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Birth of a Mercenary tells the story of how Kyle left the Empire to become the Mercenary we know from the "Tales of a Mercenary" level series.

This pack features the three original "BoaM" levels compiled into one episode. It contains many enhancements and bug fixes, too many to list here; full details can be found in the readme.

NOTE: If you are having trouble running BoaMSE's launcher, then download the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files here.

Update: BoaM SE Patch v1.1 (49.2k)
This patch fixes a few problems in the first release of "Birth of a Mercenary Special Edition". It also contains troubleshooting information on how to get the launcher running.


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Level Info:

Download: Birth of a Mercenary SE
File Size: 17.1Megs
Date: 04/06/01
Author: Anthony Piggott
Downloads: 5422


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 39
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Jedi Master JayPosted: 04/06/01 11:44   Report Abuse
Same here, this was one of the swankest sp lecvels for mots that has come out in a long while. This will give MotS a little bit of a come back since JK seems to be running MotS out of the house so to speak. The bad part is its 17 megs, this will scare alot of people with vad frame rate, and low harddrive quality away. Just a thought for the future. Superb level though, nice job



Xizor_42Posted: 04/06/01 13:16   Report Abuse
Awesome. This has got to be a great update to one of the best SP mission backs ever created.


Han5678Posted: 04/06/01 15:57   Report Abuse
Go Iblis awesome HUD!!! Oh yeah the level looks awesome to i just can't get it yet, but soon i will.


Chris SwanPosted: 04/06/01 17:41   Report Abuse
Great job Anthony. The original BoaM levels were some of the best SP levels for MotS and these are even better, especially now they all have voices.


MarvPosted: 04/06/01 19:52   Report Abuse
I downloaded and installed it but it won't run! All I get is "A required .DLL file, MSVBVM60.DLL, was not found".

Little help, anyone?


AKPiggottPosted: 04/06/01 20:23   Report Abuse
Whoops, I didn't think to put it in the readme that the launcher may require the download of Visual Basic runtime drivers. They should be available at


Han5678Posted: 04/07/01 02:11   Report Abuse
hey anthony can u send me the vb code for your startup? i might like to use it. Send it to Again sweet level


Plasma ManPosted: 04/07/01 03:57   Report Abuse
I checked the Microsoft site and there were about a dozen different VB programs. Which one is it? Also, can someone post the exact link and not just the main link. It makes it that much faster when you can just copy and paste here.


Darth JPosted: 04/07/01 05:03   Report Abuse
The improvements that you made really increase the overall quality of the levels. Personally, I liked the first level the best, but that may be because I never played the original BoaM level, and it was completely new to me. I had a few framerate problems in the second level, but those were very minor. I really enjoyed this. I recommend this to everyone, the large download is a very small price to pay for such an enjoyable series.


AKPiggottPosted: 04/07/01 09:40   Report Abuse
Sorry about that, I forgot how crappy Microsoft's download section is. If you are having troubles with the launcher, download the Visual Basic Runtime drivers here (because comment system doesn't support URLs, you're gonna have to copy and paste the link):

Also, I can't send the VB code because I didn't make the launcher, Burrie did.


AKPiggottPosted: 04/07/01 17:08   Report Abuse
Ahh.. I sent in a request for the level description to be updated with info on the VB runtime drivers, I see it's updated, thanks.. whoever did that.


Han5678Posted: 04/08/01 23:48   Report Abuse
hey can u tell how i can get ahold of burrie for that script?


RivalPosted: 04/12/01 17:09   Report Abuse
Love your new se... like the vader skin when using the lightsaber..


Jedi SlayerPosted: 04/14/01 18:20   Report Abuse
Oh my god! This level was awesome. The cutscenes were awesome! Not even Lucasarts made the characters mouths move in MOTS! You could really be a professional level designer and make big bucks!


