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In this sequel to Dead Reckoning, you must infiltrate the Imperial base and download the location of the Star Destroyer Avenger. Imperial forces are withdrawing from this area, but there will still be a substantial presence while you're completing your mission. You'll have to crack the vault in the Imperial Security Building, access the main computer, and escape.

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Download: Dead Reckoning 2
File Size: 1.2Megs
Date: 12/13/00
Author: Christian Garris
Downloads: 4166


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 12
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JennyPosted: 12/13/00 19:26   Report Abuse
For some reason, this and the first level, which is one of my favorites ever, do not fit in together. They seem to be different styles of level: the first was very detailed and intimate. This is large and sprawling like the LEC levels. This aside, it is still a very good level, with some interesting puzzles to solve. I still prefer the first episode, but this is also an excellant download.


matt_kenobiPosted: 12/14/00 05:06   Report Abuse
A pretty good level. But it was a bit boring. Oh and at TACC there are mainly Mots single player levels, he said Jedi Knight.


Just_mePosted: 12/14/00 21:35   Report Abuse
Why is every main computer a pillar surrounded by a pit??????
Nice architecture...

(im sorry about grammar mistakes, but im only 13, i am living in austria, and my mother-thongue is german...)


Xizor_42Posted: 12/15/00 00:32   Report Abuse
Grammer mistakes?

I'm getting the level right now.


AKPiggottPosted: 12/15/00 23:50   Report Abuse
A decent level, better than the original, which was still pretty good. Visuals were overall very good, even though there were hardly any custom textures and architecture was a bit plain in one or two areas. The level had some neat little puzzles and some good COG usage. The cutscenes were a bit boring, but they got the job done and delivered the story across. There seems to have been more interest is Single Player levels recently, quite a few decent ones have been released in the past couple of months, which is very pleasing I must say.


Crusher887Posted: 12/27/00 15:34   Report Abuse
I think the computers surrounded by the pillars are supposed to be like the ones in the first star wars movie from the 70's,(not episode one from 99). i'm downloading the level now, so i can't comment on anything else, and to the Just_me guy, who cares about little things like that? people aren't paid to make these, it's just a hobby. why don't you make a level and we'll see how perfect it is.......


KieranicalPosted: 01/20/01 06:44   Report Abuse
Hey, good lookin!
Looks cool, how old, thought about applying to LEC for a job?


DarkPhoenixPosted: 03/13/01 01:20   Report Abuse
Read my Review of this level at


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/10/01 17:30   Report Abuse
Yay Thank you Christian for your 2 Dead Reckoning, its the first time I have real challenge. Some passages were real difficult to pass :). I dont know why but some dialogs dont work on my computer :( ...but good job


YWL_ConnemaraPosted: 05/17/01 11:32   Report Abuse
Ok, maybe I'm, really dumb or soemthing, but I cannot figure out how to get the bridge thing across (objective #1). I spent like an hour wandering around every part of the level, and found nothing. I was playing this level with the Anti-Terrorism mod, would that have affected it, by any chance? I see you don't have a walkthrough up yet on your site...but I need help!


kyle90Posted: 05/24/01 19:46   Report Abuse
I cant get past the third last objective, where you are stuck in a room with a forcefield and a locked door that you came through. I cant figure out how to get past the forcefield


ToothedZeroPosted: 11/16/01 18:13   Report Abuse
I haven't played this lvl yet so I'm not gonna rate it. If it's anything the first one it should be good, though. :)


MedheadflyPosted: 01/19/02 20:07   Report Abuse
It wasn't so bad once I figured it out


Kauja CoregPosted: 02/12/02 23:46   Report Abuse
Pretty cool level. A few puzzles are tricky, but persistence pays off. And for YWL_Connemara's question earlier about getting the bridge across, if you look in the top right of the room with the ATST you'll see a control room. You can shoot through the last pane of glass, then shoot the switch which extends the bridge (it's barely visible).


ConnemaraPosted: 04/04/02 14:11   Report Abuse
Yay! I had to wait nearly a year, but at last my question is answered!



ConnemaraPosted: 11/06/03 21:02   Report Abuse
Hey, Kyle90- what you gotta do is jump up on the roof of that command center. I don't even know exactly how this works, but you hurl thermals at the roof, nearest to the forcefield, and at least for me, the forcefield went down...sorry it's so vague, I'm not even sure how I gotr it to work. :p


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