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A small mod that replaces force blind with force push. It consists of a reticule (like grip) to aim and push the enemy. By tapping the blinding button, you can send your victim flying against a wall.


Level Info:

Download: Force Push
File Size: 2k
Date: 01/22/01
Author: MrGrim
Downloads: 1579


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 12
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MrGrimPosted: 01/22/01 02:20   Report Abuse
This is my first mod, I hope you enjoy it!


Naga_SadowPosted: 01/22/01 04:19   Report Abuse
Rouge here..awesome mod..a must 2 d/l its kinda hard to master shovin stormies int walls or off cliffs!!!
great! 9/10


KR_QelDromaPosted: 01/22/01 20:03   Report Abuse
I can't really give you much credit for this. I think all you did was take the bm and cogs from another mod. I would give you a zero for that (which requires no real work), but a new mod maker, who was able to find the right cog and bm, to me, would deserve a 5.


MrGrimPosted: 01/23/01 23:44   Report Abuse
Thanks rouge! Anyways, I didn't copy anything from this mod, belive it or not. And there wasn't even any BMs in the whole mod! It does kindof look like, when he's pushing, kindof like another mod I saw. Sorry for any inconvenience.


MrGrimPosted: 01/23/01 23:53   Report Abuse
Like I said, It's my first mod. If you find anything that has a push, like this, NOTIFY ME PLEASE! I would be glad to talk to him/her about what we will do about it.


XD_Martin_BPosted: 02/20/01 04:53   Report Abuse
I think it's a great mod and great idea! :-)


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 04/19/05 22:56   Report Abuse
Would be a 10 if you would put in a sound for it.


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