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Jerec's new Empire has captured princess Leia, as Han Solo, you must save her!

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Download: The Search for Leia
File Size: 2.42Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Anthony Piggott
Downloads: 11374


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 86
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blindsaberPosted: 07/02/00 00:23   Report Abuse
Great level pack dload it now!


jedi_knight22Posted: 07/05/00 10:19   Report Abuse
This is a great level! Great story, Has effects such as 3d holograms, killer cutscenes, and plenty of humor. You play a Han most of the game. Luke, yes luke battles Jerec in it. Other characters include Leia (duh), Luke, Lando, Chewie, Boba Fett. You as Han, even battle Boba Fett. Has new BM's also. This is one of my favorite levels ever. Download It! Its 500% worth the (really small) download. Great Job!


DaFanPosted: 07/06/00 02:15   Report Abuse
Man, tis AKPiggot guy is good...


Lt. SovokPosted: 07/06/00 16:52   Report Abuse
I think this level was one of the best ever made. It had a great plot added to it, and graphics as well. You fight many people including Jerec and the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. I just play it over and over. Great job!!!!


MorrisPlytePosted: 07/10/00 15:00   Report Abuse
Heck, forget the awesome gameplay, the great storyline, and the terrific levels, I still can't get past that hilarious wishing well gag in level 4!


captainvbPosted: 07/14/00 11:49   Report Abuse
One of the best levels ever on JK.
It has a good story,classic characters and the fact that you can fight Jerec with Luke or kill Boba Fett with Han Solo...need i say more?


NGA_GangrelPosted: 07/25/00 23:02   Report Abuse
This level(s) is/are awesome!I strongly reccomend you download this.It has a great storyline and it is good to see the best characters in a game for onece.I liked this better than the real JK game.So onece again,download it,you won't be disppointed!


Dark-RavenPosted: 07/28/00 09:08   Report Abuse
Very...Very good level i want more


diegocmrPosted: 08/02/00 14:50   Report Abuse
One of the BEST levels for JK. It's not a hard level (it's 8 levels), but it has lots of challenges and its very fun to play. You'll find yourself playing it OVER AND OVER!!! Download it NOW!!!!


TR_GagePosted: 08/02/00 20:52   Report Abuse
This is one of the best levels I have ever played. It Rocks! Please make more!


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 08/09/00 22:27   Report Abuse
very nice level indeed th only problem i see is the ending it makes no scence but besides that its realy cool!


AV_DrunkeyMPosted: 08/09/00 22:50   Report Abuse
this level rocks.... that is all....


Darnn15mPosted: 08/14/00 09:11   Report Abuse
DATH_SIDIUS: you're annoyed the ending doesn't smell?


Dark_Lord_JerecPosted: 08/18/00 15:04   Report Abuse
VERY COOL MISSIONS!!!!you must download this now. if you don't, you won't have any fun, and, jerec will capture you himself (or boba fett)


mjs_87Posted: 08/21/00 03:37   Report Abuse
This is the BEST single player level pack available! 1,000,000% worth the quite short download!


starsabersPosted: 08/31/00 02:43   Report Abuse
This level is really cool! I have got to say that this is one of my personal favorites. The downloads small, but that dosen't mean that the level is small.


JFA_PootiePosted: 09/02/00 23:17   Report Abuse
Man, this is the best SP JK level i've ever played! Awesome! Download it now!


cimmy_2000Posted: 09/03/00 23:06   Report Abuse
this was the best download i ever played yet. you won't find another adventure like this one.


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 09/10/00 21:36   Report Abuse



AKPiggottPosted: 09/17/00 11:39   Report Abuse
Thanks for the comments guys. I don't think this level deserves all the praise it's been getting though.

What do you mean the ending doesn't make sense? Just because it isn't a particuarly good ending doesn't mean it doesn't make any sense.


dogg_ladPosted: 09/18/00 16:41   Report Abuse
When I finished this, well, game, and saw the credits rolling up, I gave it a round of applause. This is the best level pack I have ever played. It's just things like playing as familiar characters that makes this a hit. Also, the levels are straight forward and not too long. ( A severe down side to Siege on Derra IV for example) The cutscenes break up the gameplay nicely to keep the story flowing and keep the game interesting. The story by the way is actually pretty good and the ending ISN'T dumb, it DOES MAKE SENSE! So there. Fantastic level pack. Well done Mr Piggot, well done.


