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This patch modifies almost everything in the game and makes it feel and play like a whole new game. This mod lets you play the original 21 missions with all new enemies and weapons. The enemies are all transformed into terrorists complete with bullet-firing, full automatic weapons complete with realistic sounds new .KEYs and better AI. Your arsenal consists of: Double Hk USPs (replace fists; only for SP) Hk USP SD, Hk MP5A3, frag grenades, Colt M4 Carbine, Hk MP5 SD3, Hk MSG90 Sniper Rifle w/working scope, C4 plastic explosives, and the Hk 21E heavy machine gun (all complete with their own photorealistic textures).

The zip file contains two GOB files: one for the LEC single player levels and one for non-LEC single player levels and all Multiplayer levels. It also includes new counter-terrorism themed BMs and Cogs that make weapon powerups give you more ammo so you can unload on your enemies without having to worry about the limited ammo. This will give you a way to enjoy the original game once again but this time with a faster, more exciting feel. Leave a comment so I will know what you want to see in my next mod.


Level Info:

Download: Anti-Terrorist TC
File Size: 2.9Megs
Date: 03/24/01
Author: Chad
Downloads: 10414


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 41
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LEGION_DARKPosted: 03/25/01 00:17   Report Abuse
Very nice man, great mod.

Youve improved sence the Arsenal Trilogy.

But the fists are now those double guns and if you go into third person with them they look realy weird.

Great level!


ReDeEmEr_AFPosted: 03/25/01 00:19   Report Abuse
I gave this TC a 3 because the many glitches i found. Fists in 3rd person hold a gun in the air and you punch. The 6 gun stood at one ammuntion level and then it stopped meaning...i began the level with the 6 gun and the ammo said 000. There are other glitches but i forgot them. The gun 3dos need some work and you need to take lag into consideration with all those automatics. Keep working on it.

*NOTE* My suggestion is to not download this TC unless you like fast and annoying gunz.


WedgePosted: 03/25/01 08:19   Report Abuse
Wow, a good step up from the Arsenal mods. I love the enemy skins and Counter-Terrorism theme. Most of the guns are good, but some of them, like the pistols, I don't use very often. (But the silenced pistol looks sweet!) The sound effect from weapon 6 sounded a little weird, and some of the guns could use some nicer sounds and less on screen kickback (makes them seem to blur sometimes). But overall the mod is a lot of fun, I recommend it to anyone who'd like to teach some terrorists a lesson in gunplay.


loren_212Posted: 03/25/01 13:12   Report Abuse
this is DLing right now and those screenshots look cool. if the zip file is 3 mb than the gob's must be big but morth it. i like a3 to


YWL_ConnemaraPosted: 04/01/01 10:26   Report Abuse
Very cool, very fun mod. I've had a couple glitches with it, but no biggy. In all, I say it's worth the d/l


IGF_CobraPosted: 04/12/01 20:41   Report Abuse
I liked this mod a lot! The sound of the silenced gun is just like every CT-game I've played, so it must be realistic. Some sounds wasn't too realistic, but that doesn't matter too much. You should really fix that silenced MP5-ammo-counter, it's not too cool to suddenly run out of ammo with 15 stormies around you..! = ) Except from that, it was pretty good!! Keep up the good work! I give it an 8.


IGF_CobraPosted: 04/12/01 20:42   Report Abuse
Oh, I forgot... The background pics are really cool, increasing the Counter-Terrorism feeling even more!


Spindile_GrindlePosted: 04/19/01 22:02   Report Abuse
Awsome mod i love it but you could fix the glitches for weapon 6

but other than that its fine


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 06/13/01 19:00   Report Abuse
Once I started this mod up it looked really cool with the sweet ass backround picks and all, but once I got into the game and started shooting I was quite dissapointed. No, it wasn't the 3DO's(Which were really cool), it was the sound. The first gun I opened up with kept shooting once i stopped firing. All the other guns were had way to soft sounds to be guns. The background picks and the 3DO's are a step up Arsenal, but the sounds of this one was a step down below that of Arsenal 3.

P.S. Keep trying, if this puppy gets good sound it'll kick ass!


GI_Storm_ShadowPosted: 07/07/01 22:35   Report Abuse
Anything with that Chad works on is good. Arsenal 1, 2, and 3 were awesome. Problem: I ran out of space to download this one! But, I played it at a friend's home, so all I can say is: Keep working man!


ex_man333Posted: 07/11/01 02:03   Report Abuse
whoa, this mod is great! it made me play the one player episodes again keep it up!


