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This is a weapons mod for JK which replaces the original weapons with guns based on the ones found in the N64 game Perfect Dark. The weapons include a Falcon 2 with scope, laser pointer and silencer, SuperDragon, Grenades, Shotgun, Phoenix, DY357-LX, Reaper, Golden Shotgun, and Fighting Stick (with new sounds and keys). There are new 3DOs, sounds, and projectiles for every gun. Other features include new crosshairs, hookshot, and a certain WWF DX hand maneuver to taunt other players. For more information and screenshots, please see the UWP 4 site at http://come.to/uwp4.


Level Info:

Download: UWP 4: Perfect Darkness
File Size: 1.5Megs
Date: 12/09/00
Author: ID_Junkguy
Downloads: 5472


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 41
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yoda_488Posted: 12/09/00 16:52   Report Abuse
COOL! the start-up screens are cool and so are the gunz weird sounds though


_ViPeR_Posted: 12/09/00 17:32   Report Abuse
he does it again, this mod kicks


SaberOfDeathPosted: 12/09/00 17:54   Report Abuse
KWP is good but this is GREAT sine i luv PD. good job. i give a 10.
-i drive fast, see im the jeff gordon in the black S.S. wit da navagayshon.- SaberOfDeath


UNSSC_RagePosted: 12/09/00 18:19   Report Abuse
Holy #@$?! This mod rules! I have been waitin forever for this mod and it finally came! It was well worth the wait. All the guns look and sound exactly the same! Congrats on this one, My comments to the chef.


LiquidBlurPosted: 12/09/00 19:01   Report Abuse
This mod is varry varry so-weet!....can't wait for your next work(mod) :)


LEGION_NocturnePosted: 12/09/00 19:24   Report Abuse
I don't know.. this one is a little weird. Junkguy did a great job copying the guns look and features, but the internal models look like they were made in two seconds (some of them). I havent tried it in MP yet, hopefully i will later. i really dont think any gun mod will ever come close to the quality of KWP. But i do like it :o) download it now


ID_JunkguyPosted: 12/09/00 22:48   Report Abuse
The Phoenix uses 16-bit mats, so it might look ugly if you're not using 3D accelerator.
If your character uses a special saber, make sure to edit the character and choose the stick.
Remember to set the hotkeys to be able to change crosshairs, use hookshot, and taunt.


SM Sith LordPosted: 12/09/00 23:21   Report Abuse
I really like PD, and this mod is kool just because it has some guns from it. But this isn't a really high quality mod. I like the reaper, but besides that, it just doesn't do it for me.


AV_DrunkeyMPosted: 12/10/00 00:35   Report Abuse
U RULE!!!!! BEST MOD EVER.... probably... soooo good... only one problem... very laggy sometimes...


V_Darth_NewtPosted: 12/10/00 00:59   Report Abuse
yo guys wazzup i was glad to help id with some of the sounds btw the fighting stick was from me bashing a pillow with a hockey stick.and i recorded the bullet noises form the game i dont know if he changed any of those though :)


Plasma ManPosted: 12/10/00 04:34   Report Abuse
That is why the sounds all sounded muffled. Awesome mod, it has a different style of play than KWP. KWP is basically all mass destruction weapons while this mod requires ppl to actually aim. A bit laggy at times but I'm not sure if its due the #8 weapon or the new crosshairs or something else. Oh yeah, the taunt is hilarious!!!!


PoweR_ArchJediPosted: 12/10/00 04:43   Report Abuse
AW-ESOME UWP 4=the download good luck on your next mod


ID_JunkguyPosted: 12/10/00 15:57   Report Abuse
Turning off the special crosshairs might reduce lag. Also, if you keep shooting the Reaper like crazy, it might cause lag.


Xarr_SeadragonPosted: 12/10/00 16:47   Report Abuse
WOOHOO!!!! I am in the Additional credits to: box and I got this mod 2 days before it came out bcuz Junkguy let me download it from his SUPER SECRET site. I promised not to tell anyone what it is. HAHAHAHAHAHAA I give this a perfect 10!!! WOO HOO!!!!


Jedi Master JayPosted: 12/10/00 18:13   Report Abuse
well I too had the pleasure of Beta Testing this from the day the first gun was made. My name is ID_MaverickJay and i must say out of all the packs this one blows my mind, Junkguy has a real telent of making mods and maybe someday hell even work for Lucas Arts, nice job Junk look foward to more testing soon ;)


AarvenPosted: 12/10/00 18:26   Report Abuse
Hey, in case you haven't noticed. Perfect Dark usually lags itself. But, this board isn't for Perfect Dark, is it? It's for the mod. It's not too clean of a mod, but, it passes for all those Perfect Dark fans out there(Like me). Plus, whenever did Johanna Dark have a grappling hook? Just a thought. But, other than that. I donno. You're gonna hafta try it out for yourself. Keep them coming, though. :)


USJ_LoreSeekerPosted: 12/10/00 19:30   Report Abuse
This is a pretty good mod. My complaints are listed below.