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 09/21/00 22:11   Report Abuse


matt_kenobiPosted: 09/21/00 23:41   Report Abuse
I want more levels like this one....AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. It was a bit too short thats why I want more.


_ViPeR_Posted: 09/25/00 01:46   Report Abuse
this is the sweetest level ever.. i give it a A++ its tight and fun to play.. GOOD job dude make some more..u good with this stuff



AKPiggottPosted: 09/25/00 21:51   Report Abuse
Sidius, no offence, but you have a severe spelling problem. And please don't type in caps.

The ending makes perfect sense, the guy in the cell is a Jedi, isn't that significant enough?


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 09/27/00 20:37   Report Abuse
NO its not good enough for me!!
ok its a jedi how did you know!!!!!
why dose it even show the jedi in the first place? its odd....
why dose han care? it never says that he must save the jedi no it dosent p[lease someone give me a logical answer to my above question,

Why dose the screen show the guy in the cell in the ending sequence it makes no scence, email me or just write a message here....


TomPosted: 09/28/00 01:28   Report Abuse
all the above praise is well-founded! I enjoyed the entire game, from the *good* reasons for having a keel dragon and mailocs, to the excellent touches like Han blasting a stormtrooper for stealing his ship. Honestly, the best SP level I've played.

Darth Sidious:
Yes, it would have been best if something like "I'll get the saber back and set you free when I'm done." But i guess I guess life isn't perfect.

Also, i really enjoyed the ending- it was hi-lar-i-ous! And you don't trip over a lighsaber every day, so I agree with the need of having an imprisoned jedi to implement the saber into the level.

Oh, and THANK YOU for leaving ou thte boring text-scolling opening scequence, which just take forever. Superb job!


AKPiggottPosted: 09/28/00 19:34   Report Abuse
You know it's a Jedi, because he has a saber. Jedi are rare, very rare, finding one if kinda significant don't you think? Why does Han care? Cos he's the good guy.


CookedHaggisPosted: 09/28/00 22:50   Report Abuse
Great level, uses classic characters to great effect, and has a good story backing up the action.

What's there not to understand about the ending?

Han finds lightsaber of an imprisioned Jedi.
If the Jedi is imprisioned, then he must be anti-Empire.
If he's anti-empire, then he's the new republic's and therefore Han's, ally.
Han uses lightsaber to slash the panels.
Han throws lighsaber away.
Han leaves without freeing the captive- who now is locked in a cell and no one knows about him (his captors are now dead).


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 09/30/00 17:22   Report Abuse
i see
thats all i wanted in the first place was to get what the ending ment.
thank you all for helping me out sory if i was a brat erlier i was just mad...

but i still think bobo fett would kick han solos @$$ any day!!!! hehe

GREAT LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!


AKPiggottPosted: 10/01/00 15:43   Report Abuse
Fett is cool, but Han manages to kick his ass in RotJ, blinded!


GeminiDragonPosted: 10/07/00 01:58   Report Abuse
This doesn't have much to do with the level, but in actually, Han didn't kill Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi. Later poor Boba was found knocked out near the pit and a fellow Bounty Hunter pulled him out. I think he killed his saviour for taking off his mask tho, not sure.


Darth TristanPosted: 10/07/00 23:16   Report Abuse
This Was a great episode!! I really liked how in almost everey level, you swich skins (Stormtrooper, Han in hoth gear, Luke)


ChewbaccaPosted: 10/09/00 18:11   Report Abuse
Gemini, the guy who took of Fett's helmet was Dengar. They ended up working together in later adventures (such as Dark Empire)


XD_Martin_BPosted: 10/10/00 15:57   Report Abuse
Yo, this level kicks *ss I've downloaded alot of JK and MotS levels and this one is by far most the best.

P.S. I like this more than the regular JK game!


