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The first chapter in the sequel to "Birth of a Mercenary". After crippling General Mohc's "Mechanical Rancor" project, a price has been put on Kyle Katarn's head. Kyle has to continue Mercenary life undercover for the time being if he has any hope of escaping this deadly fate.

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Download: Tales of a Mercenary Chapter 1
File Size: 6.4Megs
Date: 12/07/00
Author: Anthony Piggott
Downloads: 4634


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 46
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jlangley777Posted: 12/07/00 03:44   Report Abuse
I have yet to play this level, but judging by your previous works, I am anticipating an awesome level. Your BoaM series was the best I have ever played. And based on the screenshots you offered, I can see that this series should be your best work yet. I'll post an after-thought once I have played the level.


AJ_CPosted: 12/07/00 04:03   Report Abuse
i havent playd this level, but looking at your previous levels and stuff, i am amazed by your works with respect...


KStubbsPosted: 12/07/00 05:12   Report Abuse
This has got to be the best dang level in the history of MotS. Can't wait for the upcoming parts of ToaM


Darth TerronPosted: 12/07/00 05:27   Report Abuse
YES!!! ToaM is out!!! I'm downloading it right now!


howlrunner22Posted: 12/07/00 06:21   Report Abuse
Excellent as always! But I kinda liked BoaM 3 better... Now add the Ewok Bounty Hunter in BoaM3 and you'll get..... umm, a cookie?


Home_SlicedPosted: 12/07/00 15:01   Report Abuse
There are certainly tons of surprises in this one. I don't want to ruin any of them for you, so just go and download the level. My biggest complaint is the framerate problems. The level really was not that detailed yet I had low framerates in almost every area. (I have a p2400, 128mb ram, 4mb AGP card) I think the architecture needed a little polishing up in this regard. Other than that, I found it quite an enjoyable level. Anthony added some very creative dynamics and the gameplay is top notch.

I played this level from about midnight until 1:30. Pitch black, the only light was from my monitor. I think I soiled myself about 4 times. It was awesome. :p


AV_DrunkeyMPosted: 12/07/00 21:04   Report Abuse
OMG!!!! it's a single player lvl!!!


DJNEXUSPosted: 12/07/00 23:47   Report Abuse
I experienced framerate problems, could this be due to the new hud?

You might want to get a grapling hook as some of the jumps are pretty challenging.

Also it's a REALLY DARK level, even with the gamma turned all the way up it was really hard to see.

Other than that it's a very good level. Excelent new bad guys!


LiL_FalconPosted: 12/08/00 00:02   Report Abuse
Easily the Best Single Player Level ever Id give it more then 10 if I could, I will play this over and Over, I also Used a Mod with a grapple hook so it helped out a bit, though I only used it when there wasnt any other way, I love the fire creature and the ewok is great but best of all is the Lava, I nearly screamed out load when I was crushed or something I couldnt even realize what happened great Job Piggot! YOU DA MAN!!!!!!

Keep up the great work your already a living Legend and my favorite Master mind. Your Levels are great and exciting, but this one takes the Cake! I Love it!


WolfyPosted: 12/08/00 00:59   Report Abuse
It's a great storyline, with some great cutscenes and enemies. However, I was rather disappointed with some of the architecture and I was quite frankly dissatisfied with the texturing in a good number of the town areas.


ObivootsPosted: 12/08/00 07:08   Report Abuse
Very Very excellent level. Very...
*clicks on the download button*


PravdaPosted: 12/08/00 21:35   Report Abuse
One word: Tally-Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Clicks download button)


Darth JPosted: 12/09/00 00:09   Report Abuse
An admirable job. This level ranks as one of the better levels for MotS in my opinion, but it has it's share of flaws. I thought the architecture was kind of boxy and unnatural in the underground caverns, and the texturing could have been a lot better. I eagerly await the release of the second episode in this series, and I hope Anthony can exclude the errors from this one.


DormousePosted: 12/09/00 01:08   Report Abuse
frankly , i don't know what was so 'impressive' about this level..it wasn't imo..
the framerate was consistently and unforgiveably horrid , the architecture was only average , the level itself was incrediby small..
i was disapointed..i expected a much better level , b/c i quite like the BoaM series..


DarthBosskPosted: 12/09/00 02:51   Report Abuse
I NEED HELP! I'm stuck at the third gate, and I'm wondering if there's any way to get through it without the fly code. So far, it's an awesome level, but I don't get what the last guy means by a "small level"; this level is HUGE. So I'll be going back on this site tommorow to see if anyone answers my question. For now, see ya!


