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This is a very small multiplayer level, meant for saber dueling. It's supposed to be taking place at a Jedi's home. Has a living quarters and a little dueling arena. Uses 16-bit mats, so of course you'll need a compatible 3D accelerator. Hope you like it!


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Download: 16-Bit Jedi Abode
File Size: 1.2Megs
Date: 12/03/00
Author: Andrew Cockerill
Downloads: 2071


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 11
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AglarPosted: 12/03/00 20:19   Report Abuse
For the love of God, if you're going to make a 16bit level at least put in a gob with pixelated 8bit mats!


TSM_Trendy_NessPosted: 12/03/00 20:20   Report Abuse
Looks pretty cool, if someone wanted to take the time they could play it without a 3d card by converting all the 16 bit mats to 8 bit mats and keeping the same names!


Rancor_1Posted: 12/03/00 20:23   Report Abuse
There is only one word to describe this level: tiny. It is so small that your games will NEVER get boring with this level. This level consists of three rooms and one hallway. That's it. And while there are only three rooms, they are BIG! Big enough to have a decent saber fight for a long time. I've played one multiplayer game with this level and I can assure you that, while the action keeps your adrenalin pumping, you won't have a second to catch your breath, unless you're playing a fists = peace game. The texturing and architecture was ok, and the scene that you see outside the window is INCREDIBLE. You see an ocean with some really pretty cliffs and all. It is the high point of the level.
The texturing on the walls sort of gets painful after a little while, because its really gravelly. The gameplay, as I said, is really fast.
There really isn't much to comment on the item placement. There are only two clusters of items, and they are enough to bring you back to full health and shields even if you were at 000/01! In other words, the Item placement wasn't that great, but it wasn't as bad as in some other places.
Overall, I'd give this level something live a 75. Download this level if you like fast paced action where you don't get to draw a breath. Howevre, if you enjoy large levels like Atlantis, don't bother with this one. My suggestion is to spread out the items a bit, make the walls a little less gravelly, (You'll see what I mean by Gravelly as soon as you play it), and expand it a bit!
All in all, a fair level!


Master YodaPosted: 12/03/00 22:17   Report Abuse
Humm.Every 16 Bit level is way better than every level I have tried this is no exseption nice work!.Humm


RPS_LagunaPosted: 12/03/00 23:42   Report Abuse
OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM THEE ALMIGHY 16-BIT LEVEL!!!!! This is the best 16-bit level i've ever seen!!! nice work!!


SM Sith LordPosted: 12/04/00 00:19   Report Abuse
You don't need a 3D accelerator to see 16-bit graphics. I don't have one, and can see them fine.


SWD_Terminator0Posted: 12/06/00 00:23   Report Abuse
In options/graphics you can enable 3d acceleration. With this enabled you can see 16-bit textures no matter what computer you have.


SWD_Terminator0Posted: 12/06/00 01:14   Report Abuse


Faramir987Posted: 12/14/00 03:00   Report Abuse
I agree wit Rancor, the game play is intense. No need to regenerate then have to spend 10 minutes finding everyone then finally anhiliate all in site. Everything is right there.........no place to run no place to hide........I like(muhaha)


rathiPosted: 12/20/00 18:03   Report Abuse
I love the 16-bit mats, the playability wasn't that good though.


matt_kenobiPosted: 01/26/01 02:03   Report Abuse
Aglar just because your PC is stupid doesn't make it a bad level. This level was cool 8/10


ChrisPosted: 07/24/01 23:01   Report Abuse
I liked this level. Theres plenty of space for saber fights. Theres just enough health to survive but not too much. It doesn't look much like a house if its supposed to though.


icemalletPosted: 10/03/07 01:19   Report Abuse
This is a very small level if you don't use spork, but if you do use it, you see there is tons of wasted space, and I don't see why someone would do that.


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