TheUghtPosted: 11/02/00 18:38   Report Abuse
The first part of the game is horrible, but the second is great!! The cutscenes are not very good...
Download this level now!


Silent_Angel2kPosted: 11/12/00 14:28   Report Abuse
This is one of the best levels I have ever played. You should make a sequel.


Jedi_LightPosted: 11/13/00 14:35   Report Abuse
Excellent! cant think of any other word for it! this single player missions pack is the best one ive seen yet. The graphics and details in each craft, skin and area is just perfect! Keep up the good work!


UNSSC_RagePosted: 11/15/00 22:52   Report Abuse
This level rules. Plain and simple. good enemy placement, good texturing, good...... want a list? IT WOULD TAKE FOREVER!!! Download this level NOW!


Bouncy_YodaPosted: 12/21/00 13:13   Report Abuse
I loved this level!!! It's amazing... I loved the part with the wishing well on level 4!!! Good work!


BobJoeIVPosted: 12/21/00 21:59   Report Abuse

-808J0& 4
*ps: ever heard of spellcheck?*


BobJoeIVPosted: 12/21/00 22:06   Report Abuse
BTW a sequel is being released =)


BobJoeIVPosted: 12/21/00 22:09   Report Abuse
Hey man Dark Empire wasnt all that bad...I'm making a Dark Empire SP level in case ur interested! ;P


sidchaganPosted: 12/28/00 15:55   Report Abuse
I cant even begin to say how dissapointed I was with this level! Anthony Piggot has amazed me before with his BOAM trilogy, but anyone who hasnt played that will think he's a loser!
First of all, according to the Star Wars chronology, the Jerec crisis occurs just ONE year after ROTJ! This does not give any time for Luke to face him, or for Jerec to capture Leia, and it says Kyle defeats Jerec single handedly! Secondly, there is a bug in the level where you fight Jerec which keeps forcing you to reset the game & the level. Third, the language tone does NOT match the characters. Boba Fett would never say "Baldy"! And last but certainly not least, It is stupid for Fett & Bossk to work together as they are sworn enemies, and it is even worse that you kill them, considering they appear later in Star Wars!
This level pack is total crap! It is NOT worth the download and goes aginst everything in Star Wars!

PS. Bad architecture.


MBHG_Jodo_KastPosted: 12/30/00 00:40   Report Abuse
I think that this is a great level, one of the best levels I have ever played and I think that everyone should download it ASAP!


Black KnightPosted: 12/30/00 18:04   Report Abuse
Good puzzles and a great level over all.I would recamend downloading this.


Black KnightPosted: 12/30/00 18:07   Report Abuse


DSettahrPosted: 01/11/01 04:23   Report Abuse
This is an awesome level pack; it definately ranks in the top three sp level packs I have played. The cogs are well written, there are awesome cutscenes, and the story is interesting. One thing bugs me, though (and i can't really complain because I've encountered the same problem in my levels, but...) has any one else noticed that the caves are just a little... boxy? Oh well- it doesn't detract from the other things that make this level pack great. I suggest you download it immediately.

PS- I didn't know that the guy in the cell was a Jedi, either, until I read the post.

PPS- The only reason I'm willing to accept the fact that Boba Fett lived through his ordeal with the sarlacc is because KW Jeter accepted it when he wrote the Bounty Hunter Trilogy. All other stories that take place afterwords involving Fett have basically been junk (except maybe the short story in Tales of the Bounty Hunters).



proroperPosted: 01/12/01 19:18   Report Abuse
this episode has one of the most amazing plots - this is way better than the lucasarts
jedi knight levels. the levels are cool and although I finished this in about 20 -30 min I was totaly amazed by the plot - some of the levels like the hoth level has those little touches to them and make this a worthy download. I give this a 10 as it is the best single player mission/episode i have ever played on keep up te work and I hope to see some more levels from you


