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Al's Skins for MotS S .E.

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Well, here it is! Al's STAR WARS skins for MotS SPECIAL EDITION! Includes: All 125 of Al MacDonald's STAR WARS skins (including A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Jedi Power Pack and Episode 2 potential skins), 26 SND files which plays 89 different WAV files (for many major STAR WARS characters), new background screens and JEDI SABERS (20 new photorealistic lightsabers with new sounds).


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File Size:
6.7 MiB
Al MacDonald (skins), Galen Starfield (.goo)


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Posted by
Posted: 2001-03-26 4:46 a.m.   Report Abuse
Woot woot excellent job Al.
Posted: 2001-03-26 11:50 a.m.   Report Abuse
Very nice oh and are you the guy that made the cartoons which I am a big fan of?
Jedi Legend
Posted: 2001-03-26 1:44 p.m.   Report Abuse
Actually, Al just created the skins. JK2K_GStarfield put them together with the sabers he created and submitted them. Hope that clears up some confusion.
Plasma Man
Posted: 2001-04-02 5:32 p.m.   Report Abuse
Some terrific skins in this pack!! Very accurate to the characters in the movie I must say. Why isn't there Yoda?
Posted: 2001-04-10 7:50 p.m.   Report Abuse
Hello! Yes, I am the one who got Al's permission to put this .goo together. But I seem to be having trouble using it on the zone. It seems that when other players join, they look like a default skin. Has anyone else had this problem?

Also, the lightsabers are custom made by me. They look best with a 3D card. What do you think?
Darth Tristan
Posted: 2001-05-29 5:23 p.m.   Report Abuse
Do the new sabers work in Pingle Player?
Darth Tristan
Posted: 2001-05-29 5:25 p.m.   Report Abuse
Single Player?
Darth Tristan
Posted: 2001-06-09 9:53 p.m.   Report Abuse
I really meant single player!
Posted: 2001-10-05 10:13 a.m.   Report Abuse
hey, how many female skins are in this skinpack?is aurra sing included?

~*A bengal tigress was here*~
Posted: 2005-03-17 5:09 p.m.   Report Abuse
i just thought of something and thought maybe al could do it or anyone else. someone should make a Mace Windu skin for s.p and m.p i think the s.p. skin should take the place of Mara and Kyle. of course he would have a purple lightsaber. cuz any star wars fan knows that that is the color of his lightsaber.
Posted: 2005-04-28 8:08 p.m.   Report Abuse
If you want to use Mace Windu in SP, why not make a custom level featuring him as the main character? JKEdit v3.24 allows you to quickly and efficiently make JK or MOTS levels.

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