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This cool patch replaces the main Katarn skin with a much better skin of Ash from Evil Dead Trilogy. The fists have been replaced, and now there is the chainsaw on his right hand with new cool sounds. Too bad I didn't add "Hail to the king, baby!" sound...


Level Info:

Download: Ash with Chainsaw
File Size: 321k
Date: 12/02/00
Author: ObiKenobi_1/Daniele Crestini
Downloads: 1611


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 8
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SEELE_Devin_KryssPosted: 12/02/00 19:41   Report Abuse
uhh...Thats a chainsaw? Perhaps you need to work longer on it. See MY chainsaw.

Nice try,
Devin Kryss


Master YodaPosted: 12/03/00 02:08   Report Abuse
Humm Master Yoda thinks this mode should be worked on the acive the perfection the force thinks you are capabile of but do or do not there is not try.Humm


ObiKenobi_1Posted: 12/03/00 17:22   Report Abuse
Well, I tried to do a skin for my imminent level pack called Three Tales, it's on about 0% (oh wait, 0,1%) completition, but I'm working on a 50% complete project called Star Fiction, this level packs will have some singular film recalls and tons of original music from the film. I'm trying to keep it most similar to the film but keeping it Star Warsian , if someone wanna help me here is my icq # 78104439, byez.



___atarisPosted: 01/08/01 21:39   Report Abuse
that hardly even looks like Bruce Campbell man! you should have added his 'patented' button up shirt.


knight_barn1Posted: 01/14/01 22:52   Report Abuse
ok i give it a 8


knight_barn1Posted: 01/27/01 14:26   Report Abuse
i dont like it at all


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 06/13/01 19:25   Report Abuse
Only one word can describe this mod, "Groovy".


Z-MASTERPosted: 07/18/02 21:22   Report Abuse
Hmmm a toster with a metal colored 2X4, hmmm try harder


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