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This is a very early release of what will soon be a great MOD. This version includes a double saber, and almost every gun is edited, they include Magnums, Mortars, Grenade Launchers, etc. The 3dos arent changed in this version, but I am in the process of making them.


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Download: Blood, Sweat, And Phear
File Size: 550k
Date: 01/20/01
Author: TROTS_JeSTeR
Downloads: 1870


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 2
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SWMasterPosted: 01/20/01 04:29   Report Abuse
Looking good so far. Keep it up!


AdAm_fReiDPosted: 01/20/01 14:27   Report Abuse
all i have to say is that it is going on my web site!


Septic_YogurtPosted: 01/20/01 19:22   Report Abuse


MaxisReedPosted: 01/20/01 21:36   Report Abuse
No offence, buddy, cause I know it's an early release, but, the double saber thing has been done to death almost, and GaS has shot down most mods dealing with real guns. If you can turn out something better than the other mods with real guns and double sabers, then GREAT for you! Also, I'm already gonna guess that you will have a grappeling hook in it, huh?


Deluxe_SixPosted: 01/21/01 00:07   Report Abuse
Actually I'd say SS3 or DFA are the best mods with real guns.


loren_212Posted: 02/18/01 04:25   Report Abuse
underwater breathing? that sounds cool


Jozey_WalezPosted: 03/09/01 17:10   Report Abuse
Like Maxis said, i know it's an early release, but weapon 5 seems just like a messed up COG that anyone could do. But good work none the less.


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