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This is a weapons mod for JK with explosive weapons and projectiles. The weapons include a Grenade Launcher, Mini Rocket Launcher, Radiation Grenades, Cluster Missile Launcher, Double Magnums, AT 420 Sentinel, Nuclear Detonators, Wall of Fire, Sword, and a Nuclear Suicide weapon. There are new 3DOs, sounds, and projectiles for every gun. Other features include double hookshots, an evil laugh taunt, new backgrounds, new menu sounds, and more.

For more screenshots and weapon descriptions, please visit the EWP site at http://i.am/ewp.


Level Info:

Download: Explosive Weapons Pack
File Size: 1.3Megs
Date: 03/29/01
Author: ID_Junkguy
Downloads: 8129


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 31
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

User Comments:

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Evil_TofuPosted: 03/29/01 01:33   Report Abuse
I like explosions :) But why won't the guns fire right when you are looking down?


SM_NauseaPosted: 03/29/01 07:33   Report Abuse
There is no gliches when looking down and firing, this mod is exceptional. Better than KWP, as good as SS3, and better than the rest. All the guns are excellent and original, and I love the suicide bomb, the EVIL laugh is tight, and the 2 grappling hooks allow awesome gameplay. I gave this MOD a 10 for amazing weapons and explosions.. The author knows what he's doing. The best mod out there for JK.


LEGION_DARKPosted: 03/29/01 19:58   Report Abuse
Truly excelent mod!
ID_Junkguy dose it agin!

From the sounds to the explosions to the guns themselfs, this mod is great, im sure it will be a favorite on the zone!


Jedi Master JayPosted: 03/29/01 20:22   Report Abuse
Add another 10 to the score board! This mod was swank all around. I have lots of fun blowin $h*t up


Jedi Master JayPosted: 03/29/01 20:23   Report Abuse
By the way, the level looks tight as well, whats it called and where can i d/l it?


ID_JunkguyPosted: 03/29/01 20:51   Report Abuse
When you hookshot to a high place and shoot straight down using a missile/rocket launcher, the projectile might disappear (I think its cause it flies too fast, and if it was slower then it would be less fun).
And the screenshots were taken from a pool level which I'm working on. And dont forget to try Lake Mantice :)


RadicePosted: 03/29/01 20:53   Report Abuse
I gave it a 10, I liked it :0)


Han5678Posted: 03/29/01 22:40   Report Abuse
It's pretty good i am not one for big explosions though. The thing i dislike the most is the 3do's but then they take time to make so over all i gave it a 8


Boba_Fett_Posted: 03/30/01 00:36   Report Abuse
i'm with han i just don't like the explosions for every single weapon i'll give it a 7


ValiancePosted: 04/02/01 14:58   Report Abuse
Download this now!! SS3 move over,this one rocks! I played it all night with my friends.
1 thing though,why can't I shoot straight down when hanging from grapple?


YWL_ConnemaraPosted: 04/02/01 20:21   Report Abuse
Totally awesome weapons! I like this mod alot...even better than KWP. Great job Junkguy!


DemonicMurrayPosted: 04/14/01 19:00   Report Abuse
THIS ROCKS! First, the guns look great, then the explotions, etc. The best part, double grapples, great idea, Junkguy. I give it a ten. :)


DemonicMurrayPosted: 04/16/01 22:11   Report Abuse
After playing it more, I have to say it rocks again. I can't beat the first level, but only because I'm having so much fun with the 8's. I love laying one in a corridor, then turn the corner, and watch the bad guy bodies fly against the wall.:)


ErucolindoPosted: 05/07/01 20:28   Report Abuse
Errr...guys who said they don't like explosions for each weapon...surely the reason it's called explosions weapons pack is cos the things go bang? So, you down rated it because u dont like explosions and not because it was bad....alrighty..


