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This mod replaces most of the default weapons in JK with funny new guns based on chickens and eggs. Weapons include Egg Grenades, Chicken Bow, Egg Launcher that looks like a chicken, explosive buckets of Fried Chicken, a Frying Pan that throws omelets, a Fork and Knife, and a Fighting Stick. Other features include a Colonel Sanders skin, a funny chicken taunt, and a hookshot. Most of the weapons have new 3DOs and projectiles. This mod is a Team Mantice Production (


Level Info:

Download: Mantice Fried Chicken
File Size: 472k
Date: 01/08/01
Author: ID_Junkguy, RaDiCe_
Downloads: 2545


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 34
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JudgeDreddPosted: 01/08/01 03:20   Report Abuse


IhAveIsSuEsPosted: 01/08/01 03:31   Report Abuse
haha, this mod is sweet, i like the modification of the conc...i urge that you get this mod, worth the hardrive space, even though it is not that much


CobaltPosted: 01/08/01 10:46   Report Abuse
Gave it a seven for it's originality, humor, and fun! It is, actually, really funny to take down Jerec with an egg...


Jedi Master JayPosted: 01/08/01 13:02   Report Abuse
8 for its creativity, its chick-o-rific baby yah!


_ViPeR_Posted: 01/08/01 20:25   Report Abuse



MorrisPlytePosted: 01/08/01 23:46   Report Abuse


_Mantissa_Posted: 01/09/01 00:00   Report Abuse
...and these are the people I work with... hehe



Han5678Posted: 01/09/01 00:03   Report Abuse
ok i gave it 10 just because i know Junkguy and this mod looks awesome


NAJ_FettPosted: 01/09/01 00:35   Report Abuse
SUX UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FBJK PretenderPosted: 01/09/01 13:15   Report Abuse
When I seen this I laughed so hard. It brought back good memories too actually =)

Back in the days when DOOM editing was in full swing around 5-6 years ago, there was already a chicken mod floating around that allowed you to fire chickens out the rocket launcher headfirst. Since then I have ALWAYS loved anything in a game that makes fun of chickens so I will be downloading this! =)

Director General/Leader of FBJK


GethroPosted: 01/10/01 01:25   Report Abuse
That looks great, and by the way that chicken-bow thing is from the movie Hot Shots with Charlie Sheen.


RPS_Cloud_CLPosted: 01/12/01 20:12   Report Abuse
I gave it a 8. The keys look really nice and so does the mats. I also like the chicken taunt. Im not stupid, the sound is from the movie Spaceballs. I'd just add some more guns and make the grappling hook a hotkey if i were you and this mod will be even better.


Stone ColdPosted: 01/13/01 01:48   Report Abuse
This mod looks hilarious. I didnt get it but its pretty popular. ID_Junkguy and RaDiCe_ did a nice job judging by the popularity and the screenshots.


Lucky # 13Posted: 01/15/01 02:21   Report Abuse
This was halarious! i loved to run bacwards in front of my brother taunting him! great mod :)


Grumpy {TF}Posted: 01/15/01 12:59   Report Abuse
Team Mantice, something must be wrong -- you guys are just TOO good!!
Awesome mod.

- The Team Fusion Grumpy


AdAm_fReiDPosted: 01/15/01 18:55   Report Abuse
THIS MOD kicks ass! man, you guys kick, i've worked with chickens before, and chickens were never more fun until now! HAHA good job guys, this is hilarious! everyone download this mod! even if u hate chickens!


RGE_NirvanaPosted: 01/19/01 16:36   Report Abuse
Though I do hate chickens, I like to eat them and now to play with them. This was a lot of fun.


DarthyunPosted: 01/19/01 17:33   Report Abuse


*click*Posted: 02/16/01 21:39   Report Abuse
Truly a work of art. What other mod lets you have this much fun with a chicken?!


ExcaliburPosted: 02/24/01 23:30   Report Abuse
mmmm chicken.


ValiancePosted: 03/24/01 21:16   Report Abuse
Fun to play once,I repeat ONCE! Too hokey. Who bought star wars to play something like this? Staffs were cool,but UWP has those.
And the taunt thing made me want to puke.


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 04/01/01 03:19   Report Abuse
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chicken


EX_Gerrard_IVPosted: 04/01/01 03:25   Report Abuse
that was some good fun, gave it a 9... awsome chickin fraggin fun dood


POV_SarurmanPosted: 05/18/01 15:36   Report Abuse
Really good mod. I know where that taunt came from, SPACE BALLS, THE FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER.


JubeiPosted: 07/03/01 03:19   Report Abuse
One abbreviation for you: LOL



Chaos KnightPosted: 09/16/01 20:08   Report Abuse

This mod is QUITE SILLY!!! I give it a 9. I'd give it a 10 but for some odd reason the coloniel is bald...


Cryogenic_CriticPosted: 11/25/01 21:06   Report Abuse
This mod is awesome! I first played this mod over my friend's house. I love chicken. I also love killing people with chicken. The bow is great!


Exar KunPosted: 12/16/01 16:34   Report Abuse
This mod deserves a 10


ItsaMysteryPosted: 12/26/01 18:16   Report Abuse
This is really funny. I gave it a 9.
Great work!


KittyInAKomonoPosted: 04/13/02 19:07   Report Abuse
This mod is so hysterical!I luv it!especially the egg grenades^_^ *chucks one at the woodchuck outside*mwuahahaha!

~*Evil Kitty*~


PIPPosted: 03/08/04 22:08   Report Abuse
This mod made me hungry for chicken wings and eggs.


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