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This is Beta 9.0 of the SS3 MP MOD for Jedi Knight. This is a mod/TC that takes place in the 3rd saga of the SS universe (created by the author) This mod contains over 12 weapons which include a knife, glock pistol, desert eagle pistol, shotgun, double barrel shotgun, uzi, m16 w/ grenade launcher, RPG launcher, pipe bombs, a pyro ion cannon, and a tasr rod. Also includes 11 skins and 4 team skins, 12 skills, and new features that include feigh death, victory gesture, flipping, and much more. Go to for more details of the mod. The SS3 DM levels are NOT included in this file, but can be found here.


Level Info:

Download: Space Soldiers 3: MP MOD Beta 9.0
File Size: 3.3Megs
Date: 04/09/01
Author: SavageX
Downloads: 12738


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 77
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lordvaderPosted: 04/09/01 01:25   Report Abuse
Just so everyone knows, this is the best mod ever released for JK. If there is one mod you should have on your hard disk, it is this.


FH_OmegaPosted: 04/09/01 01:47   Report Abuse
I loved SS3 8.5 so when I saw that 9.0 came out I was excited but when i played it I was REALLY disapointed. First of all you took off my favorite weapon the Gatling gun and replaced it with a crappy taser! In my opinion SS3 8.5 was a WAY better mod download that!


OberfeldwebelPosted: 04/09/01 04:58   Report Abuse
A very Bloody Gorey Mod You can Turn the Gore off and the blood then becomes Just like KWP kind only more of it Make Sure gore Is off If you Dont Approve of gore.
Exelent mod. I Would Give it 2 thumbs up to anyone If you like Perfect Dark Or Goldeneye For the n64 GET THIS! 8.5 I will say laged less but the gatling ha to go


EH_PhoenixPosted: 04/09/01 11:40   Report Abuse
Me and a friend or two were playing this yesterday... it so spiffy... best mod EVER


DBS_Vendo_700Posted: 04/09/01 15:22   Report Abuse
Sniper, what does it need improvement on? it dosent help if you dont tell him what he needs to work on...


AtmaPosted: 04/09/01 17:09   Report Abuse
hhmm im gonna download this now cuz i liked the other space soldiers mods --------------------------------------------- i am atma i am pure energy and as ancient as the cosmos. feeble creatures... go!


Hunter_E_IPosted: 04/09/01 17:30   Report Abuse
Love the uzi's!


WedgePosted: 04/10/01 00:32   Report Abuse
This mod kicks arse! I love the new pistols, using double Glock pistols really feels awesome. All the guns are okay, but I didn't care too much for the taser; the gattling gun was cooler, but it did make the games laggy if you used it too much. The guns and skins look great; this is an awesome mod! Great job; when this is finished, likely it'll be the coolest JK mod ever.


Dude86 of NTSPosted: 04/10/01 17:55   Report Abuse
Another great version of SS3 yep LA look even more ruined and the abilety to pick up 2 weapons realy rocks. 2 bad u cant pickup a second magnum but I guess that would be far to deadly to b fair ;).

1 Tiny bug though and it's nice.. When u do a faint death. And then duck u dissapair under the floor so that u become invisable for ur opponent, even though u can c all around u. Very nice to suprize ur opponent.

Tnx for the great effor put in this mod Guyzz..


The Dude


LSF_Vegito_1Posted: 04/10/01 19:48   Report Abuse
I like the mod alot and the gore reminds me of Quake 3 Arena heh heh


LdPhebosPosted: 04/11/01 14:44   Report Abuse
I realy enjoyed 8.5 alot more.. and ill state some of the things that make that better.
1) Alot less lag: There i could actuly have a 4 player game on zone with no lag. Some of the weapons realy lag.
2) The Charging thing for weapon 0 was realy cool.
3) The lazer is so much better than the tazer.
4) I liked how before you could put in explosive shells in the 2 differnt shotguns.
5) the double jump thing there was alot more ballenced, the secnond jump wasnt as high... in this one you jump WAY too high.