AB_LegionPosted: 08/12/01 18:50   Report Abuse
I give this an 8 because you are missing one important factor, (by my standards) - that is You Need RE-LOADING!

You totally forgot to have the Weapons Reload

I hope you take this into account,

(P.S. I really liked the New Characters, the Guns and sounds were pretty good.)


Black Arts ViperPosted: 08/27/01 14:39   Report Abuse
i gave this mod a 10!! its great! i loved it all. who cares about the counter on weapon 6. and i use 1st person view so weapon 1 does not look weird. like i said, this is a great mod, keep it up!!


TSF_SITH_MASTERPosted: 09/16/01 16:18   Report Abuse
gave it a 9 because omly thing missing was the items the new stuff.anyways it was real cool howur battrey never wast(had fun in all dark levels makes it look like ur hunting).keep up the work and make a level were u have to kill bin ladin next time.:)

Darkness will rule.


The Unknowen WarriorPosted: 09/18/01 06:17   Report Abuse
VERY VERY good mod.

when will you release another one ??

I cant wait to see it.


SnaggyDuckPosted: 09/27/01 19:16   Report Abuse
great mod, very cool and fun... will u make an Anti-Terrorist 2? to fix all glitchez...and a special MP level with bin ladin as an AI guy ?


Tloc_Zloc_KillPosted: 10/10/01 20:50   Report Abuse
I LUV #3 AND #5!!!
I luv killin!
u need a #2 ANTI TERRORIST


DartanyonPosted: 10/10/01 21:15   Report Abuse
Dude! This is an awesome mod. It was one of the first of your's I downloaded, after Arsenal 3. I swear; if you dont turn out more stuff like this, Ill go crazy! It's not all played out yet, but, lets face it; Everything gets old eventually... Oh, you wanted to know what to put in you next? Well, I grappling hook would be nice. Well, accually, it would be awesome! And what up with gun six? What is that supposed to be? I loved it; it was really kewl. If any dislikers or terrorists want to bless me out, drop me a line at
I would appricate any response to my response; especially from the allmighty Chad!!!!

Kneel down before him; for he is master!


RedClawPosted: 11/19/01 14:18   Report Abuse
Man, seeing a mod like this, especially in times like this, makes me go all teary eyed an' patriotic! And I'm proud to be an American, for at least I know I'm free! And I won't forget the men who died, to give that right to me! and I proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today! For there aint' no doubt, I love this land! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!


JentsuPosted: 11/23/01 23:26   Report Abuse
Sweet! I love the gun #9! Have you made a level for this? If so, what's it called and where can I get it?


NomadžoulPosted: 12/03/01 02:55   Report Abuse
Man I have tons of fun w/ this mod. I don't mind the quality as long as it looks good and plays good. The idea for some kinda level would be sweet. (this mod kinda reminds me of Delta Force or Rogue Spear). But I gave it a ten cuz it's wicked fun.


SuperHuman_TienPosted: 12/12/01 03:06   Report Abuse
Great Mod Dude Keep Up The Good Work!


DeathWizzPosted: 12/13/01 05:12   Report Abuse
I love it! The best part about it is it wasn't made out of other jk parts. I really don't know much about mods but I personally think this is one of the best mods out there

P.S. I can't download the dll files from the mod maker homepage. Does anyone know another site I could get them at?


jedijake111Posted: 12/29/01 19:41   Report Abuse
I loved this mod. I believe it is one of the
best mods for JK. The only thing that would make it better would be a level where you get to find and kill bin Laden.:) I gave it a 9.


The_Lord_JerecPosted: 12/30/01 12:57   Report Abuse
This mod is the king after Sept. 11.


Kyle_2002Posted: 02/17/02 08:04   Report Abuse
Your right about that, The_Lord_Jerec, I think this mod kicks! The Machine gun on num3 is one of my favourites, I just love mowing down fat loads of people!


CESC_J_DawgPosted: 02/21/02 03:51   Report Abuse
This looks tight i do fell relly patriotic when i look at the backscreen 6 is buggy but it still rocks!


DarthyunPosted: 04/09/02 16:17   Report Abuse



land_sea_airPosted: 05/14/02 20:04   Report Abuse
none of the weapons work!!!! i cant see the projectiles when i fire them can u tell me how to fix this


SithLord7Posted: 05/20/02 15:29   Report Abuse
What a stupid piece of junk! The gun noises are retarded! Good job though. Arsenal 3 is better.