Fearless2001Posted: 04/15/01 20:05   Report Abuse
Wow! Great level, but how do you get past the room with the MR-14. I don't know how to get Jan with this version.


AKPiggottPosted: 04/15/01 22:53   Report Abuse
I fixed that stupid bug where you can push Jan out of the forcefield. You have to kill the droid, and Kyle will automatically rescue her.

There's a walkthrough for Chapter 1 on, the walkthroughs for the next two levels will follow shortly.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 04/17/01 09:57   Report Abuse
This is one of the best MOTS single-player levels I have ever played. I only noticed two things I found annoying.

1) In the second level, in the place where you can see the hole acadamy, my 800mhz computer with 32MB of vidio ram had framerate problems!

2)In the third level, If you accidently tried to wield your lightsaber, you turned into darth vader. I found that stupid more than funny.

Other then that, it was a really cool add-on!


Solitary_MafiaPosted: 04/21/01 03:37   Report Abuse
You're the coolest Piggott.


Solitary_MafiaPosted: 04/21/01 18:50   Report Abuse
Is it just my 28.8 modem having a bad day, or does that link to the VB drivers not work. I am also having the same problems Marv is with that .DLL file. I really want to play this level, sounds like the best. Any help or responses would be appreciated.


AKPiggottPosted: 04/25/01 11:39   Report Abuse
If you can't get the launcher to work run "JKM.EXE -path boam".


XD_Martin_BPosted: 04/28/01 18:01   Report Abuse
Wow, I've been waiting along time for this but it was worth it! All the bugs in the original were fixed and the voice acting is great. I recomend any who has Mysteries of the Sith to download it NOWWW!!! I gave the original BoaM series a 10 so it would only be right to give this higher, unfortunately I cannot do that! I also like how he put all three into one download. Can't wait till ToaM 2&3. GREAT JOB ANTHONY!


Tha GunslingaPosted: 05/05/01 22:51   Report Abuse
Wow! This level set was almost as good as the original Lucasarts levels and definitely better than the original BoaM set. I would give the set a 10 but I had a few problems with the series. First and least important, there were a few doors that displayed "Cog 60012" or whatever, instead of "Locked!". Second, I thought the voices didn't all work out that well and that the dialogue wasn't that realistic. AKPiggott: Watch the original Star Wars trilogy a few times and then write your game's dialogue. Remember, the Emperor is scary and commanding, and Darth Vader, when speaking to subordinates, is commanding and chilling. Otherwise, great levels. I love the whole academy. The soccer game and the swimming pool are incredible!


Yun24Posted: 05/14/01 00:28   Report Abuse
An instant classic! giv it 10 pplz! nice scrolling textures for the voice! if i cud i wud giv it a 45


AtomEntityPosted: 05/16/01 14:10   Report Abuse
It was beautiful, one of the best levels EVER! My personal fav was when the Admiral announces he wants you dead, then asks "how do you turn this bloody thing off"! Your humor is great! I also thought the General Mohc idea was cool too. I do wish you had been able to fight a battle with Vader, but I don't want to blemish this level's record. Gave it a 10!


Jodo_Kast_BHGPosted: 05/30/01 02:41   Report Abuse
This has to be the one of the best levels over if not the best!!! Download at once!! It has an awesome plot, awesome architechture and awesome everything!!!! Download ASAP!!


FirestormPosted: 06/28/01 11:32   Report Abuse
Its just perfect. The 1st level is alright but one u get to the 2nd and 3rd it just gets ammazing. A must download. I usually don't like single player levels where im not a jedi but this one was tremendously fun. I gave it a 10. Turning into vader is funny.


WilliamWallacePosted: 07/09/01 20:39   Report Abuse
WOW. It was a long download, but it was well worth it! The voice talent is like nothing I've ever seen before, and (among many, many other things)the COG usage was astounding. After you finish making the ToaM series, are you going to make a ToaM SE? Now THAT would be cool!



