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A medium sized "capture the flag" level. The level has two bases, one for each team, a small village, a sewer system and a network of caves. Most of the power ups are contained in the bags, so there is no need to run around gathering weapons. It is suitable for 4+ players.


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Level Info:

Download: Base Assault CTF
File Size: 243k
Date: 04/08/01
Author: Berlick B'ja
Downloads: 2147


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 4
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SnakePosted: 04/08/01 22:00   Report Abuse
Hey it looks cool, but, um, where's the lighting?!


TempPosted: 04/09/01 01:44   Report Abuse
I gave it an 8... It's nice and big and it will be great for 3on3 or 4on4 CTF games but the lighting is a bit too dark in places and the bases by the flags are too open so not too many mining spots as some people like but other than that it's cool.. Can't wait to get some ppl to play it.


TempPosted: 04/09/01 01:46   Report Abuse
Almost forgot... it's too big to have only one conc... So far i can only find one so tell me if i'm wrong... if i'm not then one conc a bit closer to each base would be cool and there would be no need for the one in the middle.


BerlickPosted: 04/09/01 02:23   Report Abuse
Only one conc, don't like them myself


VornskrPosted: 04/09/01 02:55   Report Abuse
I give it a seven. I agree with Temp about the conc, there need to be two in more open ctf levels. Also, the supershield is not a good idea, especially not in the middle between the bases where you can get it, get into the base and take the flag while you are still invincible. Finally, instead of one revive in the very middle of the level, I reccomend one armored vest in each team's base, since otherwise, to get full shields quickly, guards have to go all the way to the middle of the level and may end up chasing their opponent back to base. Other than that, though, I love the layout, and it's great to see authors doing CTF. I'm keeping this one.


TempPosted: 04/09/01 18:56   Report Abuse
Yeah vorn's right about the revive too oh and Vorn... you gonna be hosting some games for this level soon? hehe


scott_karanaPosted: 04/09/01 19:09   Report Abuse
Looks good, didn't d/l it.(not a CTF fan...)
Make a DM version!!! Looks great for teamplay!


BerlickPosted: 04/10/01 21:02   Report Abuse
If you pick up all the back packs you can you can quickly get full shields, health and ammo.

Do you really want a DM version?
If so how can it be improved, what sort of item placement would you like?


TempPosted: 04/10/01 23:59   Report Abuse
If you don't have a gun to shoot powercells (cause u only have the one conc) you fill up on backpacks and u can't pick em up after u have 500 power cells so u can't get health.


BerlickPosted: 04/15/01 01:11   Report Abuse
I see what you mean, there is a bowcaster though (on top of the bases). I thought I had included a repeater but that must have been when it crashed before I saved it :(
The packs was originally meant to include most of the weapons but I couldn't get it to work right. Sorry.


SmoffPosted: 08/11/01 14:46   Report Abuse
I agree with the boys Temp and Vorn, completely and totally.

Some nice touches in the level for sure.

If there were 2 concs for each base, a vest in each base, no revive and no super shield I would have to give it a 10.

As it stands I say 8.


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