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This is the first level of my unfinished level pack: A New Hope. The story revolves around a Rebel soldier's attempted escape from the Tantive IV during its capture by a Star Destoyer.


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Download: Tantive IV
File Size: 566k
Date: 12/24/00
Author: Jedi Master Nizar
Downloads: 2058


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 12
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Xizor_42Posted: 12/24/00 21:39   Report Abuse
Nice. Is this your first level? It's good for a first try. I would improve on architecture and texturing.


Jedi NizarPosted: 12/25/00 00:36   Report Abuse
No this isn't my first level this my second level the first was Docking Bay 2037 , This is the first level of a Level Pack A New Hope that I'm working about now.


jlawPosted: 12/25/00 20:42   Report Abuse
Cool, I liked Docking bay 2037.


DarthBosskPosted: 12/26/00 01:34   Report Abuse
This level is AWFUL!! Do NOT get it, even if you've played all of the other MotS levels. The design is terrible, the enemy placement is worse than "Planet Sith", the stormtroopers drop no ammo whatsoever, so you end up having to resort to fists after a few minutes, and there are no objectives! I repeat once again, do NOT get this!!


control-cPosted: 12/26/00 04:14   Report Abuse
He did say it was part of an UNFINISHED level pack, did he not? So unless I see some killer levels from you, Darthbossk, don't be talkin!


SR_GSXPosted: 12/26/00 10:11   Report Abuse
I know ,it is pleasant at all to read Somebody trying to slay someones work down.
I got the level ,I dont think it is that bad.
Jeesh no need to get all bent out of shape about pixels on a screen:)


Han SoloPosted: 12/26/00 11:46   Report Abuse
Hey, I found the level good, there are objects to peack up (and I think 500 amo at the begening of the level is suffisant to finish it)
I think he has done a great job for his second level, don't forget he is a new in editing.


Han SoloPosted: 12/26/00 14:09   Report Abuse
hey, DarthBossk did you play all the level?
this is your job to find the objectif
and it's very simple the objectif is to escape from Tantive 4 with a shuttle you will find it in the Star Destroyer


Septic_YogurtPosted: 12/26/00 16:08   Report Abuse
Well, it is an average standalone level, but if it is going in a pack then its pretty good if they will all be this quality.


Ping_MePosted: 12/27/00 05:51   Report Abuse
I'm only commenting because the author shows promise as an SP level maker and I don't have anything better to do at the moment. I only got through about half the level (couldn't find my way to the bridge(gotta find a key I guess)) so I cannot speak in light of the entire level.

This level is actually not that bad but there are areas in which the author could improve.

To my great annoyance the author has included many traps. Traps do not annoy me but the fact that the traps are very unannounced and very far-fetched, bugs me a little. First room for example. Open a door, step through, you die. Obviously this trap is meant to keep the player inside a fixed area, however it could have been handled a lot better. A force field or an "Access Denied" door would have served better. There are other traps of this nature (cross an adjoin and die) which are totally unwarranted. No need to kill a player to keep him out of an area. There are a few 'killfloors' as well. The use of warning mats would be better than the player unwittingly blundering into the floor. There is a section in which you open a door and you are sucked into space. Again there is no warning. A feature like this is a pleasant addition however warning is needed.

Architecture, as mentioned, is quite bland. Most hallways are very straight and very square. If your intention is to have such hallways, I would suggest perhaps decorating the hallways a bit more. For example, the textures used are the Bespin 'panel-types'. You could try making the panels yourself as part of the architecture. Then use the same texture and fit it to the surface (don't stretch or squish. stretch and squish are not good.). Also one room has 'paper' walls (Walls that are infinitesimally thin). 'Paper' walls are no good. Overall the level is pretty boxy.

Lighting is nonexistant. Everyroom is one uniform light. I realise that in the movie "A New Hope" the Tantive 4 is very well lit, but it had some shadows too you know. There is no way there could be that much light in the air ducts in the Star Destroyer. Darkness adds an element of mystery, enemies can be hidden in shadows. But don't make the level too dark. being in darkness too long can make a player frustrated. One thing I notice about dark corridors in general is that your field light or lightsaber doesn't work too well in them, they only shed light when the are near a corner or drop off. This is becasue light comes from the verticies on the Jedi Knight engine. To remedy this, cut your surfaces into sections at least .4 square JKU's. This will help the player navigate the dark corridors better and might I add it's pretty neat looking. Don't try this in open areas though, as the framerate could be horrendous.

Anyway, where was I? Item placement. Weapons and other items don't float in reality unless your're in a zero gravity situation. Otherwise there is no excuse to have them hanging in the air (strifles, conky) or buried halfway in the floor (revives). Build shelves if you must have them higher up, otherwise take the time to set them on the ground. The author certainly has taken a different approach to item placement than other SP levels. A loadup at the beginning and then you starve for the most of the level. The idea behind item placement is to make the player sweat, wondering where his next ammo pickup or shield recharge is going to come from. This approach makes the player secure in the beginning but mindful of the fact that he must conserve in order to live, because of the fact that the stormies give no ammo. That fact is a little unrealistic too. Where does the weapon go when the stormie dies? I would suggest that, if you want stormies to give no ammo, you should give a reason. Perhaps when he dies an explosion template could be created to represent the gun exploding?