EmonPosted: 07/22/01 01:08   Report Abuse
This level is incredible! The cutscenses where the best I've ever seen. There's so much detail it's not even funny. This series makes LucasArts' levels look like piles of puke. The only downside is that there is, in my opinion, TOO much architectural detail. The high detail should be lowered, to improved framerate and gameplay (no matter what your PC is...JK just can't handle so many polygons). Again, just my opinion. Other than that, incredible.


Star_GhostPosted: 07/30/01 13:01   Report Abuse
Ghost's Review:

Architechture: WOW! The architechture is absolutely amazing!

Gameplay: This is the best part about it! From the academy training to the MR-14 at the end is simply amazing. He also did a great with the cutscenes. Every time a cutscene came on the last level, you would hear this eerie music that even scared me and I had no clue when I had to fight the MR-14 until I finally recongized it. And as I got closer to my objective, you would understand how powerful the MR-14 was. One time after I saw a cutscene, I saw a ventilation shaft and I didn't know if I would up falling into the MR-14's grasps or not.

Final Comments: I thank Anothny for getting that updated patch because now it looks real great and I thorughly enjoyed and this baby will stay on my hard drive.


AKPiggottPosted: 08/20/01 22:53   Report Abuse
I just want to say to anyone who's installed the BoaMSE patch, I accidently sent the wrong ZIP into Massassi. I've sent them the proper one a number of times, but it is still yet to be updated. Anyway, anyone who's installed this patch, delete the "3do\mat" directory under BoaM's directory. I was originally going to switch the uniform colours of the cadets and lecturers to make the colours real canon, I actually got rid of this at the last minute, but accidently sent the original patch I prepared. The new colours look worse in my opinion and mess up other skins that use these MATs, particuarly the nerd in the library on level 3, he has a red back, but the rest of his clothes are blue. Ick! Anyway, a new patch should hopefully be up soon. If you find that there is no "3do\mat" folder, than you have installed the fixed patch. Anyway, apologies for all of this, I hope it didn't detract too much from the playing experience.


MigPosted: 08/30/01 18:00   Report Abuse
this is way to big! im scared 2 d/l it! *flees in terror*


AlessandroPosted: 09/03/01 14:22   Report Abuse
10.But how can i defeat the rancor at the end?Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!


DarthDoobyPosted: 09/08/01 07:58   Report Abuse
This is a very well put together lvl. There were some pieces to the plot that contradict the actual books about the Dark Forces series, SOLDIER FOR THE EMPIRE, REBEL AGENT, and JEDI KNIGHT, that you could have better designed the level around. Good introduction and good plot movement. I rated this lvl an 8. If there were a few more pwr ups and more enemies than perhaps it would have been a 10. This is a must download!


[D6]KoobiePosted: 10/13/01 18:25   Report Abuse
Ok, im downloadin it right now with DAP (thank god massassi seems to be fixed), but since ive got a rather slow computer im afraid (no, im terrified) that it will lagg too much or not work at all. (ive got a P1 200mhz, 128 ram - strange combo). But after reading the praises of the lvl by other JK'ers i cannot resist the tempation to try it out (especially cuz thats my FIRST download for my MotS ever). If it's really good as it is said to be here, ill make a "fan site" to Anthony Piggot and his lvls.


[D6]KoobiePosted: 10/18/01 18:25   Report Abuse
Okey, good. Splendid. On 2nd level its like watching grass grow in slow motion. Ill rate it when ill get myself a Pentium 3


WLP_SnojoPosted: 11/03/01 21:13   Report Abuse
I gave dis stuff a 10! Dis is good stuff man, even though I'm a little slow when it comes to keeping up with lvls......VERY SLOW.
*clicks download button without lookin at size and shrieks,clicks d/l anyway*


DSMegaRedFalconPosted: 11/19/01 15:10   Report Abuse
my MOTS game is messed up so i can't play it but i played the search for leia and it ruled. you should make levels on the star wars books