AKPiggottPosted: 12/09/00 10:12   Report Abuse
Right. I wanted to improve on the architecture, but the framerate was already really low in areas. If I had made the architecture better, it would have completely crippled the gameplay. Which I have always considered as much more important than architecture. If you are having completely unforgivable framerate problems and you're running the level on a low spec machine with a slow 3D card, or no 3D card at all, it is no surprise why the level is slow. Also, this level is NOT small, it's a lot bigger than BoaM3, BoaM3 may seem longer though because you spend a lot of time watching long cutscenes.

To get past the gate, go in the gun shop, press the button behind the counter. A secret door opens at the painting, go pick up the heavy explosives, climb up the ramp, use the bomb on the wall. You find out the bomb is a dud, shoot it to make it explode. Voila!


DormousePosted: 12/10/00 22:37   Report Abuse
mousie is really confused..i somehow beat the level without seeing most of it then?

i got to the Milenium Falcon after sixing Boba Fett , and the level ended and went to the credits , what'd i do wrong?


DormousePosted: 12/10/00 22:41   Report Abuse
oh , yeah , mousie has a p90 with 64meg ram , a 4meg v-raptor 3d-accel card..
some of us hafta buy our own computers and don't have the sorta money to spend on a frickin' 1ghz machine..(:


DormousePosted: 12/10/00 22:41   Report Abuse
oh , yeah , mousie has a p90 with 64meg ram , a 4meg v-raptor 3d-accel card..same system ive had for over a year , tho i hope to get a new system soon..
some of us hafta buy our own computers and don't have the sorta money to spend on a frickin' 1ghz machine..(:


DormousePosted: 12/11/00 06:51   Report Abuse
k , my bad , i somehow missed 90% of the level..
after playing it all again , i must say 's simply an amazing level , quite likely my faveourite of all time..the fire elemental was just too cool , and the puzzle where drained the water to cool the lava was way creative too..all in all: good job..(= mousie quite enjoyed this level..(=


AKPiggottPosted: 12/11/00 18:41   Report Abuse
Ahh, I feel much better about it now. A P90 is really too slow to play this level, so framerate problems are no mystery. I'd recommend a P200 with 64 MB RAM and a 4 MB 3D card as the very minimum spec. DAK reported a bug to me after the release stating that after the intro, you can actually squeeze through the bars of the gate to the Celphi, maybe that's what you did. Glad you got there in the end :)


DJNEXUSPosted: 12/13/00 18:02   Report Abuse
I expewrienced some problems on my k6, 333Mhz, 160Meg, A Rage Pro turbo graphics card. Not the best, but other levels usually run pretty good.

Also if you're planing on putting music in your levels, I spin trance. If you're interested my email is: mvjeremy1@uswest.net


DarthBosskPosted: 12/14/00 03:19   Report Abuse
Thanx for the advice, AK. Your level is awesome, and it's just in time for the holidays! It has such diverse and unique enemies that it doesn't seem like an impersonal shoot-em-up anymore. I particularly like the flaming wampas, cyber-pig and the ninja. By far the underground tombs were the best part of the level. The lava is also really great, but difficult to cross. The only question I have is: why is Morpheus from "The Matrix" in that cutscene?


AKPiggottPosted: 12/17/00 11:36   Report Abuse
Ahh... that's just an easter egg.


kyp-0Posted: 12/18/00 10:51   Report Abuse
Although this is a very nice level, I think he should have divided it into two or more levels, conisidering that it has 5000 sectors and 25000 surfaces. No offense AK, of course, but I have a 500 MHz PIII and a 16 MB Nvida Video card and still had bad framerates in some places. Anyway, the level was overall very good.


ViciousSlug27Posted: 12/19/00 01:58   Report Abuse
THIS ROCKS! Anthony Piggot rulz!!!


Rogue LeaderPosted: 12/20/00 00:26   Report Abuse
6.9 megs? I think I'll download it when I get DSL in a couple of weeks.


IGF_trooper1Posted: 12/21/00 02:18   Report Abuse
OH YEAH!!!!! I so love your levels. If you don't know AK Piggot, my email is rofenloch@hotmail.com When will part 2 be out? If I like this one I'll love part 2. And tell me that in which cutscene is Morpheus in?? So I'll be prepared.


