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This is the much-awaited level pack, default. As all JED editors know, when you begin a new level, it starts you out with the dflt.mat. This pack of incredibly fun DeathMatch style multiplayer levels have been themed with the dflt.mat. ALTHOUGH these levels may not appear very much fun at first, please TRY them WITH other people with an unbiased opinion before you judge. They are lots of fun, and although lacking in most powerups, the mode of play is aimed more at Frag-die-respawn-Frag-Frag-Die-Restart than it is aimed at Frag-get guns-get hit-get health-get sheilds-wander around-run away-frag-die. If you didnt understand that, what I meant was that you probably wont live very long in these levels ;-). ENJOY!


Level Info:

Download: The Default Level Pack
File Size: 486k
Date: 12/12/00
Author: oSiRiS, Hoard, and ToK
Downloads: 1421


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 50
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HoardPosted: 12/12/00 03:58   Report Abuse
Alas after much waiting, it's here! Enjoy the pack guys, and look forward to the second, textured version :)


JuztynPosted: 12/12/00 04:07   Report Abuse
The texturing sucks. :p


avenger216Posted: 12/12/00 04:28   Report Abuse
very funny juz.


StressPosted: 12/12/00 04:32   Report Abuse
The can has potential to be a level worth downloading, if the author exerts any sort of effort into working on it.


oSPosted: 12/12/00 04:53   Report Abuse

Effort? who said i wasnt putting in effort? BTW - we arent keeping the concs in the second release.


Val LangleyPosted: 12/12/00 05:12   Report Abuse
I don't care what anyone says, it isn't fun to play a level with one texture, regardless of which texture that is. Architecture and gameplay are above average.


HoardPosted: 12/12/00 05:50   Report Abuse
Just before things get out of hand (Which they might) Lets keep this as a personal opinion and not a flame war.

[EDIT] What I mean is don't get into a debate. State whether you like it or not and be on your way :)


FBJK_RazielPosted: 12/12/00 05:56   Report Abuse
nice level, only found ONE complaint, the texturing was somewhat...repetitive :)


matt_kenobiPosted: 12/12/00 07:42   Report Abuse
I have been waiting for this level pack for so long! This is awesome, try it with the DFLT man Mod.


ReAcToRPosted: 12/12/00 12:37   Report Abuse
The link above that you posted:
Is this one of the levels from this level pack with texturing? If so, what exactly is/was the point of releasing the level pack with everything set to the default texture? Sure, the architecture is nice, but isn't it just obvious that the default texture is the ugliest thing since the elephant man? If you plan on releasing this pack in the future with textures, what was the point in releasing it before it was textured at all? You could have just released a beta and called it so.

You used the word "theme" when describing the use of the default texture, but what you have done in reality, is taken away from a theme that could have been, by using nice textures. Actually, even crappy texturing would have been better than none.

I give the level a 4, but only because the levels are incomplete. They have potential as textured levels, but without, they will get old in less than a week.


oSPosted: 12/12/00 14:39   Report Abuse
'ALTHOUGH these levels may not appear very much fun at first, please TRY them WITH other
people with an unbiased opinion before you judge.'
Did you even play it? I dont think so, because you said " Is this one of the levels in the pack retextured?", idicating you did not know, which you wouldve, had you played it.
Anyways, lets not start a flame war, im just reminding everyone to PLAY the levels with someone else before judging/rating.


FalconZacPosted: 12/12/00 15:35   Report Abuse
Hmm, looks like nice architecture.... I'll download and try it later.


JG_JiggajaggaPosted: 12/12/00 16:59   Report Abuse
I gave this pack a 10 rating. Why? Because this is art. Just like postmodernism. Meaning, this is something new, something not tried before, something that breaks the limits and the concepts of what we think is a good JK level.

Also, the gameplay rocks. Tried and true.


BackslashPosted: 12/12/00 17:13   Report Abuse
I give it a 10. It roxorz!


Master YodaPosted: 12/12/00 18:44   Report Abuse
Wow what is with the no color it good and all but I awate the textured version belive me


SlugPosted: 12/12/00 18:46   Report Abuse
Being different doesn't make something good..

The first level was way too vertical for my tastes.. I can't imagine a very quick game going on there, as it's tough to get up from certain floors (Is it even possible to play this level without force jump?).. The second level (The Can, I think) could be interesting, though it's a bit symmetrical for my tastes.. The last level was probably the nicest looking of the pack, but had a nasty dead-end (I suppose this could be used well in the final version though, by putting the one and only conc rifle in there, or some such).. It was also a bit bare in the inside area..

Btw, there's a bug in the first level, where you can get stuck up near the sky on an improperly flagged adjoin.. Which is also another complaint of mine - You can touch the sky in every level..