There are a bunch of cool things though now, like the adrenelin (but its hecka unrealistic you still jump way too high.. but i like moving fast.. and it causes lots of lag), how you can get two of some weapons, and some of the new powerups. Also the new victory thing where you stick ya hand in the air rocks! :) overall great job dude! but still, lots of bugs, and 8.5 was better. It does still rank among the best mods i have ever seen, but too laggy for lots of people.


OvermindPosted: 04/14/01 01:24   Report Abuse
This is one of the best mods ever I give it a 10 the only problem I found with it is that there is not 10 guns to fill every wepon button but I like the fake death thing.

-Live for the swarm-


ApoK_DarePosted: 04/14/01 12:53   Report Abuse
Wow good job some people dont understand that mayB the gatling gun had a little to much lag and plus the gore would = super lag so something had to go yeah yeah yeah im probely right.Oh yeah and when i played this mod i used fake death for when i am being chased down and i have low life so i can easy trick the enemy.


Yun24Posted: 04/14/01 21:35   Report Abuse
its a great mod. i encountered no lag [ya gotta love DSL] the only bad thing is that the gravity thing is stupid, and you cant fire slugs anymore. still , i gave it a 10. GOOD JOB SavageX!


AGEMO__AHPLAPosted: 04/15/01 20:40   Report Abuse
This is a superb mod. Mostly everything was great. The only faults were:
1. The Lag was too much. Try to fix that.
2. There could have been a second gun mode for the Desert Eagle.
3. Maybe more ammo. It seemed to me that i burned all of my rounds off quickly. More ammo for grenade launcher, M-16, Uzis, etc.\
Overall, pretty much the best patch ive ever seen. Keep up the great work! I would have given 8.5.


SlOw_CoMpPosted: 04/15/01 21:05   Report Abuse
This MOD is great, but I think there is a really large problem. I have a REALLY slow PC (200mhz Pentium MMX, 16mb Vanta, 28.8k modem) and I believe that there should be a SP TC for all the losers like me. Thanx!!


Stone ColdPosted: 04/15/01 21:46   Report Abuse
SWEET!!!! I keep getting fragged though :(.


clan ruthervainPosted: 04/16/01 19:16   Report Abuse
I have a crappy computer and I had no lag.
BUT!!! Am i the only one who's game crashes whenever I die and have to restart the game. AND... I cant pick an enemies weapon, I can only pickup a weapon on a wall or whatever, and oh yeh, red5 wont work with this mod either.


SavageXPosted: 04/16/01 19:37   Report Abuse
This is not a SP MOD. Do NOT use this in SP since it was intended as a MP only MOD.

-- SavageX


kingshottus_maximusPosted: 04/17/01 15:33   Report Abuse
Hmm... I dunno... the gore is a good job well done, but not necessary. I don't mind... just people who do should have a patch or something to reduce it.

The new layout is very good. it reminds me of the AVP layout.

The guns (of course) are exellent, but you have a few missing favorites from the old version. You should do what Darth Haun did in IWP2 to have more of the old guns still available.

All in all, it's worth a download, especially if you're stuck behind a company firewall with no access to the zone and only an annoying brother with a computer just to fit up with a cable. I gave it a nine, as you get lag when firing the rapid-fire guns.


SavageXPosted: 04/18/01 04:27   Report Abuse
The gore effects can be disabled in the current mod. Just go into the gameplay section of the Setup screen and click the option that disables the gore giblets. The blood effects are still visible though but I did that so you can tell if you shot a guy or not. BTW, the reason there is gore because I wanted to add some realism to the mod. Shooting a guy with a RPG and just see him fall to his knees isn't the same as seeing him being ripped into bloody guts. I'm a big fan of games like Unreal Tournament and The Quake games so I guess that bloody gore kinda grew on me =)

BTW, I'm glad you all like the mod so far. I'm planning on doing another beta known as beta 9.1. It's not going to be a big one like 8.5 to 9.0. I'm only fixing some of the lag issues and add a few things like adding some of the old weapons back. Be sure to visit my website once Outpost D34 returns.

