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This is a level set on Mars, where the Empire is trying to create a breathable atmosphere. Your mission is to shut down the operation and get to a ship. This is my first released level, so please be nice.


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Download: Invasion of the Sol System, Episode 1
File Size: 509k
Date: 04/08/01
Author: Kyle90
Downloads: 4660


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 16
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OddballPosted: 04/08/01 20:10   Report Abuse
Not bad for a first level, I enjoyed playing it even though it was very straightforward.

Some areas were very nicely done and look like a veteran editor did them, but other areas were very very boxy, making the level seem rushed.

Over all very nice work for a first.


StX_blacknightPosted: 04/08/01 21:01   Report Abuse
I was happy when I saw that there was another single payer level available, instead of all those multiplayer ones people have been pumping out. Overall, it was not a bad level, and it was very good for a first-timer. There was just a few problems, like it displayed "COG_01001" instead of "Locked" and the arcitecture needed more work. Overall, I thought it was good and I will enjoy seeing more levels from this author. So, keep up the good work.


SnakePosted: 04/08/01 22:05   Report Abuse
I think it looks nice. I'm really suprised to see that there is actually lighting. I've seen good editors even forget lighting sometimes.


BoolPosted: 04/08/01 22:25   Report Abuse
The texturing in the outside area(as shown in the first screen shot) could use some work. Try scaling it to stretch the texture out. It will look less repetitive. Good job overall, however.


IGF_trooper1Posted: 04/08/01 22:30   Report Abuse
Good level....nice job for first try. I especially liked the addition of stalictites in the's the first level to add them. And at least it has secrets. Some first try levels are just a box with no secrets or objectives or any weapons,just your saber or fists. This is better then any of those "boxes". I even liked the addition of low-gravity. It felt like Mars then.


goku_venomPosted: 04/08/01 22:45   Report Abuse
Looks like a good map, though the mission kinda sounds like the movie Total Recall. So it ought to be fun.=)


YodaTrooperPosted: 04/10/01 15:09   Report Abuse
I got ideas for episdoe 2.The Empire builds the Ixocon,a huge Syar Destroyer with big Torprdos that can destroy 10 states in The United states,the miswson is to alert the White House,get on a space shutlle and shutdown the Torpedos and let the Torpedos hit the ship and destoy the Ixocon.Hope you do that.


kyle90Posted: 04/10/01 19:24   Report Abuse
thanks for the ideas guys, ill keep some of that in mind. i already have an idea for episode 2, so maybe ill use th ixocon for episode three. i was going to make it on earth anyway...


kyle90Posted: 04/10/01 20:12   Report Abuse
Hmmm. i just played the gobbed version and noticed a lot of things had changed. why doesnt the fuel in the second screenshot blow up? i might release a fixed up version


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/11/01 18:16   Report Abuse
Man, if it was your first level, youre very good, do other levels you have potential... But only add these things: do objectives, make the secret passages harder, and other skins are cool, and you also forget some walls, so they are non-edited lol.. But your level was very good, I give it 8/10.


Lore seekerPosted: 04/13/01 20:51   Report Abuse
First level? Dang man, that's better than most people's thirds. Really cool, and I like having some SP levels in with the mix. You should make this a multiplayer map, even with some of the laggy AI, but whatever... Just play with friends with DSL if you use my idea.


GreenspeakPosted: 04/20/01 03:44   Report Abuse
Hey, this is a pretty good level for the first time. Most peoples first levels aren't this good, though you might need to fix a few textures, but overall I think this is a way good first level.


BubbaPosted: 04/28/01 01:09   Report Abuse
I don't know a thing about this level, but it sounds cool, so I'm going to load it!!!


macnishtopPosted: 07/04/02 22:29   Report Abuse
Good plot, nice archatecture. This is your first released level? Good job!


YAPC_YodaPosted: 10/04/03 21:17   Report Abuse
For everybody to know... my new zone name is _yo_yoda0 ok.... by the way this is a good level... and it is great cause... it is MUTCH harder to make a SP level than it is to make a MP one.... 7.


ConnemaraPosted: 10/29/03 17:40   Report Abuse
Ok, maybe I'm just ebing incompetant, but I can't find an ending to the level? I got as far as where you get the yellow key, you go in this door, then you hafta open up a couple doors, you go inside, there's a switch. Trouble is, the switch doesn't work!

Any help here?

But from what I've seen of this level, good first effort. I gave it a six. Some nice, original ideas, but very little plot, and the enemy/health powerup ratio is skewed. Very impressive for your first time, however.


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 04/23/05 14:43   Report Abuse
You're ahead of me. I'll try to help if you write back... Where do you use the Yellow Key? I'll fund out how to fix your problem. :)


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