so_sl_sidPosted: 01/14/01 13:24   Report Abuse


kwjPosted: 01/18/01 01:16   Report Abuse
First of I have to say that this series had pretty good architecture and a solid storyline. The one thing that I cannot get over though is the hilarious jokes and the witty humor throughout! In terms of storyline and humor, this series is one of the best that I have ever seen. I personally have played this level over 5 times and each time, it gets more and more interesting. It not only contained the ironic humor of the wishing well, but I practically fell out of my seat rolling on the floor laughing after witnessing the ending in which that prisoner is left behind by Han. Speaking of Han, the author masterfully portrayed Han as the witty, funny, and roguish guy that he is. Normally, I would criticize a level for realism, but its clear that this series is intended to be almost a spoof, or parody, of Star Wars and thus bringing Jerec and Boba Fett back was a very clever move. I recommend this level to everyone. It definitely deserves a 9!


The ManPosted: 01/21/01 23:04   Report Abuse
good job i really liked it . please keep doing what you did on this level


ApoK_DarePosted: 01/25/01 21:40   Report Abuse
Wow good job,i love the things on han sais when u play,and i realy enjoyed it AnthonyPiggot,u got to make anothdr one!


mysterious_jediPosted: 02/17/01 19:30   Report Abuse
This is a really sweet level. Other than not being able to figure out how to open the jail cell doors, this level rocks. Please make more!


DarthBosskPosted: 02/21/01 04:12   Report Abuse
I've had this level for several months, but only now am I rating it. This series is, you might say, "okay". All of the levels up until the Imperial Hoth base are pretty bad, with a severe lack of powerups compared to amount of enemies, dull and repetetive texturing, and absolutely horrible lighting. The plot is somewhat "cheesy", but humorous and fairly well thought-out although not entirely consistent with the whole Star Wars universe. The Hoth level, on the other hand, is very good, showing some of the characteristics of AK Piggot's more recent levels, while rather different from most of the other levels I've played. I don't think it necessary to make suggestions, for obvious reasons, but I do want to say that Anthony Piggot has come a very long way.


Shopping_MaulPosted: 03/10/01 00:48   Report Abuse
This lvl deserves a 10, good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


maulfanatic_1Posted: 03/10/01 01:13   Report Abuse
This is great! This is by far the best out there! Playing as Luke made me feel invincible. Or that coulda just been the jediwannabe 1 code. The saber handle was great. I hope you try to make a Phantom Menace level. Your story line was well put together. Keep up the good work!


ShadowcatPosted: 03/10/01 06:21   Report Abuse
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! A perfect plot. Good gameplay. Download this level(s) Now! I like what the creator has done! You can tell this level(s) wher not done over night. Plz do more like this.


Captain PellaeonPosted: 03/16/01 00:32   Report Abuse
First of all, this level rocks. It's got great textures, ZERO freezes, Great enemies, good puzzles, and a story line thats better than any i've seen before.
Download it now. There's only one problem though, on one of the later levels, it slows down a little when you get near the AT-ST.

P.S. sidchagan - as a loyal Star Wars fan, I know how annoying it can get when people mess up the story lines, but admit it this level's good. So's the story line. We all know that there are many inconsistancies with the movies/books, but thats okay. I dont think that AKPiggot ment this to be a reference for SW materials, he just made a hilarious story line to go with his GREAT levels. Get over yourself and admit that the story is good.


AKPiggottPosted: 03/17/01 22:41   Report Abuse
I am totally confused!?!

This level is nothing like the stuff I'm coming up with nowadays, a helluva lot worse in-fact, but they still get the same level of feedback.

sidchagan - Be gentle, I made this level way back, when I were a much worse editor and I admit nowadays when I see some of the storyline and dialogue that I used, I cringe. I am a lot more careful with my current MotS levels and a lot more loyal to what we all know as "Star Wars".


YodaTrooperPosted: 03/18/01 15:29   Report Abuse
Cool level dude,i hope you are making The Search for Leia 2 the planets might be Endor,Tatooine,Naboo,and Yavin. good luck

P.S,poor guy you put ib jail


DarkMarkPosted: 03/31/01 07:54   Report Abuse
Very nice level. If you are a die hardcore fan of star wars, your an idiot to click on the BACK button and not download this level.


vickey jacksonPosted: 04/02/01 20:54   Report Abuse
good level a little tricky in the beginning but overall great game and humours ending.


