1.2Megs
Date: 11/30/00
Author: Naythn
Downloads: 3414


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 18
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QuiGonJanePosted: 11/30/00 14:50   Report Abuse
The screenshots look good, I like the design of the castle. The hills look really well done.


Sven SoloPosted: 11/30/00 15:23   Report Abuse
Master Yoda himself said, and I quote: ''Your eyes can deseve you (is this spelled right?)''. But in this case nothing of that is true, this level looks GREAT!!


PossePosted: 11/30/00 21:09   Report Abuse
it's *deceived*

downloading this beast now... one thing i've noticed about all of these levels for the most part, their dl's are huge..


SlingsRatPosted: 11/30/00 23:41   Report Abuse
Great level. This is my favourite of all the "also-rans"! I tryed to make a castle level for the MP3 competition but I had too much trouble with HOMing. Lucky I did cause yours is heaps better Naythn.


JimanatorePosted: 12/01/00 06:45   Report Abuse
Very cool, Definately a keeper. A must download..


FBJK_RazielPosted: 12/01/00 13:28   Report Abuse
This level is GREAT! The castle design is perfect, the moat is kewl too! I like the underwater caves that lead into the well inside the castle, perfect for surprise attacks! And finally, the gameplay was fantastic! I played this level on my old (SLOW) computer, and it played perfectly! Keep making levels like this one, TRUST me, it's worth it :)


MoS_MeccaPosted: 12/01/00 14:30   Report Abuse
Judging from the screenshots, this seems like a fairly good level! The framerate is a bit choppy, but so is Drazen and pretty much everyone likes that. I rated this an 8, though it would have been a 10, becuase it's a very good level.


LEGION_NocturnePosted: 12/02/00 16:03   Report Abuse
This is possibly my second favorite level of all time (Sorry, Purgatory has to be first). The castle design was excellent. The hills were great, good job hiding the boost on the hill and in the fire, there hard to get to w/o pull but i think that was the idea. The underwater portion was great. I give it a 10, great job.


AlexMartovPosted: 03/22/01 16:02   Report Abuse
Simply amazing. I was surprised to find that the building really did look like a castle (most people aren't good enough to create such amazing architecture). Lighting was amazing. The way the light actually looked like it came in from the windows from the torches was great.


java the huttPosted: 04/28/01 09:53   Report Abuse
the part with the tunnel-well was cool!
all the other parts were cooler


82nd AirbornePosted: 06/05/01 03:38   Report Abuse
Awesome level! I THINK THE ARCHITECTURE ROCKS!!! If you dont mind I would like to use the castle and the little island its on in a level of my own. Of course i will await your response on this message board. I also(if you permit me to use the caslte) will greatly credit you. I will not describe my level here because its too good an idea to allow to get stolen by others. Once again, I applaud your briliance with this level. :D :cool: And the level of the year award goes to.... NAYHN!


Dan 317Posted: 06/06/01 13:29   Report Abuse
Sweet castle. geat for teams with invaders and, you know, king and such. My only problem is that the well in the middle is connected to the moat, so there's less gate wars. But it's still really fun.


FranticPosted: 09/08/01 05:25   Report Abuse
Awesome Level, but I'm amazed to be the first one to say the fire looks very ugly and unrealistic, you should have used a sprite. Still very good. I give it a 9.


JEDlMASTERPosted: 10/03/01 23:02   Report Abuse
I Love casles. This will go well with the golden sword patch. Every thing looks like it should.

P.S. Keep up middal ages stuff or mabey middal earth. Oh ya GREAT JOB I GAVE IT a 2....... THums up 10


Chiss LordPosted: 03/12/02 23:07   Report Abuse
Best medieval style level arround. 10. Architecture is nice, design is great, and fireplace is very cool


The Dark JudgePosted: 08/01/02 23:54   Report Abuse
I rated this level a 10. My friends and I love the dark ages, expect a few more downloads. Besides that, the hills are awesome the moat is cool and the setting is perfect. You should put a little cinematic sequence in at the begining like in "Purgatory." This level is great especially with any castle age weapons pack you can find. Good job, keep up the good work.


dbl90Posted: 08/15/02 01:30   Report Abuse
THis is my clans official level and it ROCKS it is awesome with saber mods but with guns it isnt that good....nice sniper points but ppl usualy dont like it when you snipe death form above strikes ..... This level is awesome the fire isnt theat cleat but it works well I give it a 20 out of 10 wait I CANT DO that lol


sucklordPosted: 01/28/05 00:04   Report Abuse
wow this level is soooo cool. will you let me poot badguys on this level? if you don't contact me I will give you all the credit.


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