The Falcon 2 never has both a silencer and scope. Also, I'd make a Joanna skin so people can play as their hero. Next, the SuperDragon was quiet. The grenade launcher was awesome, so I can't get too mad about that. Grenades are AWESOME!!! I love that explosion. The shotgun was great, and I loved the music when you charged up. It could have been a little louder, but it was ok. The Phoenix... I had to turn up the speakers to hear it. Also, the design of it was not too great. It needed to have a lighter blueish green color. I liked the explosive shells, tho. The DY357-LX was great. I loved the pistol whip, and it looks like it does in the N64 game. Once again, the sound could have been better. The Reaper was great. The sound was decent and the accuracy was just like the game. I also enjoy grinding people to death :D. The Golden Shotgun was not in the game, but was fun to play around with. Because it wasn't, I can't complain too much. I guess it could have been louder like the others. I really liked its secondary function (blowing people up was so fun!). The hurricane fists and the stick thing were great. I am glad that you put in new wavs for the stick. I love beating people with it... what fun.

Overall I give this mod a 7. It is quite a good job. I admit that you cannot easily imitate Perfect Dark. I suggest making another PD mod with more guns (I'll just assign them to the #pad). Good job!


RadicePosted: 12/10/00 19:40   Report Abuse
Well if you hate Perfect Dark, you'll probably hate this since Junkie did such a good job... Me like :)


GuNbOyPosted: 12/10/00 20:32   Report Abuse
some of the models look great, some are not..so...great, i think that the sounds could have used a bit of work. and it crashes JK constantly on my machine. any time there is an impact explosion it crashes.

and on the falcon, the laser doesn't even put a dot on the wall! but i like the crosshair...
overall, its nothing too spectacular. but it is well made.
keep up the good work JunkGuy


BackslashPosted: 12/10/00 23:24   Report Abuse
I liked the mod.. Pretty cool. but in those screenshots, what level is that?


ID_JunkguyPosted: 12/10/00 23:32   Report Abuse
The levels in the screenshots are from Mantice Level Pack


GethroPosted: 12/11/00 00:34   Report Abuse
looks great! can't wait to try it! uuh could someone tell me if JK is compatible with windows 2000?


HoardPosted: 12/11/00 03:10   Report Abuse
It was a pretty good mod. The only problem I had was with the constant crashing. I could hardly get 10 mintues of play in. Other than that, nice job.


*StarSaber*Posted: 12/11/00 13:52   Report Abuse


That is all.
D/L NOW. :)



*StarSaber*Posted: 12/11/00 13:52   Report Abuse


MNMPosted: 12/11/00 15:34   Report Abuse


\ /
\ /


rathiPosted: 12/11/00 15:42   Report Abuse
very cool, but the golden shotgun is way too powerful, i killed yun in 1 hit with it. Also the secondary fire on the grenades is sorta wierd.


PHANTOMPosted: 12/11/00 16:56   Report Abuse
I think it's a really cool mod. I really liked the ripper, except it ran out of ammo to fast. Did'nt have any lag. To make it better however, you should add Unlimited ammo! Maybe even change the AI's wepons. A suggestion.


Jedi Master JayPosted: 12/12/00 00:00   Report Abuse
arguably the best mod here at massassi now, Junkguy has done it again. I'm ID_MaverickJay check the read-me on this file and ull see i beta tested this from the day the first gun came out. Junkguy has done an outstanding job making the guns look almost exactly like the ones from PD the superb n64 game. The only thing i told him i owuld like to see is a re-load function but with all the nice things this pack has to offer i think we can deal with that =D
great job Junk look foard to more testing



ChewbaccaPosted: 12/12/00 01:39   Report Abuse
This mod was terrible. It felt as boring as if I was playing JK with the regular weapons. This is what I have to say about each weapon...
1. Hyper fists - No point to it.
2. Sniper - Good idea, but to much like other sniper mods (bullet template with a zoom)
3. Really big gun - It looks sweet. But when you fire it sounds like a weak pistol. The grenade launcher was ok.
4. Shotgun - This was good. Except that music is an easy way for your enemy to catch you if you're hiding.
5. Grenades - Way too fast!
6. Alien laser majig - Looks weird (cuz i dont have a 3d accelerator), the lasers are ok.
7. Golden gun - Felt like James Bond all over again =)
8. Golden shotgun - Pointless to have. Just a weak combo of the shotgun and golden gun.
9. Reaper - This was okay in first fire. In second fir it was dumb, like, you said that they'd be chopped uo, but all they do is fall to the floor.
0. Fighting stick - A rope 3do. That's it. The new KEYs are okay, put not great.

Taunt - Pretty weird lol
Crosshairs - Very good idea.

I know some of you will post with negetive comments towards me. But the messages are just to show one's opinion, not that everyone else is wrong.