EMPEROR HUNTPosted: 04/03/01 18:39   Report Abuse
Grate level...


sharPosted: 04/09/01 00:19   Report Abuse
I had a blast! +) Thanks a ton for letting us play this! I loved the characters and the graphix! (Fun and clever story line too!) -Chris


Zippyl000Posted: 04/16/01 10:22   Report Abuse
does any one know when the mandalor bounty hunters go? Like would they have existed around phantom manace or between episode 1 and 2? Could some one tell me that.


X-KaliburPosted: 04/21/01 22:47   Report Abuse
]boba Fett would kick hans ass
not true, read the Corellian Trilogy, at the end they fight to a stand off and walk away,
and AKPiggot, in RotJ Han got lucky when he nailed Fett in the jetpack. (we all know how much luck there is in star wars hehe)
hey, anyone wanna make a lvl using Corran Horn? it would be odd cause you'd have to mess with force pull to make it weaker (he's horrible at TK)and make persuasion more effective as well as absorb able to absorb blaster shots somehow as thats his strong point, but i'm just tossing an idea out hehe


BubbaPosted: 04/28/01 01:27   Report Abuse
HA HA!!! This is by far the best level I have ever played! Great new features, like the radio and the new skins! And this level finally gave me an excuse for shooting the rail gun at those pesky Ugnat porupine things! I want more!


BubbaPosted: 04/28/01 01:30   Report Abuse
Opps. I just mixed up this level with anouther one by the same author. I guess it doesn't matter though, as they both were great...


KidRockPosted: 05/07/01 15:11   Report Abuse
Excellent level pack i would really recomend downloading it exept it keeps kicking me out of the game in some parts.

p.s is anyone else on the zone?


KidRockPosted: 05/07/01 15:11   Report Abuse
Excellent level pack i would really recomend downloading it exept it keeps kicking me out of the game in some parts.

p.s is anyone else on the zone?


Zippyl000Posted: 05/09/01 10:19   Report Abuse
i still play on the zone, but I might be busy pretty soon, put Zippy1000 in your friends list.


thebovrilmonkeyPosted: 05/17/01 12:31   Report Abuse
This level is great.
The only problem I have with it is a few of the cutscenes:
During the wishing well scene, a gammorean attacked me and I couldn't do anything but let it kill me.
At the end, fighting the end guy (I'm not mentioning who so as to not give the end away), I killed him and me with a thermal detonator. Instead of making me start again, it showed me the end sequence.
Other than these insignificant little flaws, a brilliant level.


DSLS_EverRichPosted: 06/17/01 01:18   Report Abuse


ArsenicManPosted: 06/19/01 16:35   Report Abuse
Anthony, since you commented that you "cringe" when you see this level - might you go back and release an updated version? I'm downloading it now, but from the comments I'm reading it sounds good, and that an update would make it even better (perhaps making it in MotS to improve the cutscenes? I don't know how they were done here).


msgwtcoPosted: 07/31/01 19:47   Report Abuse
I think this level/mod is the best. so much fun. the only problem i had was an AT-ST killed me at a cutscene at the detention center.


CathartesPosted: 07/31/01 22:46   Report Abuse
Incredible level pack! It's so fun to get to play a main char of Star Wars in a (somewhat) realistic way! One of my 2 favorite level packs.

I gave it a 9 because some of the lighting an architecture is less than perfect (I wouldn't say that if I hadn't just completed ROTE 3, which is about the top when it comes to architecture.), and a little lame dialog.

I've played it through over and over and it's still always fun. Great gameplay.


Admiral_Ackbar_Posted: 08/01/01 17:49   Report Abuse
Very good lvl a must d/l get now


Dice_IbegonPosted: 09/18/01 02:16   Report Abuse
I give it a 10. One of the best level(s) I never played. You and Chris Swan are real good level editors, hope you'll do some more :-)


SSC_EmperorPosted: 10/27/01 20:57   Report Abuse
This level rocks! It's hard, funny,and just plain awsome!!! I give it a ten. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!


xwing guyPosted: 11/03/01 21:16   Report Abuse
This level is awesome but I found a lot of bugs like it just goes back to the windows screen everytime I get to a certain place on the level and the subtiles are sometimes messed up are don't say anything at all. Anyone else encounter similar problems?


