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This sequel to Unreal Tournament Knights gives you new weapons to use, like the Proxy Launcher, Cow Mines, and more.


Level Info:

Download: ChaosJK
File Size: 2.5Megs
Date: 04/04/01
Author: TheFPSMan
Downloads: 948


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 3
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THE_NEMESISPosted: 04/04/01 23:23   Report Abuse
When one has to release a mod, one has to ask, is it good? or, will people download it and play it? please ask yourself these questions and make a good mod with well thought out weapons, brilliant skins, and playable levels.


DarkSkywalkerPosted: 04/05/01 00:52   Report Abuse
DUDE THIS IS SOME SWEET FUNKY SHIT!!!!! so its allitle weird, but its humorous, lol.


Maxim DuoPosted: 03/10/02 01:19   Report Abuse
No comment as yet on this mod. Still d/ling, but DarkSkywalker, please watch the language. If ur gunna swear, do something creative, or the normal S*** sort of thing. Thank u. I'll comment on the mod after it's done..OH, it is, time to check it out :walks off to try it out:


Maxim DuoPosted: 03/10/02 01:29   Report Abuse
Still haven't played it yet, but i still want to make a comment. I'm happy that there's a weapons mod for MotS. This and it's predisesor are the only ones (i've found) for MotS. Enough of the skins, people, makes some new weapons. I know i might sound like a hypocrit or something, cuz i can't make mods, but i've tried, and still can't, so screw u guys...i'm going to play the game.



Maxim DuoPosted: 03/10/02 01:54   Report Abuse
while it's nice that u made a weapos pack, it would have been better if it was...well...good. I like how off the wall it is, but you shouldn't have weakened the weapons. The thing replacing the saber's the best weapon in there. Next one u make should be a little more serious, or at least have added a little more of a punch to the guns. Still, i gave it a 5 just cuz it was a weapons mod and not just more skins. OH, and next time u make a level, give it a point.


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