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This is my first level. It's the fourth level in my level pack, The New Hope (but this level pack is not finished yet). The story is in the time where the Millennium Falcon was captured in the Death Star, and as Ben-Kenobi you must de-activate the Tractor Beam. It's not a difficult level, but here's a tip: use the camera screens to finish your quest.


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Download: Docking Bay 2037
File Size: 1.1Megs
Date: 12/08/00
Author: Jedi Master Nizar
Downloads: 2733


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 12
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Jedi NizarPosted: 12/08/00 04:21   Report Abuse
any comment on my first finished Level???
I know that Star Wars Trilogy TC will be much better in architecture but it's taking too long. so I decided to make my own Star Wars Trilogy levels. :D


ObivootsPosted: 12/08/00 06:51   Report Abuse
Actually i think it's quite interesting.


SlingsRatPosted: 12/08/00 10:50   Report Abuse
Is there any health packs in this level? I've had several goes and each time I'm dead within a few minutes and I havent seen any pick-ups yet. The level looks OK but is too hard for me. I'll have to find the MotS cheat codes before I'll try this again!


Sven SoloPosted: 12/08/00 13:00   Report Abuse
Exually, this is one of the fewest ''first levels'' which is bigger than 1 Mb, and just look at those picks, you almost recognize the watch tower and I completely recognize the dockingbay, hehe.

Keep it going and may the Force be with you.


Jedi NizarPosted: 12/08/00 13:11   Report Abuse
Thank you for your comment, my level has just one revive pack and there aren't any ammo or other object to peak up. you are a Jedi Master with Force persuasion and force healing you could finish you level and use also force farsight to see era with out you enter it.
the revive pack is in a secret era with a key and without this key u can't finish your quest (use camera screen to find it) and remember your objective is to desable the tractor beam


MorrisPlytePosted: 12/08/00 13:47   Report Abuse
I like the Han/Luke stormtrooper 3dos.


Jedi NizarPosted: 12/08/00 13:56   Report Abuse
I forget to write in my credit that all 3do's are from AI McDonalds Jedi Knight skins
exept the falcon I found it in the outpost D-34 mark 3


kingofsuedePosted: 12/10/00 14:34   Report Abuse
Well, what I've seen of your level so far is simply amazing. A few questions, however. Did you use 16 ibt mats? Many of the sections on the floor and walls look strange, multicolored even. Also, after I go through the docking bay, I notice the walls get strange looking concave and such. One other gripe. It's crashed on me 4 times. Otherwise, I have to say this is one of the best MOTS levels I've seen. Can't wait for your next one!


Jedi NizarPosted: 12/10/00 18:49   Report Abuse
Thank you I'm glad to hear that you like it
OK the 16 BIT problem is a big problem for me, I just make simple 16 bit pictures with paint or Corel Draw 9 than I convert them with an mat editor called mat16
for the crash problem ??!! I can't do any thing I chacked it a lot of time and i don't found any problem however the level crashed just one time when I played


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 12/11/00 02:28   Report Abuse
Okay, it has its faults, but it's great for a first level! Keep it up, I'll be lookin' for ya!


*StarSaber*Posted: 12/11/00 13:48   Report Abuse
I would play if this level wasn't for MotS. I have MotS, just I am waiting for my CD-RW to get back from a repair shop :(.

Could you make a really quick JK plz. I can play Jedi Knight with out the CD. Plz, if you can make one - I really wanna play this lvl it sounds cool. If you make one plz e-mail me asap. Thx


Darth TristanPosted: 12/21/00 06:31   Report Abuse
Where can I find your other Trilogy levels?


Jedi NizarPosted: 12/27/00 07:44   Report Abuse
until now I have just finished 2 levels:
The docking Bay 3027 and Tantive IV (here at The

The rest Levls will come out soon.

Note: those levels are just Beta levels the real one with fixed bugs and more objective and cutscenes will come out with my level pack A New Hope. (I don't know the exactly date but it will be soon, very soon)


Black KnightPosted: 01/03/01 15:05   Report Abuse
This level was not bad but it had way too many enimies so what I had to do is run and dodge the blasts.

It's Death Star not Deth Star.


GoldenJovanniPosted: 11/17/01 16:38   Report Abuse
I want to play Star Wars: New Hope levels but i cant find any good ones where can i look?


GoldenJovanniPosted: 11/17/01 17:09   Report Abuse
It would be really cool if you made a multiplayer level. I rarely ever see a very good one. I rate this level a 9.


Luke2004Posted: 08/15/02 04:45   Report Abuse
This level was great but after a while the level just quits and sends me back to the desktop


cbPosted: 12/07/04 16:16   Report Abuse
I only gave this level only a 7/10. Although it started well it was tedious and difficult to finish. I found the level detail to be great in some places but lacking in others. Overall it was great to use force powers to get around instead of blasting my way through all the corridors. Good Work!


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