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This MOD allows you to use UT weapons in JK. It also gives you two items, two levels, and all new screens. I do admit the weapon models aren't 100% accurate, but just have fun.


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Download: Unreal Tournament Knights
File Size: 1.1Megs
Date: 04/03/01
Author: TheFPSMan
Downloads: 1157


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MGamer07Posted: 04/03/01 22:13   Report Abuse
"Weapon models are not 100% accurate" more like "Weapon models are not 1% accurate". It's a good idea though, but do more than just retexture the conc with already existing textures and give it rail dets.


THE_NEMESISPosted: 04/03/01 22:30   Report Abuse
At first I thought, wow, finally, a weapons mod for MotS. It's not that good, I never played unreal tournament, but I don't think they had identical weapons to that of JK, the levels were not that playable either. I'm not one to look at the texture of a level, just the playability, and well, playability sucked. I played it in multiplayer, both of us got the cloak goggles and it became a nucance to kill eachother. I did like the exploding boxes in the caverns level, keep workig on it, make a good MotS weapon mod.


IGF_CaligulaPosted: 04/04/01 00:05   Report Abuse
first off, its more of a hack than a mod. second, the guns are all JK WEAPONS oh wait the rail detonator is retextured and the plasma ball is almost there. while it is a good idea, it was not implmented very well. you get better at it though, and i swear ill download it.


XxTitanxXPosted: 09/22/02 01:33   Report Abuse
I'm downloading this mod. I wonder if I really should, based on the other dcomments, anyways, great job, mods arent easy to make and neither are levels. I couldnt make either. The only thing I can do is edit the strings. Im looking into mod making. I dont know where to start though. Anyways, good job


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