MTBrain85Posted: 12/12/00 20:19   Report Abuse
Ow... My eyes... The defualt sets wasn't the way to go...


blindsaberPosted: 12/12/00 20:31   Report Abuse
this would go good with that dflt skin


AdAm_fReiDPosted: 12/12/00 20:54   Report Abuse


_Mantissa_Posted: 12/12/00 21:38   Report Abuse
I don't think you put enough levels with the concussion rifles there did ya?? (hmm, did i say that right?)

I know from editing experience that texturing takes time and isn't as fun as designing the architecture, but come on...
The majority of all surfaces are dflt.mat!!! My opinion is that the authors were too lazy and decided they didn't want to take the time to texture everything...
Please make your next levels at least look like you put effort into it. Without the texturing, the levels look like crap, and it can be hard to tell where one surface ends and one begins...

This is just my opinion but I think that if you textured this it would make the pack more appealing to other players.


AKPiggottPosted: 12/12/00 22:53   Report Abuse
I haven't played this, but a load of DFLT levels seem more frustrating to play than fun.


HoardPosted: 12/13/00 00:06   Report Abuse
Ok, listen to this: For those of you who are not regular massassians, there has been a joke going around for a while saying that the perfect level would be a default box with hundreds of concs. I took the time to actually make a level like this to play with Wolfy's skin, and as it turned out, everone who played it enjoyed it. oS and I had a talk and we decided since it was so fun to take it to the next step.

This was not a beta, it was a finished project, and now we're just going back to make it even better. oS and I have been around long enough to know what's up and what's down, so if you don't like the idea of this level pack, then I feel that you're closed minded. Please try this before you judge it, and understand where we're coming from, god knows I've understood where you are.


ReAcToRPosted: 12/13/00 00:28   Report Abuse
"Did you even play it? I dont think so, because you said " Is this one of the levels in the pack retextured?", idicating you did not know, which you wouldve, had you played it."

At the time, I had only played the first level, and now that I have played them all, my previous opionion still stands.

Also, someone here said that this was something new. That levels have never been done with the default texture. I have played alot of levels that were supposedly "complete" that only used the default texture. They too made the same mistake.

Everyone here, including the authors knew what kind of responce that they would get from the community over releasing an unfinished product. It would be the same effect if I were to create a default textured box, with some water and 10 concs in it. There is no difference. Sure, your pack has some decent archtecture, but people aren't going to care about that when they have to stare at the bare/ugly wall textures.


SlugPosted: 12/13/00 02:05   Report Abuse
"so if you don't like the idea of this level pack, then I feel that you're closed minded"

... If we disagree with you, we're closed-minded?


Deluxe_SixPosted: 12/13/00 02:13   Report Abuse
Really Hoard? I don't ever remember hearing a joke like that...


MrRavenXPosted: 12/13/00 06:31   Report Abuse
I get irritated seeing default mats in regular levels... now an entire level with nothing but the default mat? Sounds like the JK equivelant of Hell. Interesting concept, but I'll pass.


AdunPosted: 12/13/00 15:37   Report Abuse
Yeah, this pack wasn't that good. Even the architecture didn't impress me. And the textures were plain horrendous on the eyes.


AKPiggottPosted: 12/13/00 19:53   Report Abuse
Closed minded? Is there such thing as being "closed minded"? I was just stating my initial opinion on the screens and idea, that doesn't make me "closed minded".


BloodHeartPosted: 12/13/00 21:01   Report Abuse
I am downloading this level pack as I write this. This has to be one of the most original ideas for a level pack I have ever seen. The default MAT! It's so simple, yet so genius!


_Mantissa_Posted: 12/13/00 21:03   Report Abuse
Oh, BTW... This shouldn't be called "The Default Level Pack." The real default level pack is called "Jedi Training" and is installed when Jedi knight is installed. Levels in this pack include (but not limited to) Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal, Battleground Jedi, and Blades of Death. I suggest that the authors play this some time. It has some very nice TEXTURING to it which is why I like it so much.

(Sorry, I just felt like being a smart-@s$ about that! hehe)


FranticPosted: 12/13/00 22:17   Report Abuse
I disagree! this was very fun!


ReAcToRPosted: 12/14/00 00:59   Report Abuse
"This has to be one of the most original ideas for a level pack I have ever seen."

For something to be "original" it has to be unique or never done before. There are numerous levels that have used the default texture for entire rooms/floors and a few with the entire levels. Sure, it's not all that common, and if only download levels from Massassi, you may never see these other levels, but they are definitely out there.

