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This is an upgrade that changes the single player and green and yellow MP sabers to the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. This is my first released (and working) weapon upgrade.


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Download: Buster Sword
File Size: 11k
Date: 03/31/01
Author: Shinigami
Downloads: 2215


Score (0-10): 2
# of Ratings: 15
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MidnightPosted: 04/01/01 00:03   Report Abuse
why is he holding it like a gun?


jpmull86Posted: 04/06/01 11:51   Report Abuse
Im sorry, but if you are going to make it, make it right.....


ShinigamiPosted: 04/06/01 20:28   Report Abuse
If I did It would have screwed up the 3d person veiw


Firehead_Sith_MasterPosted: 05/01/01 23:49   Report Abuse
this is a mod that needs fixing... BADLY


Firehead_Sith_MasterPosted: 05/01/01 23:53   Report Abuse
how do you get rid of the dern thing?


NS6_ShadowPosted: 06/03/01 05:51   Report Abuse
one word: BIG


scaramangaPosted: 06/06/01 18:22   Report Abuse
This looks kinda strange...needs work


DarthyunPosted: 06/08/01 02:44   Report Abuse
Just a big f*****g sword


SSJ_Future_TrunksPosted: 07/14/01 17:26   Report Abuse
"yuck... the sword's to big and is has NO textures."

Dude, Go play FFVII, you'll notice that the Buster sword is one solid shade of gray. It's not SUPPOSED to have textures.. But it is a little too big, too wide, actually. and the the end only had one curve, not two..


force destineyPosted: 07/06/02 11:05   Report Abuse
This is very very very very bad mod i compleated ff 7 A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO so i know what im talking about its to big not smooth and not held like a sward


evil piePosted: 11/27/02 04:04   Report Abuse
i give it a 3 for effort kepp trying it dont give up!!! (\/) \\ (..) \\ (_)(_) MR.Bunny say it could work if u take the camera view back some and fix the blade to stand up right .... u said it couldnt work like that but it can u can find out how and do it then it would fix ur problem of the third person veiw


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