Enemy Placement. Placement was not as bad as Planet Sith, but it could really use some work. I only play Planet Sith when I'm in some psyco killing mood and only then I go in with IWP2 and it's disruptor rifle. Anyway, enemies standing around in big groups is not the best way to place them. Smaller numbers and clever placement is much better. Place enemies behind architecture, crates and in shadows. There are cogs you can extract from the MotS SP levels that are written so that when a player enters an area enemies will rush out from behind a wall or crate. This creates a great atmosphere for a level.

The plot's a bit bland (capture shuttle, escape), the puzzles are limited to key and switch hunts. I liked that fact that the author makes it pretty clear what he wants the player to do, with the use of cameras and detailed (if jerky) keyframes. With the aspect of plot in mind these cutscenes are a bit far-fetched. For example, after finding you can't get through a grate due to a protective forcefield the camera switches to (the bridge I suppose) a place you haven't been to yet and points out the switch you must activate. Pardon me if I sound a little caustic but when did this lowly rebel soldier inherit omniscient powers to see switches in some place he hasn't been to yet? I know that it's convenient for gameplay's sake but it kind of ruins the atmosphere.

I think that's all I'd like to say.


Jedi NizarPosted: 12/27/00 07:36   Report Abuse
Thank you Ping_Me given to me tips is more better than complaining
first until now I don't know how I use the lighting this is because I haven't include lighting in my level.
2nd- for the trape I haven't make a warning for that because I would that the level don't become so easy (ok There aren't a lot of ammo in the level but u can finish it very easy) so I add this traps, and also the Tantive is bombarded so trapes like pushing out to space are logic.
3- in the futur I'll take your tip for the ennemie: for their ammo and patrolling, also for the design and item.
4- I will add also in the futur mission objective.
there is only one thing that i think you are in wrong and it's about last camera it don't mean that the player know the place or he have power to see it but it's just to help you to find your objectif in the labyrinth.

PS: don't forget The Docking Bay 3027 and Tantive IV are just beta level the real one will come out with my Level pack A New Hope
Thank You.


ExcaliburPosted: 12/28/00 21:18   Report Abuse
This level has to many bad guys and not enough puzzles or storyline. If you want a REALLY good Tantive IV level play One Rebel Sacrifice.


Jedi NizarPosted: 12/29/00 00:07   Report Abuse
I never said that this level suck also itsn't so hard I finished the level with the first amm I get 500 and with more than 7 revive pack in this level it's make easy to finish. Ah and Excalibur it's just a small level, I haven't enough idea to make more puzzles in this level (and One Rebel Sacrifice wasn't so good until now I havn't play a good level of Tantive IV include the mine)


wazupmofosPosted: 12/29/00 23:07   Report Abuse
i feel that this level is very, very BAD. I am a beginner and i beat it in 5 minutes. I guess I shouldn't list all of my comments because: 1) They are VERY inapropriate
2) It would take up almost all of
the web page
3) I don't have a lot of time to
comment on stupid levels
that only took like 3 days to
In conclusion, this level really stinks. I'm sure that you will make better ones in the future. In the meantime, delete this devastating disaster of a level and make room for the better ones.


Jedi NizarPosted: 12/30/00 01:29   Report Abuse
hey I know that my level isn't one of the best but it isn't also so bad.
but thankx for your comment I will tray to make a better one in the future


Fly BoyPosted: 01/01/01 01:06   Report Abuse
umm, nizar...before u start working on a new level u should work on ur english. theres an e in furture and theres no such thing as being "in wrong."


Fly BoyPosted: 01/01/01 01:07   Report Abuse
but nice level anyway


Black KnightPosted: 01/04/01 15:42   Report Abuse
There are way too many enimies in this level . I had to run the whole way and avoid the blasts. This is an ok level.


SkepticPosted: 04/21/01 01:27   Report Abuse
Well what can I say??
I had rarther high expectations of this level but that was probibly my fault.
I realy liked the idea of a rebel trying to escape capture on the blockade runner stick to this idea and work at it.

I'm not sure if your aware of the size of the blockade runners but there quite small with lots of small corradors with many twists and turns not huge 150 yard corradors, the longest corrador is about 30 - 40 yards(there arn't many of these) and turn at 45 dergree angles and dosn't have many doors that open or close.
It's quite a thin ship crammed with the most stuff in the least amount of space. As your just starting with level design getting this level will be extremly difficult to get acurate. But don't sweat this is the best idea for a level that i've ever heard of, so here are some things to add in the mean time to make it a litte accurate and a lot more intersting:

1) Crew quaters, small rooms with bunks.
2) Formal state conference chamber, big round table with 13 seats
3)Captian's quaters.
4)Officers breifing room, small room with a retanguler table, 7-8 seats.
5)Escape pod access tunnels
6)Dining room
7)Leia's state room
REMBER: It is a thin ship!

You can get a very good layout of the ship from the book "Star Wars: Incredable cross sections" or have a look on the web there should be some blueprints somewhere.

DON'T give up its a very good idea, keep working on it, and refining it, eventualy it will be very good.


SMOCK!!!Posted: 11/25/01 18:36   Report Abuse
(looking at screenshot 1) OW OW OW OW!!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!! (im subtlly hinting there's too much white.) Anyway, looks good. it's sunday so i cant play it today.


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