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I originally made this level for the JKT partial conversion at http://www.jedinights.com/JKT, but that was months and months ago and I want to get this out there before it becomes completely obsolete in the face of so many amazing user-made levels by the community. It does have one annoying crash as a result of many explosions at once, which I tried and tried to remedy without success. However, I was working on it for over a month and feel it would be a waste to never release it. It's a medium-sized level with good flow (there are three exits out of most rooms) and some of the best architecture and connectivity I've ever done for JK, save the level I submitted to the second Massassi level contest, Sky Station.


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Download: A Stroll Through Town
File Size: 312k
Date: 01/05/01
Author: ThreeDee
Downloads: 2156


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 18
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TSA_JoznPosted: 01/05/01 16:40   Report Abuse
Nice! im giving it an 8.


JabberwockyPosted: 01/05/01 16:48   Report Abuse
I tested this level way back when the JKBTG was accepting members way back when, and I absolutely loved it back then. I was just wondering the other day what happened to it, and I'm glad to see it here.


PossePosted: 01/06/01 02:08   Report Abuse
this level is one bad mutha.... (i hooked it up with a 9)


ZeroAiPosted: 01/06/01 02:34   Report Abuse
Nice job - Like the architecture. Would be a 10 with 16 bit mats.


SlugPosted: 01/06/01 03:31   Report Abuse
Wanted to give it a 10, but ended up giving it a measly 9 :) Truly an outstanding level, I love the simulated lighting up on the balcony.. Great flow too, my only gripe is weapon placement - As in Skystation, there were a couple items that were just more difficult to get than they should have been, like the crossbow in that little alcove on the ground in one of the hallways - I kept getting snagged on that alcove when I went for the crossbow.. There are other instances of this as well.. It's essentially comes down to items being placed by architecture details that can snag the player..


ThreeDeePosted: 01/07/01 07:50   Report Abuse
/me bows to the LotW gods. :)

Almost makes me want to come back to JK editing...


KOP_AoEJediPosted: 01/07/01 19:03   Report Abuse

I gave it a 6 becouse of 2 reasons... ( note, i am very vritical about errors in a level )

#1, it is a very well designed level, yet small ...

#2, i discovered an texture that wasnt put at a GEO value of "0" instead of "4" and it isnt easy to miss, or at least not for me.

If the creator sees this message... please e-mail me and i will show you where your mistake was.

or my ICQ# is 103708089


SlugPosted: 01/07/01 19:40   Report Abuse
Not to be a jerk, but.. If it's not easy to miss, what makes you think you need to show the author where it is? A vague description should be enough if it's really that easy to spot..


ThreeDeePosted: 01/07/01 22:15   Report Abuse
Sorry bout that, I thought I caught all the geo 4 surfaces.

And, dude... I'm sorry but it's not that small. Not huge mind you, but it's not a small level.. imo..


ކ zPosted: 01/10/01 17:32   Report Abuse
I give it a 9. Great architecture and the size of the level achieved 8 of those points, bc for me, design and the ability to find your opponent easily are what makes a lvl. The balconies/snipe points sealed it.
This lvl just kindof appealed to me...

My only problems are that the power surge is waay too easily accessible, and the items are placed just a little awkwardly.



darksidelukePosted: 01/18/01 07:49   Report Abuse
I wanted to d/l this level,but as soon as I read that it was an unfinished product,no way!Why should we waste our time on something that crashes?!There's too many levels out there to settle for this,come on man.


BjornPosted: 01/27/01 22:20   Report Abuse
I give this level a seven because it was pretty good. But I love sniping people off the balcony.


Admiral_Ackbar_Posted: 08/01/01 16:32   Report Abuse
hate it it sucks


JipePosted: 08/11/01 19:59   Report Abuse
darksideluke, I hope you're joking - this is a superb level; architecture, texturing, lighting, and flow are excellent. I downloaded this when it was first released, and it's been on my hard drive the whole time (even if no one plays it!). the problem is *minor* - it never crashed for me, and if you actually READ the entire description, it's only when a very large amount of explosions occur. I've had this happen in numerous other mods/levels before.. it's JK.


ThreeDeePosted: 08/14/01 15:17   Report Abuse
Admiral: Gee thanks, that was SO helpful and constructive. =P

darksideluke: It isn't UNFINISHED. Take time to read the description.


INIPosted: 08/25/01 12:32   Report Abuse
a Great level!
so I give it 9.

ummm...I'm from Taiwan,but Taiwanese play this game(JK,MOTS) less,oh, most of Taiwanese like fashion(CS,Tribe 2,and others)
I think mabye I can make some friends here...
that's all :D


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