-- SavageX


kingshottus_maximusPosted: 04/18/01 08:35   Report Abuse
I think what can be done is editing the static.jkl file to cram more guns in e.g. in Chaos UT if you press eight once you can get the claw, press again and you can get the PROXIES! Do something like press nine once to get that Pyro-Ion thingby, and again to get that COOL gatling gun.

P.S. What happened to the outpost D34?


SavageXPosted: 04/18/01 19:27   Report Abuse
Looks like someone doesn't understand the use of the static.jkl. The static does NOT hold guns. It's where all the resource lists such as custom templates are stored. You thinking cog here, not static.jkl. Anyhow, what you asking for is impossible in the Jedi Knight engine. It would work in MotS but not here. In beta 8.7, I did create new hotkeys that replaced the weapon slot keys and allowed the players to use that rather than the weapon mode key to cycle weapons. However, i canned that because it used up to many hotkeys (you can't have more than 20 hotkeys in JK)

-- SavageX


WLF_ssj4_VegetaPosted: 04/19/01 02:24   Report Abuse
This Mod ROX!!! Now guys the reason why there isn't 10 full guns cause this mod is designed for MP sot SP, but its still cool for SP!! I gave it a 10. Good Job SavageX.


StanTenczaPosted: 04/19/01 05:40   Report Abuse
Hey SavageX and everyone else-

Great mod! I absolutely love everything about this, but it sounds as if the 8.5 version is a better (plus I tried playing this in MP... it lagged like heck!) so I gave this a 9....


Thanks- Stan


DarthBosskPosted: 04/21/01 22:34   Report Abuse
I like this version better. And, by the way, double Uzis and Glocks; I love them!! They kick bugtime butt!! But my bro likes 8.5 better. Well, you can't expect everyone to have the same opinion after all!!


TFK_border24Posted: 04/22/01 15:39   Report Abuse
WOW! When I first tried out this mod i was amazed. I had no idea you could get that kind of graphical quality on the guns and animations. Great Job! You must be a master at making mods. I gave you a 10 but I noticed that when I tried to get someguns in sp it just said: cog_110 or something and wouldn't let me get it. The hand gun was very sweet and had good graphics. The Desert eagle in my opinion was amazing. But the m16 was the best gun I have ever seen for JK. Also I noticed you took that one gun from unreal forever ( a mod for unreal tournament). It had really good textures and graphics. I hafta say this is the best mod ever for JK. It is so much fun. Thanks for making it. Keep making the sweet mods.


82nd AirbornePosted: 04/24/01 21:56   Report Abuse
Not quite as good as 8.5, but definetly more addictive. You shouldve kept the explosive slugs and the gattling gun (even though the gattling gun mightve been laggy sometimes)the laser sight on the desert eagle has no point, double glock rocks
, you should be able to pick up knives, the db shotgun looked better in 8.5, uzi had better sound in 8.5 (I think, it's been sp long since i played with 8.5 that i cant really remember too well), m-16 is good same as the rpg launcher. The pipe bombs should remain an item and not take up space as a weapon. NOW, about the taser rod. Whats the point? I'm sure that you are very proud of it, SavageX, but it does minimal damage and uses up battery power. I do have to admit though, its pretty realistic when it hurts you underwater. I almost forgot, the Thornosapeon Pyro, Blaster is better with the energy gather thing before it shoots. The punching sound is better too, as well as the fact that you can use the mod on all mp levels, because it doesnt mess up when you use it on other levels like Caesar's Palace (one of my favorite levels). You might take these things into consideration when you make the next version. Keep up the good work!
-P.S. "And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, 'O Lord, bless this Thy hand grenade that, with it, Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits in Thy mercy.' And the Lord did grin, and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats and large chu--
MAYNARD: Skip a bit, Brother.
SECOND BROTHER: And the Lord spake, saying, 'First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.'AMEN" Book of Armaments Chaper 2 verses 9-21. Hey SavageX, WHAT ABOUT THE HANDGRENNADE? It rocked and you cut it out:(


Harow_CrevePosted: 05/05/01 22:11   Report Abuse
Well, i know everyone was right. best mod for JK! In my opinion, better than KWP, EWP, War, SPORK, and hacks.........all put together! There is one flaw i found, though. Whenever i play ss3 in MP, the skin "Raptor T" is always used. i can't use any other skins. I pick them, but in the game it is always T. is there a way to fix this? or will i have to live iwth it? :- heh. Also, when i pick teams, it too does Raptor T skin. weird. So, i love the mods and lvls. keep up the awesome work!