DSMegaRedFalconPosted: 11/19/01 15:07   Report Abuse
this level is awesome. though i had to use "thereisnotry" on the level where you have get the key from that trooper. another suggestion for the next level/levels is to make levels on the star wars books.


Gee_4cePosted: 12/14/01 17:13   Report Abuse
I give it an 8. There were plenty of levels, but the architecture and texturing was never stunning. However, the story was good, and the cutscenes were OK. Why is Boba Fett SO hard? And if you want to get the Detention Centre key, read the next bit from right to left (ppl get funny about hints sometimes) odnammoc eht llik


Gee_4cePosted: 12/14/01 17:17   Report Abuse
I'm on the Zone a lot myself. Add MTK_CEO_Ace to your friends (or MTK_Bulletdodge, although I rarely use that name anymore.)


SSC_EmperorPosted: 12/27/01 07:29   Report Abuse
You really did a great job on this level. Nice skins! It's a great level for anyone to download. I give it a nine.



JT_CoolPosted: 01/19/02 22:10   Report Abuse
It's an OK level pack. Just slighty on the boxy side, but with good cutscences.


Dark Light StrikePosted: 02/10/02 01:58   Report Abuse
This level pack was good, the only good level pack I've seen so far. The plot and story made sense, the cutcenes were pretty good. I don't care if others say that stormtroopers and Gamorreans were overused, the whole story was about fightning the Empire and stumbling on to a Gomorrean village.
However, Boba Fett would never make an amatuer mistake and have his transmission be traced, unless he wanted it to be traced to lure Luke and Lando into a trap. That is not the case. It would've made more sense if Bossk transmitted it and was traced. He's a lot less craftier than Fett. Also, why doesn't Fett have more things. Where are the jetpacks, the grapple hooks and the flamethrower?
The lines that Fett has are also unrealistic with his behavior.
I liked all the levels except the one where Han has to find the key for the detention centre gate while chased by a dozen troopers and two AT-ST's on his a**!


moronmissionPosted: 02/10/02 17:29   Report Abuse
Those were some of the best cutscenes that I've ever seen.


iron_jediPosted: 02/11/02 04:19   Report Abuse
i had fun playing this.
the only thing that needs fixing is when your in the base and there is a 3d hologram of jarec's head, three surfaces are not transparent. minor bug, but still a worthwhile download.


Jackal85fmgtPosted: 03/19/02 17:20   Report Abuse
HEY dont criticize without proper consideration. For one ive only gotten so far in the level, but so far it kix! Just because it isnt consistant with other parts of the star wars universe, it doesn't matter. THIS IS INTENDED FOR PEOPLE TO HAVE FUN PLAYING IT, NOT PICKING KNITS! I think its great, and i have enjoyed everything i have seen in this pack so far. If you are worried about keeping consistancy with the star wars liscenced universe, then look at Mysteries of the Sith. For one Mara Jade according to Timothy Zahn's "Hand of Thrawn" series of books, is gathering information with Lando Calrissian at the time of MotS.

Other than reading comments that are insightful, or not, the game rules. Very First Rate job on it


MasterJediLukePosted: 04/10/02 21:11   Report Abuse
This is a great level pack! Well worth the download! There is only one bug = Jerec seems to never die. I had to use the level skip code on Jerec's level because he wouldn't die. If anyone could tell me how to do this one, e-mail me at Thanks!


pur33vilPosted: 04/18/02 21:17   Report Abuse
Nice lvl, interesting story and the action is fast paced. This was the first SP lvl I downloaded and I wasnt dissapointed


Captain_ryderPosted: 05/15/02 12:37   Report Abuse
this level has everything humour, difficulty
and most of all a good lightsaber duel, i loved it.