(Hint: A great gunz mod is IWP2)


ID_JunkguyPosted: 12/12/00 02:04   Report Abuse
Well, if you've played Perfect Dark, the SuperDragon is supposed to sound like that. At least the fists are better than the normal fists... The shotgun's music is supposed to lure enemies to your hiding place for an ambush... Perfect Dark's reaper doesn't chop people up either... the fighting stick is NOT a rope 3do, its a stick 3do.
(Hint: Chewbacca, I really think you should try playing Perfect Dark)


RadicePosted: 12/12/00 23:40   Report Abuse
Chewbacca: I don't agree of course...

1-Hyper fists- Atleast they do more damage
2-Falcon 2-Isn't supposed to be a better zoom
3-SuperDragon-Sounds like it does in the game
4-Grenades-They are supposed to pinball fast!
5-Shotgun-A powerful blast, which the music made opponents aware of your presence and they could run away...
6-Phoenix-Dont be a critic on textures when you cant see 16-bit mats!
7-GOlden Magnum-Doh..
8-Reaper-The grind isn't supposed to do alot of damage
9-Golden Shotgun-It isn't cheap...
0-Stick-If you actually looked at the rope mat it looks nothing like the stick!

Final Comment: Play the game this mod was based on to see just how good Junkguy did...


DormousePosted: 12/20/00 00:23   Report Abuse
while this mod dinnit quite live up to my expectations[PD kicks some serious butt..(:] , it still was fairly cool..hehehe , one word: Reaper..(= i still can't get over that one..'s quite possible the coolest weapon ive ever seen for jk..(=


uNoRtHoDoXPosted: 12/26/00 08:48   Report Abuse
Sounds kinda messed it up...they were too muffled. and btw, jedi master jay.....why would anyone in the right mind want to work for a company such as LEC ??


darksidelukePosted: 01/09/01 05:50   Report Abuse


Lucky # 13Posted: 01/11/01 23:07   Report Abuse
This is almost as good as KWP...Great, except for number 6-looked wierd? Was that intentional? Otherwist great mod.


RGE_NirvanaPosted: 01/12/01 16:24   Report Abuse
Not one bad thing to say about this mod. I loved it. This Junkguy is good, kwp is my second favorite mod surpassed only by this. Great stuff.


ShuzerPosted: 02/12/01 04:51   Report Abuse
I'm going to agree with everyone here, this mod rules.. Keep up the good work, Junkguy. I wish it had better sounds though =( Also crashes on respawn in single, but it's still cool


ID_JunkguyPosted: 02/24/01 14:38   Report Abuse
If you don't want it to crash in single player respawn, try this:
Start game in multiplayer, then turn off crosshairs.
Go to single player... and play! :)


YodaTrooperPosted: 03/05/01 03:59   Report Abuse


JediJerePosted: 03/14/01 22:45   Report Abuse
this mod rocks i've got every UWP mod
it got a 10 from me


Warrior-ElitePosted: 03/21/01 22:24   Report Abuse
This mod is some vary nice work, One of the best for Jedi Knight. My favorite weapon is the Reaper I only have 3 comments: first, the sounds for the guns sound muffeled. second, The ammo amount for the reaper is inacurate, it is supposed to have 800 ammo, not 100. Finally, The game crashes whenever you die. Overall good mod. I gave it an 8.


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 07/22/01 14:09   Report Abuse
I give it a 4. It lags like heck and sounds crumby. Let me compare it to my three favorites:

KWP (Killer's Weapon's Pack) - beats it. KWP doesn't lag unless you use the 9 gun or those stupid blue lasers.

GAS (Guns and Such) - still beats it, even though GAS was laggy too. I love the number 9 gun on GAS.

SS3BETA9 (Space Soldiers 3 Beta 9) - beats it by a mile, beats it to death. SS3BETA9 is THE best mod EVER, in my opinion.

This mod is pretty good, tho. New menus (with cool pistols you can't use in the mod :-P) and pretty neat guns . . . way too laggy with lots of ppl in mp . . .


4 - FOUR


Wise Old ManPosted: 12/08/01 04:47   Report Abuse
Nice! Excellent! Ect!


the greates bowlerPosted: 04/30/02 17:16   Report Abuse
...............this is a mod that should not be downloaded*.........;) because i want all to mayself this mod is mine all mine hahahahahahahah about time they made a pperfect dark mod for this game good good mod i fell the power i fell it


TheMaulPosted: 07/13/02 16:58   Report Abuse
I love this mod!! It follows the game weapons very closely. Awesome job. One thing that I noticed is that the crosshair that stays in 3rd person view is just plain annoying. Also when you change the crosshair type or turn it off, when you zoom with gun 2 the one you get from the start is the zooming crosshair. Anyway good job.

P.S. Where is Ultimate Weapons Pack 3?


DakornfreakPosted: 08/04/02 18:06   Report Abuse
Hey ID_Junkguy, as it appears to me, you LOVE agent games, for the n64, most of ur mods include guns from either perfect dark or goldeneye, lol, im d/ling mod right now


Force master2Posted: 04/19/04 17:03   Report Abuse
where's your little golden gun, mr. katarn?


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