IGF_trooper1Posted: 12/21/00 17:40   Report Abuse
OOOOOOOH,I LOVE THIS LEVEL. Great job! I love the scene where he races underground leading to Boba Fett. And I love the Conc gun ugnaughts. But I thought I killed Boba Fett in that level,how he get back alive?????!!!!?! Can you tell me anything about Part 2 like if there are any new enemies,and the plot please. BTW,does Fett continue to look for him in part 2 and 3? If he dosen't get him in these 3 levels, that is why he was attacking Kyle in level 11 of Dark Forces 1? I LOVE YOUR WORKS! Make another series after this one but have Jerec taking rise to power. That would be cool. And show what happened before the very beginning of DF1. I LOVE YOUR LEVELS!!!! Good Job. Anthony K Piggot,email me at rofenloch@hotmail.com


HethrirPosted: 12/22/00 01:15   Report Abuse
Dang. Wish I had time to dl this. I only have a AMDK6-2 450 with 96Mb RAM 16Mb 3DFX Banshee, 3 Hdd (4.3, 6.4, 13), External CD-RW, 8Mb Jaton RIVA as second monitor, 2 monitors... you know mousie, Im 16, some of us have to buy our own computers with 2/hour wages... doesnt life suck?


Heth :D


CobaltPosted: 12/28/00 23:11   Report Abuse
Just shut up about bragging on your PC's. My computer toasts both of yours, but I'm not going to be an ass and boast about what all I have and how much the other person sucks. Don't forget: this is for PLAYER REVIEW, not for posting crap about other people.

I loved this set of levels! Finding all the secrets proved more challenging than most other levels, but it was at 3am. :) Nice job on the attacking Ewok! Very cool.

I would recommend this for a GREAT download.


ExcaliburPosted: 12/29/00 18:48   Report Abuse
A worthy successor to, Birth of a Mercenary.


Plasma ManPosted: 01/02/01 23:02   Report Abuse

This level is so amazingly innovative and fun, it is beyond belief. In terms of fun-factor, I think it beats many of the LEC levels. The framerate is quite choppy in a few areas but the awesomeness of this level more than makes up for it.
Wishing I could give it more than a 10


XD_Martin_BPosted: 01/18/01 01:32   Report Abuse
When I say this I mean it for all of Piggots levels. I just found out why I love Piggots levels so much and love it better then the original games. It's because they don't get boring. In all LucasArts games and pretty much all games they get boring from time to time in levels and you just play the levels because you either want to beat it or want to find out what happens in the game. But not Piggots levels they are so great that they keep you involved and intrested the whole time. I have to give this guy credit. This guy knows how to make levels I think you should get a real job doing something like this! I say this for all of Piggots levels and I'll say it again this level deserves more then a ten.


CoolBombJinnPosted: 01/23/01 01:17   Report Abuse
HOLY POOP ON A STICK! That was the best level I have ever played! And I still don't see everyones big deal about it. If the FPS is bad... change the Resolution, and if you think it is too dark... you are one screwed up little cracker. And the jumps were no problem. You have to give this guy more credit people. I think he did a better job than the JK Editors themselves. And too the author: Wonderful i would give 1000 if it were possible. Everything you had before was in this one... but it seemed better. I am greatly anticipating the release of a second one. Keep up the work and don't let any of these people let you down. Great Job! The Force will be with you... always! (Oh and by the way... that was the hardest level I have ever played!) Congratulations!


JEDI_StormiePosted: 01/26/01 21:18   Report Abuse
This level is amazing, I can't wait to se your next, the only problem is that the framerate slows when your in the middle of either jumping, or trying to run from an on-fire wampa!!! Great level, please release your next level soon...

"whats his hurry"


Horsen50Posted: 01/27/01 00:14   Report Abuse
I have really enjoyed your whole series so far and am looking foward to the next part. Toam 1 is a great level especially the port areas. My only dislike was the poor lighting in some sections that made going slow and confusing. Also I hate jumping sections. Otherwise a great level.


Darth KaanPosted: 01/27/01 15:59   Report Abuse
Definatly the They Hunger of JK levels right now. I only had some problems with frame rate and some bad lighting. I believe it was better than any of the BoaMs. People said that BoaM3 was the best but I disagree. ToaM1 is the best, at least until ToaM2 comes out. (Probably because I can't get into the elevator on Boam3). I rate it 11 out of 10.