~~JE~Har-ow Creve, Jedi Master


Harow_CrevePosted: 05/05/01 22:18   Report Abuse
Well, i know everyone was right. best mod for JK! In my opinion, better than KWP, EWP, War, SPORK, and hacks.........all put together! There is one flaw i found, though. Whenever i play ss3 in MP, the skin "Raptor T" is always used. i can't use any other skins. I pick them, but in the game it is always T. is there a way to fix this? or will i have to live iwth it? :- heh. Also, when i pick teams, it too does Raptor T skin. weird. So, i love the mods and lvls. keep up the awesome work!

~~JE~Har-ow Creve, Jedi Master


DeathseedPosted: 05/07/01 00:42   Report Abuse
Ok, excellent mod. I loved the whole being ripped apart thing and having flies buzz around your rotting flesh lol. I have lots of complements. To anyone who thinks the lazer sight on the desert eagle has no point, you are wrong. It makes the gun shoot perfectly accurate even when you hold down the fire key. I loved how you could switch between modes on some of the weapons: IE Grenades or Rockets with RPG, Burst or Auto with M16, Cluster or Normal with pipe bombs. BTW the whole remote detonation thing with the pipe bombs rocks, and the explosion graphics are superb. The tazer rod is kinda cool, though it sux battery power like mad. Also, I encountered a problem involving weapon 0 in level 13. You are supposed to slash the circuts, but none of your weapons have any effect on them, therefore making it impossible to complete the level. That pissed me off, cause I had to miss out on the unlimited stormie death plaza part. I think that in the next version (AND THERE HAD BETTER BE ANOTHER!!) you should be able to choose whether u want the tazer or a long sword of some sort, or you could just make one of the weapons able to destroy those circuts. Also, I think it would be cool if you changed the storyline to fit in with something with the Thornosapeon War. Also, your multiplayer skins kicked. The fake death, victory gesture, and being able to drop your weapon was the greatest. The skills were pretty cool too. I loved being able to pick up 2 Glock Pistols and two Uzis. And the ability to attach silencers was cool. I also like the way you can use fists or knives, have 2 modes for punching, and chuck knives at people. The shotguns kicked ass. I liked the 12-Gauge more than the Double Barreled, and the Pyro-Ion Cannon was totally mass destructive. And the graphics KICKED TOTALLY ON THIS MOD! THE WEAPONS LOOKED SO REAL!
And now we come to the bad part, which is why this mod recived a 9 instead of 10. Multiplayer Gaming is tuned to absolutly fine perfection with this mod, but lets face it people, single player sucked.
Maybe its my computer, but it seems that I just cant pick up certain dropped gunz. This makes ammo scarce. It pissed me off. Also, Red5, the all weapons cheat, only partially worked. when I typed it in, It gave me the uzi, pipe bombs, and RPG launcher. And when I typed it in again, it only renewed the ammo with the pipe bombs and RPG...and the shot gun if I had found it.
Which brings up another subject. WHY THE HELL CANT I PICK UP ENEMIES WEAPONS AND ACTUALLY GAIN AMMO?? This happens when the enemy would normally be carrying an Imperial Repeater, Stormtrooper Rifle, or Bowcaster. When I pick up a dropped shot gun (ST RIFLE REPLACEMENT) it says at the top, COG 00011, and gives me absolutly nothing. When a guy carrying a Bowcaster dies...he drops a desert eagle 3do and when I pick it up it says box of bullets and gives me nothing. And when a repeater toting guy dies, he drops an M-16 3d0 and But when an enemy drops an RPG launcher, pistol, or Knives...(thermal replacement), it gives me ammo for those items. I have thought on this, and I have a suggestion. First off all, make it so the default number of the shotgun is 3, and the desert eagle is 4. This way, instead of receiving the desert eagle at the begining of level 1, youll receive the shotgun. Also, make it so when u pick up a weapon, it already has some ammo in it, that way if you get the desert eagle you dont have to wait until you find a box of bullets for it to use. Also, address the problem of not getting anything when you pick up a dropped weapon. When a shot gun is dropped, make sure that if you dont have one already, it gives you one, and if you do, it will give you some shells for it. When a Desert Eagle (Bowcaster) or M-16 (Repeater) is dropped, make it so a Box Of Bullets 3d0 appears, and when you pick it up, you actually get a box of bullets. OR, if thats not possible, then how about just getting ammo for an M-16 when that is dropped, and ammo for a desert eagle when that is dropped. Also, the uzi problem. Is there anyway you could make it so there is more 9mm bullets powerups, and more uzi drops? There needs to be an equality of power ups according to ammo capacity...The more a weapon would be used...IE M16, glocks, uzi, shot gun, the more power ups there would be for that item. Also, set up a situation so u get the double barrelled shot gun in power up form. I was wondering if with the people using repeaters and st rifles there could be a system that every other one that was killed would drop 12 gauge or double barrel, and m-16 or uzi. So it would go like this. If you killed 10 gran with st rifles the drops would go.....12-G, D-B, 12-G, D-B, 12-G....and so on. Same with the guys with repeaters: M-16, Uzi, M-16, get the picture. All in all, a great mod, but please make a second version with all the noted improvements.


