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Yep, it's another Oasis MOD. Now, if you're reading the description and haven't just skipped to the next item down on seeing 'Oasis' I'll assume you're interested. It's a doubled version of Oasis with a couple of additional routes between. There are three versions of the level included: A 'faithful' Oasis version, a full-MotS version and a No-Seeker version. You can either play it with two people and go hunting, trying to outsmart your opponent, or you can pack it with as many people as possible and run around like a maniac - the choice is yours! I found the large open area up top was even rather fun for sabers.


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Level Info:

Download: GI Oasis
File Size: 624k
Date: 03/24/01
Author: GI_Hal
Downloads: 723


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 3
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THE_NEMESISPosted: 03/25/01 04:52   Report Abuse
Not bad Hal, not bad at all. You could have avoided putting in the carb, it is a cowards weapon.


ElmoPosted: 03/25/01 18:20   Report Abuse
Well... it's just another asis level... the MOD makes me not to give it a "0"


CrAzY_MoNkEyPosted: 04/25/01 23:49   Report Abuse
Nice, but it is just about the same as all the other oasis levels


ID_gunsurvivorPosted: 07/25/01 01:32   Report Abuse
have heart i love oasis and the new version wirh more area is awsome u are a god


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