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A small download of two interesting sabers, the first ones I ever made. They are called the Rainbow Saber and the Phantom Saber, named for my clan, the Jedi Phantoms. They aren't very good, and I would appreciate any constructive critism anyone would like to submit. I hope you enjoy them...


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Download: Halfman's Sabers
File Size: 7k
Date: 04/04/01
Author: _JP_Halfman
Downloads: 191


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 2
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MogushaPosted: 04/04/01 07:42   Report Abuse
they submit it so that people will coment on how they can improve on the work that they have done.


gmcyoda1Posted: 04/04/01 14:10   Report Abuse
Make a flaming saber! I like flaming sabers.


Darth DudePosted: 04/04/01 19:00   Report Abuse
Theyre cool...Not an instant classic, but they are cool.


scott_karanaPosted: 04/04/01 19:42   Report Abuse
Looks good, needs better colors.


FH_OmegaPosted: 04/04/01 23:09   Report Abuse
You should make the soulreaver from Legacy of Kain that sword kicks @SS


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