If the authors were looking for contraversy or were just too eager to get on with their next projects before finishing the textures on this one, is still unknown, but either way, this pack could have been worth downloading if it were textured. The authors are not new to the "Massassi scene" like I stated above, so this leads me to think that they just wanted to do something so "different" or so "contraversial" that alot of people would download it just to see what was up. The bad thing about making it "different" in this way, is the fact that 99% of the people who download it won't stick to playing it because of the ugliness of the default texture. It's blinding, it's ugly and it's the most irritating default texture that I've ever seen. When you create an MotS level using JED, there is even another default texture, probably because some poor sole got sick and tired of seeing the JK default texture.

I don't think that the authors should be so quick to think of the majority of our comments as "flaming," because it's not. It's hardcore, to the point, constructive criticism at it's best. When creating a level such as this, it's to be expected. It's sort of like creating "Inverted Oasis," or the like.


DeadmanPosted: 12/14/00 01:06   Report Abuse
Hey just by the looks of it....I kinda like it. Reminds me a bit of TRON...for all you that remember that movie :^P


Necron32Posted: 12/14/00 02:39   Report Abuse
This is nothing short of total excellence!
Nothing can withstand the power of the
almighty dflt.mat!


Faramir987Posted: 12/14/00 02:39   Report Abuse
Innovative, not many people would go wit this look, but it kinda works.


HothRebelPosted: 12/14/00 05:14   Report Abuse
I don't think it's original or innovative- anybody who has ever made a level or even just started one, has already made a default.mat level.
Controversial maybe, but I can think of a dozen better ways to strike controversy without having to deface the work you put into it.


HoardPosted: 12/14/00 06:24   Report Abuse
Well, it looks like this is one of those "love it", "hate it" types of things. Of coarse you can never win over everybody, and I am actually pleased to see this critizism. It somewhat pains me to see that so many of this community that I shared jokes and fun with no longer share that with me, but it's nice to know at least half of the people here still keep a twinkle in their eyes every time I bring up "the default joke"


DoublefakePosted: 12/14/00 23:53   Report Abuse
great idea, that mat kinda makes it so you can spot anyone from a mile away but then again it is sorta funner that way, only problem is it makes you eyes see kinda greenish after playin it for a while.


matt_kenobiPosted: 12/15/00 04:27   Report Abuse
Why do some people say that its stupid because there are no textures. THATS THE WHOLE DAMN POINT!! Its so much fun!


LEGION_NocturnePosted: 12/19/00 22:30   Report Abuse
I like it the archi is great, plays well and the dflt.mat is cool but you hafta admit it does go a little hard on the eyes after a while


HoardPosted: 12/24/00 02:12   Report Abuse
Jedi, if you're saying because it wasn't used in any LEC maps that it's bad? What about all those other levels that use different textures/ideas? I supposed they suck too.


Jedi LegendPosted: 12/28/00 02:23   Report Abuse
Thats not what i'm saying! What i'm saying is that the default mat is bad, and it hurts the eyes. Lighting wouldn't hurt either!


Val LangleyPosted: 01/25/01 05:33   Report Abuse
I agree Jedi Legend. Any level comprised of only a handfull of mats is no fun to play in. There was a water mat and a sky mat that I saw, and that's only three.


MogushaPosted: 02/28/01 05:07   Report Abuse
To everybody who's here these levels are to be put in as a joke and not an actual level pack the people who have made this pack wished to make this level pack as a joke.


SlingsRatPosted: 03/25/01 11:19   Report Abuse
I dont even need to download this to know its shite. If I want to play a default level I'd load the jkl of one of the original LEC MP maps into jed and multiselect the whole level and retexture with default mat. I could then play on the zone against other people playing the original levels (I guess?). Why didnt you texture and flag it all as sky. THAT would be interesting!


KillerBeePosted: 04/05/01 17:54   Report Abuse
level # 1 2 3
Items 1 0 0
Flow 1 5 4
Archi 3 7 4
Mats 0 1 1
Gameplay 0 0 0


Jedi Red 2Posted: 08/19/01 20:12   Report Abuse
I give it a 7 for architecture, and the idea is intresting to use the dflt.mat in the level, I should have done this first, because I hate texturing almost as much as hate making architecture, I said almost, anyway thats about it. Jedi Red 2 out...


Jedi LegendPosted: 04/10/03 23:16   Report Abuse
I will not download this [and I've still have never downloaded it, even now that it is level(s) of the week], maybe you'd like it if you were new to the game and needed the concussion rifle to hit your opponent. If the dflt. mat was so greant, then why wasn't it used in any LEC levels?

[edit- wow, my spelling and grammar was horrible back in the day]


DMcHalePosted: 04/11/03 01:39   Report Abuse
Reminds me of Tron!


