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This level is set on the Guild Drive Yards, spaceport of the Bounty Hunter's Guild. It is a medium sized level. It has a large room (the room with the ramps) that is good for one-on-one matches.


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Level Info:

Download: Guild Drive Yards
File Size: 1.1Megs
Date: 01/20/01
Author: Sinth Zar
Downloads: 691


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 1
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Sinth ZarPosted: 01/20/01 05:11   Report Abuse
Oh man, I am sorry that I made this level have a large file size. I will make it better soon. Save your hard drive space.

Sinth Zar


avenger216Posted: 01/20/01 13:06   Report Abuse
you do realize this is the 1337 file


BHG_Boba_FettPosted: 01/21/01 16:53   Report Abuse
Hi I own and run the BHG on the zone i'd like to say nice level just dont advertise yourself as us.


Sinth ZarPosted: 01/22/01 00:48   Report Abuse
I bet I could honestly say that our clan has been on the Zone longer than your's.

Sinth Zar


HethrirPosted: 03/11/01 12:02   Report Abuse
Where does he advertise being anything to do with your clan? its the theme of the level.

Sinth, looks good.


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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