Master_DeShadePosted: 06/06/02 02:46   Report Abuse
This mod is very cool! I liked it alot. I started playing and I was like "Whoa!" so I turned down the sound. I must say. I liked this mod and Ninja Kage. Those are my two favorites. I liked how the enemies grabbed themselves after they died, I liked the weapons package. That wa so cool. I have gotta say the only thing i DIDNT like was that it HAD to evolve around the regular jedi knight levels. I'd say, make some of your own levels with this involved and you have it MADE! Congrats on a great mod.


IA_D_VadergatorPosted: 07/09/02 05:09   Report Abuse
one of these guys is severely nuts, "I cant see the shots! Whats wrong?" Bullets fly a lot faster than lasers do, especially in star wars. The only things u should see are fast flying rockets.

I give it a 10, the dual pistols, they're rare, I wanna make a mod with the type of dual pistol, dual bryars? dual Stormtrooper about dual concs?


djrazer1Posted: 07/10/02 20:38   Report Abuse
Can't understand why it's not more popular


Noghri WarriorPosted: 07/29/02 21:49   Report Abuse
In your next Mod Change the Dark Jedi.
Otherwhise it was a great job!


DakornfreakPosted: 07/30/02 17:42   Report Abuse
AWESOME MOD! people say their very fast and noisy and they hate that, but they don't realize THAT'S THE POINT OF THE MOD! fast and noisy guns! it's so kool! i love the #9 gun once i pick it up i become and unstoppable force!


Black_RoninPosted: 08/11/02 14:14   Report Abuse
Tis mod is great, but it's a little too easy to die on account of the eemies fast rate of fire. Gun #6 is strange. You don't use ammmoo for it until you get any "power cells," and then it drains your other ammo, like for the #3 gun. other than those, this kicks @$$!


RogoffPosted: 02/24/03 18:32   Report Abuse
I downloading the files right now, and hoping it will work in MP...?


Ninja_gremlinPosted: 03/07/03 19:08   Report Abuse
Great mod. Loved it. What does TC mean?????????????? some one explain. Also(newbie comment here) how do u make a level/mod? where do u start?


RayOfAshPosted: 06/28/03 05:25   Report Abuse
This mod is absalutley great! I loved the arsenel mods! And this is like 10x better!


PIPPosted: 03/17/04 20:53   Report Abuse
this is fun for singleplayer & multiplayer


yodason45Posted: 04/15/04 12:23   Report Abuse
i gave it a 9 because of the shooting 0f weapon #1 in 3rd person but anyway cool mod.


sucklordPosted: 01/31/05 22:58   Report Abuse


Kurt PlummerPosted: 11/03/06 11:03   Report Abuse
ATTC Comments:

Great new look for a somewhat tired game. I don't mind the graphics glitches here and there but do have some mechanization problems:

1. Dual .45s.
Waste of time because you don't get single-round take down which is competitive with the SMGs for good shooters low on bullets. This needs to be some .44 or 10mm Desert Eagle type weapon which makes a serious BOOM! And kills what it hits with a _separate_ ammo counter from all other weapons (i.e. you can use it reliably as a backup when the SMG runs dry). I would also suggest that you might give Fire-2 the both-at-once overkill option on some of the tougher aliens in the early rounds while Fire-1 gives you twice the firing rate on less hardy grouped targets.

2. Silenced .45. Same problem. If the 'suppressed = no reaction' kill method worked in terms of giving you longer lead time between first engagement and enemy shooters returning fire, it might be cool. As is, it's not worth it. I would go with a sawed off breakopen or pump shotgun given the choice with the ability to cover a LOT of people in a cluster. Alternatively, give us a Fire-2 grenade option which justifies the switch from two magwells to 1+explosives on a pistol.

3. HK MP5A3.
Not bad. It certainly looks hulking and impressive. Unfortunately, I don't get any real sense of kill rate differences between this and the MP5SD3 silenced version so I'm basically playing with a 9X19mm weapon for the sake of engaging armored targets /because they carry it/. I would prefer something bigger and meaner in a 10mm or better class.

4. Frag Grenades.
FINALLY a grenade that works! I would only add, again, that grenades should ideally be used in combination with pistols and that, if this is possible, I would like to be able to carry at least 8 such weapons to avoid early all-out expenditure problems (or give us more pistol+grenade dual loadups).

5. M4 Carbine.
Probably my favorite 'like it LOUD!' weapon, it is also one of the most frustrating in that secondary fire is full auto while on the SMGs it's Fire-1. By the time I get it, I am facing fully armored troops in some numbers which I cannot afford to take out at anything but very high rates of target servicing. As a suggestion, either up the kill capability of the weapon. Or add an M203 grenade launcher as Fire-2 and move Fire-1 to full auto as with the SMGs.