WizardLeaderPosted: 04/11/03 02:24   Report Abuse
Wow guys! I think your level has just blown up my pc!!! When I try to play your level pack it just appears a grey and a yellow texture!Is that a Bug guys? :-P
Reaaaally nicE! For your next level pack try to use a BLACK texture on every surface with NO LIGHTING! That way you will only see the concs bullets coming!!! OH YEAH! Well... if you don't like the idea at least try a WHITE texture on them to kill your eyes while playing...
Just kidding... All this new concept of level editing is just AMAZZZZING! I really like it! New stuff has a lot more impact than that old crap that we're used to see, so don't be worried about some of those ugly critics. You've done a Great Job.


HoardPosted: 04/11/03 02:59   Report Abuse
Wow, I can't beleive this actually got LotW :) FYI this was released years ago, yes it sucks, yes it hurts the eyes, but isn't it all the better because of those things? Probably not, but download it and play anyway :P and if you want the textured version, well you have to download this version to find out what the level names are :) enjoy!


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 04/11/03 06:27   Report Abuse
....I can tell just by looking at the screenshots that this is a winner(only by architecture)...I think that the idea of great architecture with the boring, eye-hurting, funky dflt.mat and terrible weapons placement should provide the new type of gameplay i've been looking for. LOL this should give me and my friends a much needed laugh...


oSiRiSPosted: 04/11/03 07:38   Report Abuse
Because you all voted this LotW, you're finally going to get the retextured version. I've pulled it out of my bin in all of its 16-bit glory, and it should be whisking to you by the end of the week along with Hoard's retex.

Tok disappeared, so youll probably never see a retex of his level. Honestly, we do not know what happened to him.


PommyPosted: 04/14/03 22:29   Report Abuse
"Keep trying?" That sounds like something you would say to someone who's new to level editing... these three, of which, aren't. In the slightest bit.

Also... what's the point of downloading something if you're not going to play it? :S


GhostOfYodaPosted: 04/14/03 22:34   Report Abuse
The architecture leaves a bit to be desired but the texturing is perfect.


Vincent ValentinePosted: 04/14/03 23:01   Report Abuse
English is your friend...

Oh, by the way, this pack owns.


DrkJedi82Posted: 04/15/03 00:23   Report Abuse
i gave it an 8 because i'll wait for the fully textured version for the 10 :p...
now time to do this comment in parts...

Archi: 9 ... i've seen better but this is good as is

Gameplay: 10 ... these levels play very well it really brings a sense of fun into JK

item placement: 9 ... could have been a little better

texturing: n/a ... i refuse to make any dumb jokes or comments...

yeah it took a while before i finally got a chance to play it but... now that i have...


Chibi MuroPosted: 04/15/03 02:52   Report Abuse
i really think this lvl got to be the map of the week because of the most replies, lol

....ok fine ill rate....

i give it an 8 out of 10, y? ... out of all the things made for JK in the past, i would say 4 years, that there has actually been somethin truly and utterly unique. however, the fact that it was entirely default makes it ....well.... contiversial?... i donno


PommyPosted: 04/15/03 03:51   Report Abuse
Actually, it got LotW because all the chatroom regulars decided that it was a really good level that should get LotW and thus voted for it. That or Mike (Hoard) forced us to with threats of pie and cheese. One of the two :P


RoachPosted: 04/15/03 04:19   Report Abuse
I didn't get any cheese...


PommyPosted: 04/15/03 04:21   Report Abuse
And, bringing back a part of Massassi that has long passed:


HoardPosted: 04/15/03 07:14   Report Abuse
er... I don't know what you're talking about Pommy... you must be mistaken... quite obviously the 1337ness of this level got it LotW... I didn't even know massassi had a chat! yeah! *smacks Pommy with cheese*


GhostOfYodaPosted: 04/15/03 11:33   Report Abuse
*beats Pommy to a pulp with pies*

We all know this level got LotW due to its amazing qualities.


HoardPosted: 04/15/03 19:02   Report Abuse
First of all, it's really lame to post a link to your own level in someone elses level page. second, I suggest you take a look at the upcoming retextured levels that me and Brad have put oh so much effort into before you get on a high horse and claim that you can do better. I'm sorry but I have to knock you off your tower there buddy.


oSiRiSPosted: 04/16/03 00:49   Report Abuse


Arago FettPosted: 04/16/03 14:24   Report Abuse
Hey, looks like a Holodeck gone wrong.
I admit, I didn't think I'd be impressed by this, but the whole level architecture suits the texture style.
Makes me look at dflt.mat in a whole new way.


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 04/17/03 00:12   Report Abuse
Got this before the site went down. Awsome.
American Gladiators anyone?



a_personPosted: 12/19/03 02:56   Report Abuse
ino im replying 2 years later to what Val Langley said but he obviously doesnt desighn levels himself because the idea of this is really good. Also i saw him hassling the dflt box man skin so not much appreciation in that child. BTW nice level i loved the varity of textures you used.


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