Gee_4cePosted: 01/19/02 12:32   Report Abuse
If you don't mind me saying so, it's unbelievable how far you've come. I was playing The Search for Jan Ors yesterday (so I could write a review for my application, hope you don't mind!) and I really did notice that you've risen above the rest ever since. This? I can't believe I didn't know it was there! I guess the download size put me off. "Oh hell!" I thought, clicking the download button (I get timed out every 2 hours and have to reconnect :(). It made it about an hour later. From the word go it grabs you from the shoulders. The intro sequence... anyone recognize that from DF? Dang I love that music, in fact, I extracted it and I'm playing it now, over and over again... Once the intro had all finished, I was like WOW, what does it play like?

Fantastically is the answer. This level is a pleasure to play. It has some nice touches. By the way, the Darth Vader 'bug' is in fact a 'cheat.' On levels 1 and 2, you become Mohc if you try to draw your saber. However, ONLY your saber works (like in the Dromund Kaas levels) and it's generally harder.

This level is a classic. It took me 3 hours to complete, and I couldn't help but wipe a tear from my eye as the ending rolled up. This level really is that good.

Where's an 11 rating when you need it?


Viper_GT_BlastPosted: 01/29/02 18:47   Report Abuse
Again,an AWESOME level by AK!!!(I gave it a 10,of course...)!!!!!!!!!!! BTW,how do you access the Super Secret Bad Guy Mode?


Viper_GT_BlastPosted: 01/29/02 18:52   Report Abuse
I forgot to're the Greatest AK!!!!!!!!! We all love your levels!!!!! You should make levels on the Bantam Book Series!!!!!!!!!! You just make us all remember what Star Wars is really about!!!!


moronmissionPosted: 02/10/02 16:27   Report Abuse
Best level pack ever. It's even better than the original levels! An easy 10


Beatles_D.Bowie_R. StonesPosted: 06/25/02 02:21   Report Abuse
A great set of 3 levels. Ignore the long download time, or file size, this is a must-have download, and if you pass it up, you don' know what you're missing. I've never played the original BoaM levels, but this SE is much more improved than the originals. Download it for a great time. (Oh yeah, I know that about everyone can defeat the MR14, but In case anyone can't, just shoot up that black box hanging from the ceiling,
a little behind the machine Jan is inside.)


Luke2004Posted: 08/15/02 04:35   Report Abuse
this level was great but why did it say you chose the dark side when you took out the saber or carbonite gun


JS_FlublyPosted: 03/08/03 18:23   Report Abuse
This level is probably the best ever made for Jedi Knight. This is extremely well done and it is fun at every single moment. The reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10 was because of two things. When you take out your saber you turn into Darth Vader, many people have mentioned that but I don't like it. Two this is the one that brought it down to a 9. I don't know if it was you or one of your friends but the guy who did Kyle is most likely THE WORST VOICE ACTOR EVER KNOWN!!! His voice was boring and the emotion is voice was 100% fake, I could tell. His voice sounded like a wimp. Kyle is a soldier that can face anything without fear and you made him scream like a girl when the rebels shoot at him!! I do a lot of acting and let me tell you that is bad acting.


Neo_oSiriSPosted: 10/03/03 23:50   Report Abuse
a masterpiece! 10/10
awesome lvls.
but how do you defeat the m-14 rancor thing


Daniel WestPosted: 07/27/04 12:26   Report Abuse
Great level!!! I only found one bug if you change from first to third person view during the cutscenes it shows you standing where you are doing nothing.


ElmoPosted: 05/01/05 13:30   Report Abuse
WOW... finally. I've been waiting for this a LONG time. Good job! And finally I defeated the MR-14.
It is 17mb, but well worth the time (how I love my DSL). It is still the best SP episode I ever played. I found just one bug there is no string named "COG_61026" it should be "Locked!". Still amazing.


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