Ace_speedPosted: 06/01/02 20:21   Report Abuse
Sid, no offence but, ur retarded! its the best level around! jerec could easly capture leia and be hurt by luke before kyle kills him, ever hear about the 12 months in a year? han could get lucky again and knock fett out-cold, and as for bossk so he gets hurt, he can still survive (ever hear about bacta that miricule liquid that saved luke after he was in worse shape than bossk) i don't see whats so bad about this level, its a 10


GoliathManPosted: 06/05/02 01:16   Report Abuse
This is a fantastic level with fantastic plot, architecture, and gameplay. The reason I gave it a nine was because those cutscenes were so incredibly, *painfully* long. But otherwise, this was great. I also like how you made it so if you shoot at Jerec, he defects the shots back at you


GoliathManPosted: 06/05/02 01:21   Report Abuse
I had to post this again: This is such a great level. I also wanted to sy the ligthing weas great, making it darker and darker as you furter into the caves.


ConnemaraPosted: 06/24/02 23:45   Report Abuse
If there is any level deserving of a 10, it is this one. Outstanding. The title is deceptive- "The Search for Leia" sounds like another of the same old cheesy plotlines. However, the story, the puzzles, and the gameplay is unbelievable. I hope AKPiggot continues to contribute more JK levels, I will d/l them all!


Matt02Posted: 07/03/02 02:52   Report Abuse
I say this is the best JK-SP Level I have ever played! I realy was happy and excited when I was an imperial under-cover, also that I became luke and han! This is such a great sp level that I'll give this level an 8 Rate! Good-Job & Keep Up The Good Work!


SiThLoRd719Posted: 07/29/02 09:07   Report Abuse
Great,Great lvl!Enjoyed every bit of it.When I started the lvl I didnt wanna stop until I beat it.You know,its the star wars theme that gets you into it.I mean,you continue what happens after Return of the Jedi.The bounty hunter survives and Jerec leads the imperials.The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is because nothings perfect =0)


TK-108Posted: 07/31/02 12:04   Report Abuse
I can't figure out how to download any of the levels and get them to work! But Majority Rules, so I gave it a Ten.


PS: Do I need that JKSuperPatch2000?


Darth KeryxPosted: 08/01/02 12:39   Report Abuse
Of all the levels I have downloaded this was my favorite. Truly exquisite. Several levels. Good storyline/plot. *Variety*. Clean and effective mats, textures, architecture, outdoors. Cute cutscenes that were *not too long*.

I think *variety* is what makes this level special. Different kinds of enemies, aliens and Imperials. Different allies, Chewie and Lando and Luke and usually you are alone. Different weapons, you get to use a lightsaber as well as the usual assortment as Han. Different combat situations, you actually have a saber duel at one point, tough fight with a krayt dragon, finale with Boba.

And I did not run around for hours trying to solve near impossible puzzles. ("Slash the invisible grate that is one foot from the deadly forcefield beneath you," nonsense.)

Interesting and enjoyable. Great stuff.


TK-108Posted: 08/05/02 15:07   Report Abuse
Help! I can't get any downloaded files to work! Will somebody kindly help me?



RGF_NardarPosted: 12/15/02 19:03   Report Abuse
Oh boy was this level fun! To me this level felt like it was real. I have to say this has been my favorite level yet! Han is my favorite level from Star Wars and in this level it was exactly like him! I hope this level gets alot of downloads cause I will start downloading it every once and awhile! Great Job!! ( 10 )


CorranPosted: 12/30/02 19:55   Report Abuse
i liked Han's blaster and the level was prity good but i expericed some bugs.


MonsterPosted: 02/18/03 15:50   Report Abuse
Wow!! What a great level! I wish the level would go on forever... Great job AKPiggot! Keep making levels!! This level deserves a definite 10/10! :-)


EchoKazulPosted: 03/26/03 02:09   Report Abuse
A great level! I just finished it, and it was great! The only problem I had was when I was Luke, and Jerec and I were trying to have that nice little conversation about who's the most powerful, but Lando wouldn't quit shooting Jerec! Obviously his aim was extremely bad, 'cause he kept hitting me in the back instead. He killed me four times, and finally I pushed him down the hallway and locked him out. I found it rather funny actually.