JEDI_StormiePosted: 02/10/01 14:02   Report Abuse
call me sad but I've now played this lvl 15 times, please stop me by releasing the next! lol


markishome359Posted: 02/14/01 18:50   Report Abuse
Morpheus in a cutscene???? I am SO d\ling this right now... luv ur levels man! If this is anything like BoaM, I will be visiting this site a lot, waiting 4 the next levels...


Xizor_VaderPosted: 02/17/01 15:59   Report Abuse
This lvl is one of a kind! very realistic because of the breakable glass and changable music radio. lots of surprise enemies too, luv it! this is a good lvl for those like me who r sick of seeing stormtropers, there isn't a single 1! clearly deserves MORE than a 10!


markishome359Posted: 02/18/01 04:59   Report Abuse
I LOVE THIS LEVEL!!!!!!!! I just beat it, this level ROX!!!! It's a shame you can't rate it more than once... (I tried...) This is WAY better than BoaM was. I loved the attention to little details and stuff. Love all the heavy explosives... hehhehheh...


Xizor_VaderPosted: 03/29/01 22:41   Report Abuse
When will part 2 come out!!! it's been 3 (or more) since u made this lvl. PLEEEZZ make finish part 2. i know this probably won't make it faster but it suuure makes me feel better.



Jedi SlayerPosted: 04/07/01 22:11   Report Abuse
AWESOME level AK, when is part two coming out? Can't wait. If you showed LucasArts your work you could probably be project leader for JK3.


jpb_palpatinePosted: 04/15/01 21:02   Report Abuse
A masterpiece!Nice work you did man.Only a true jedi would create a stage like this.


AtomEntityPosted: 05/16/01 14:07   Report Abuse
It's a totally cool level. Like the enemies and how you go "AAAHHH" when you fall into that lava. Gave it a 10.


TheFPSManPosted: 06/05/01 02:13   Report Abuse
Sorry I'm kinda late so no ones gonna read this but i think this was a HEC OF A LOT better than BoaM3. Oh, yeah can you come out with a Strategy Guide. I hope RAVEN is listening because they should hire you for a level designer for Outcast.


FirestormPosted: 06/27/01 12:11   Report Abuse
Well in the begining it wasn't very spectacular but once underground.... WHOA!!! I never expected any of that and it was just amazing. It made me crave for more (alot more). The only thing i don't get is who puts a town on a planet that is constantly shaking and basically seems like its breaking apart. Heck i almost felt that rock was going to blow at any moment.

I hope to see more of this series (which by the ending i can tell there will be a sequel). I give it a 10.


Daft_VaderPosted: 09/08/01 20:48   Report Abuse
This is a great level, but I was wondering if someone could help me out. I am stuck on the part where you're underground in the big cave of rock monsterrs. I killed the monsters, but I don't know where to go from there, since there is no apparent entrance to another area. People who have beaten this level: please tell me in your comments how to proceed to the next area.

I also wanted to show some appreciation to the author - levels like this are greatly appreciated. I loved the new skins (such as the Shistavanean and the Aqualish). Boba Fett on your tail is great to, but I didn't quite get the Ewok bounty hunter. I also highly reccomend this author's spoof cutscene of Birth of a Mercenary 2 - hilarious! I look forward to this level's sequel. Kyle Katarn rocks!


Scorpion KingPosted: 09/14/01 12:40   Report Abuse
Uhmm,good level,but unfortunately in the first part of the level there are serious framerate problems.I give it a 4 for the first part and a 10 for the second one.


Daft_VaderPosted: 09/15/01 20:05   Report Abuse
What is everyone's problem! This is the 21st century for goodness sake! Doesn't anyone have a half decent computer! I had all the graphics settings on max and I have NEVER enountered a framerate problem!!! You people need to save and drop by Best Buy during a sale a bit more often!


The Dark One was here, and he finds your lack of faith most disturbing.


SimonskiPosted: 11/04/01 22:20   Report Abuse
Anthony youve done it again. You da man.
Its a shame to see the odd minor critical comment amongst so many praises though...

Its the mots engine, not the blooming Q3 engine. Another great level.


WLP_SnojoPosted: 11/07/01 01:35   Report Abuse
Well, your previous work was a TOTAL success. i think it was very unique and creative having the actor's mouths moving. I expect that this will be even better? *Clicks d/l button*


[D6]KoobiePosted: 03/18/02 20:37   Report Abuse
Wow. 10. That guy was right, Antony, u should get a job as a level designer in some respected company... Be the next John Romero. Never ever ever have I seen such FUN in ANY level. Ever. Wow. Cool voiceovers, btw.


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