DarthBosskPosted: 05/07/01 21:44   Report Abuse
Who're 'ya kiddin'? I have not yet downloaded this, though I'm going to in a sec, but NO projectile weapons pack is as well thought out and enhanced as SS3 9.0 or 8.5. Don't worry though; I haven't yet rated it. It just isn't fair to rate stuff you haven't experienced. :)


WLP_ProgenitorPosted: 07/04/01 03:53   Report Abuse
another junkguy masterpiece coo for multi


moldy_hairPosted: 08/02/01 18:58   Report Abuse
Great mod dude, but I have found a good strategy to use with the nucular mines, just grapple on to oppisite walls high of the ground and drop them like bombs, they expload on impact, heh can't hurt you but deffinatly hurts the person at the bottom, also, with the double magnums, grapple on to opposit walls and spipe them from above. Thoes are my two best strategys. I give it a 10, for 10 exelent ways to destroy target, good job.



ElmindredaPosted: 08/19/01 02:08   Report Abuse
what level were u playing in? it looks cool


finity1Posted: 09/11/01 00:29   Report Abuse
Hmm, not better than IWP2, but i like it!! hey mikey, he likes it...


FAIR_GAME_2001Posted: 10/25/01 20:23   Report Abuse


Star_GhostPosted: 11/07/01 18:23   Report Abuse
Ghost's MOD Review:

Gameplay: I love it! I like it when I run up to people with the nuclear suicide while 2 or more people are sword fighting. :) Better than Kwp! As good as SS3! Beat out Clint Eastwood Weapons Pack! This is one of the best! My only gripe is the firing down and the projectile disapperaing. But other than that it's all good. My favorite part is the double grappling hooks and the evil laugh!

Final Comments: [Reneactment]Muhahahahahaha....[/Reneactment] Its all good and it stays on my hard drive! Anyone who hates this is crazy!


HidetoraPosted: 11/11/01 20:13   Report Abuse
The 3dos are just fine, actually they're good. This is the only "kickass" mod that actually had some quality and effort put into it. Worthy of a perfect 10; you can't make a patch of this type much better. Other than that, I'll give a detailed description of every new weapon:



DEADMAN_SWITCHPosted: 12/16/01 15:02   Report Abuse


land_sea_airPosted: 05/13/02 22:00   Report Abuse
when i started it i couldnt use my weapons or my fists but when i used container manager and took out the static jkl i could see the weapons but no projectiles come outta the guns can u tell me how to fix this


land_sea_airPosted: 05/13/02 22:03   Report Abuse
and do i need tohave the real game?


land_sea_airPosted: 05/19/02 13:47   Report Abuse
hello is anyone here


Force master2Posted: 06/21/02 08:08   Report Abuse
whoa man, this is good, even for me!

great mod!


force master


RedClawPosted: 07/23/02 16:30   Report Abuse
land_sea_air, Of COURSE you need to have the real game! DId you get some kinda bootleg copy? Why would anyone do something so low and cowardly? It's illegal! If I had your real name (or address, etc.) you'd be looking at 5 years for forgery, unless it was a friend of yours who forged it and gave it to you for free, cheating LucasArts out of 10-20 bucks. The money is not an issue, It's the principal. And you obviously have none.


Force master2Posted: 07/07/03 21:03   Report Abuse
just great every time...

IDjunkguy, have u played breath of fire 4 on playstaion or PC? if u have, can u make an Ershin mod for JK please?


EdwardPosted: 07/14/03 10:18   Report Abuse
Woow... I'm surprised the level cept together...

If you go to Va'Va'Voom, you will die...


PIPPosted: 02/29/04 16:18   Report Abuse
This is an awsome mod!! I highly reccomend downloading if you don't have it.

PS; wich level were you playing is the Screenshots?


PIPPosted: 04/23/04 22:13   Report Abuse
Still can't find that level you were playing in the screenshots :(

Can you tell me [=)


ID_JunkguyPosted: 07/13/04 21:14   Report Abuse
The level in the screenshots was a level I made but never finished. It was never released, and I don't plan to release it :P


PIPPosted: 07/17/04 17:37   Report Abuse


gythlolPosted: 07/20/04 15:48   Report Abuse
junkjuy i love ur work its awesome please compleet and publish the level in the screen shots i love this mod


gythlolPosted: 07/20/04 15:49   Report Abuse
4 all u guys playin single player with this type red5 and u will get all the wepons


PIPPosted: 07/22/04 17:41   Report Abuse
for this mod I'm an evil person. now I can make the game one of those killer horror things with the evil laugh ]:D


PIPPosted: 07/22/04 17:43   Report Abuse
thx for the cheat gythlol :)


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