ConnemaraPosted: 08/17/03 01:55   Report Abuse
Yeah, honestly this wasn't Piggot's best, but Piggot's non-best is far above most people's best, so I still give this a ten.

However, there were a lot of glitches. I kept having to redownload cause each time I downloaded some other part of the level would glitch. One time I coudln't make it past the part where I exit the gammorean's village (the yellow forcefield) without the game shutting down. Then most recently it was shutting down when I killed Jerec.

But it was a GREAT story concept. The guy's a genius.


AyreonPosted: 08/24/03 06:50   Report Abuse
This as my first level ever viewing, and it game me an impact of excellent storyline and swell level idea's.
The stormtrooper undercover was a good idea to take cover.


YAPC_YodaPosted: 09/07/03 03:06   Report Abuse
This is a great mod! Its Awsome! i gave it a ten for its creativity and story. good job man keep it up. ow are there any chances of seing a Level like this (Thease) from the 6 episode where you have to get to darth vader? well anyway keep this up!


I_NMM_Kyton_IPosted: 10/23/03 00:39   Report Abuse
GREAT LEVEL!!! Better than LucasArts! I RECCOMENDD THISS! 10! It has a good storyline, a good plot, great characters, great levels, great addon, and the ability to be different characters as you progress is great! If only you could make more levels and a couple mods... Altogether, great level!


Lord Dark HelmetPosted: 12/21/03 18:42   Report Abuse
this level is great, it ha everything, good textures and level design, interesting plot, a touch of humor, and good gameplay

a 10 for sure


koowiePosted: 02/21/04 01:34   Report Abuse
This is an awesome level! The stormtrooper disguise is cool. There are lots of gamorrean guards. I rate it a 10.


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 04/07/04 09:04   Report Abuse
This is a very exellent JK level set, it's fun actionfilled and evrything! the levels are really atmhopsheric to. I remember the first time i played this level i was totally thrilled, it's really cool! well heh i'm gonna go play it now


JoeCool789Posted: 05/12/04 20:52   Report Abuse

Gr8 lvl. I d/l it and couldn't get off. I giv a 10


cbPosted: 12/07/04 15:56   Report Abuse
I loved this level for its simplicity. Fighting the boss at the end was a thrill, I won't spoil it though for those of you who haven't played it yet. Level design is very simple yet there is story and atmosphere. It shows you don't need the most detailed level to create a great story. The patch improves the level by giving Han his actual weapon from the movies. It's small (2MB), about a 20 minute download on a 33.6 or 56k modem.


Leia_O. SoloPosted: 12/23/04 22:03   Report Abuse
I LOVED this level pack it is the best single player level pack on jk.You havnt played jedi knight untill you've played this level!i thought the ending was funny so i dont know what you people are talking about. I loved the wishing well that was realy funny.What are you doing down here reading this comment for? Download it!Now!


Mr. FantasticPosted: 03/12/05 00:10   Report Abuse
Not Bad! Pretty good plot. funny ending. amazingly done! You should make more! I liked how you used many skins for playable characters and switched them frequently, it gave it a certain touch that made it more enjoyable. :) great! 10

What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.

Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII


techno_squirrelPosted: 07/29/05 06:50   Report Abuse
I'm peeing my pants! this level rocks... classic one on one kell dragon fight, dark places with no batteries or a lightsaber, suprise gamorreans(sp???) right behind closed doors, and all with very limited ammo =D... this is definitly a classic... *still an original jedi knight loser* *sigh* best level ever! (besides The Force Within)


popcorn2008Posted: 08/17/05 22:30   Report Abuse
Great levels, it was actually fun to play. One of the best single player missions aroung in my opinion.


RyhamPosted: 08/30/05 21:05   Report Abuse

The storyline was origional, the cutscenes were pretty funny, and it is quite obvious that A LOT of time was spent on this one. There were just a few downsides I'd like to point out.

First of all, the diolougue wasn't really that good. It's like bad voice acting, only there's no voice.

Then, there's the architecture - BOXY,BOXY,BOXY!

Well anyway, good level!


Ogel45Posted: 08/04/09 22:18   Report Abuse
very nice level


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