6. MP5SD3.
Probably the most missed element of a more modern FPS game in the Jedi Knight engine for me is the lack of decent combat sights and or a flashlight/laserdot effect to enhance CQB point-and-click. Such is what I would dedicate ONE version of an SMG towards fulfilling, if the code allows for it at all. This version looks a bit anemic with the built-in suppressor as well. I might shift to an older but more 'all the option extras' visually interesting variant with the silencer and light as discrete addons. I will say this, when I am playing late at night in 'quiet down out there!' mode, this is my preferred gun.

7. MSG-90 Sniper Rifle.
Same Deal: better battle sights please! I don't care if they are mounted on the barrel, above the barrel or whatever. Just make sure that I am not looking through faded-grey crosshairs on a non-functioning zoom when I REALLY NEED the abiltiy to switch from the scope to a quick snap shot on everybody still standing after the first shot.

8. C4 Mines.
STILL just next to being completely worthless. While I applaud your efforts to make the AI combat logic more aggressive in leaving their given patrol zones, the fact remains that nobody who is on their own has time to be placing antipersonnel demo in any kind of active combat zone. Indeed, explosives in all FPS should have two roles: Access Entry and Pursuit _Denial_ in a run and gun condition where you place the charge before going into an area where you know there will be pursuit. Since Jedi Knight doesn't do a very good job of arranging decks and hallway plans with sufficient symmetricity to let the player move out of plane with the threat and absolutely doesn't let you 'bypass the key' on heavy blast doors, the offensive option hardly makes sense and the defensive one is just too random (on a time delay/proximity basis) to be trusted. Particularly since the removal of the Conc and Rail Detonator leaves a big (LAW) gap in the arsenal on targets like the AT-ST and some of the alien gunners, I would prefer it if these weapons could be treated like cased ATGW of some kind. Something that you break open, fire and then discard like an AT-3 Sagger perhaps. Alternatively, it could be a little radio-controlled 'mouse droid' type device that drove up to the nearest threat like a mini-Goliath tank. But NOT A MINE.

9. HK 21E HMG.
First off, _nothing_ which uses the 5.56X45 round can /possibly/ be called a 'heavy machine gun'. It is an LMG or a SAW. Second, I would prefer an M240, M60D or FNMAG of some kind which legitimately makes use of the 7.62X51 NATO round. Call me old fashioned but not only does the higher lethality give higher confidence on armored targets but particularly with the rates of engagement on the M4 and it's slow trigger recovery, I cannot afford to be watching my ammunition counts on my two primary assault weapons. I would, /by far/, rather lose the sniper option because I ran out of common LMG ammo than be stuck downgrading to the SMGs because all my rifle caliber ordnance has been expended.

0. Saber.
Worthless, even on other Jedi. Grab some of the hack-and-slash routines from Shadow-X or...something.

1. The flying whatsit (pteradactyls with stingers) need to go. Replace them with Cypher UAV which is a relatively simple shape to draw. The Probe Droids too if possible.
2. I am a big fan of UGV combat units. Is it possible to replace a character with a SWORDS/TALON weapons platform?
3. Less Camo is a Good Thing! In the game, at range, it just pixellates to the point where it becomes hard to tell if the target is even human. Single colors help
differentiate classes and make it easier to believe in PBA as hard inserts on the vest and limbs. That's why Lucas did it on the Stormtroopers. In some of the levels,
(Nar Shaddaa) it would also make more sense to have civillian clothed individuals in either leathers (punk) or 'generic middle eastern' garb.
4. It would be interesting to have at least /some/ of the scenarios play out as melee fights fights. Particularly the Tuskens back at the homestead with their unbelievable
Wookie crossbows. They don't have to have high hit points but a weapon like the Gamorrean Axe or a staff/pike of some kind, in combination with one of the Dark Jedi
fighting algorithms, would be very much more interesting for the way it encouraged a player to _conserve ammo_.
5. The human player should definitely be distinctive as is, he is too close a match to the basic Imperial for camo and whatnot. My preference would be for something like
the Future Warrior garb shown here-

Highly promising mod, deserves a little tweaking to make it fully serviceable. I would hesitate to call it a 'total conversion' so long as you maintain the same levels and the odd alien character as JK had originally. Build some maps based on the R6/Rogue Spear levels however and you will truly have a credible TC going for you.



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