82nd AirbornePosted: 05/09/01 02:29   Report Abuse
Ok Deathseed, you must have a ton of free time on your hands to write a "comment" that long. Mine was only like half as lengthy as yours, and i rvised it like 5 times. Also this isnt his girst version if you notice the number *9.0* in the title that means there had to be a 1.0, 2.0 3.0 ect. Anyway, Deatheseed, if you check out his site, , you'll see al of the new revisions for version 9.1. Yes, 9.1 it comes after 9.0. Anyway, just thought i'd bring you up to speed.
-- 82nd Airborne


Dan 317Posted: 05/22/01 14:30   Report Abuse
This mod is awsome, what more is there to say.


AstralPosted: 05/26/01 06:31   Report Abuse
I was a beta tester for JKBTG back when SS3 was first submitted (to us), and I must say that the result is very gratifying to see so well executed. Keep up the good work, SavageX!


GethroPosted: 05/26/01 14:25   Report Abuse
*passes crown from GaS to SS3*


DeathseedPosted: 05/26/01 21:55   Report Abuse


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 06/10/01 22:08   Report Abuse
Well I gotta say that this mod raised the standard for all weapons mods. Saying that this mod kicked ass is an under statment. When I first played this mod the word masterpiece came to mind. When I took out the M16 the great 3D0 made my eyes hurt. And when I opened up with it, my ears bled with approval. The missle launcher actually had a good looking explosian. And it had a knife. But most of all the guns were actually held right. No more hip shooting. This mod has made cover effective. Only two things could make this mod better. A single player mode and the ability to go prone would make this mod perfect. If you dont d/l this mod now, you dont know what your missing.


Super S51Posted: 06/14/01 15:26   Report Abuse
I have nothing to say. Merely by saying anything about your mod, I would be commiting a sacriligious act against the masterpiece that is your mod. It is in this spirit thatI say



JK__MingPosted: 06/22/01 14:18   Report Abuse
This is a definite 10, no question. I don't know what the heck people are saying, that they like 8.5 more. This whole thing about the gattling being better than the taser is crap! The thing lagged out the wazoo, you didn't reload, and you already had two other machine guns! What else do you want? A thermonuclear repeater (don't take that literally)? The taser does a good job of playing close combat, especially if you sneak up on someone and zap em good. Or you could always just smack them with it, they're both pretty satisfying.


JubeiPosted: 07/02/01 17:22   Report Abuse
This mod is perfect, besides that, I have no more to say. ^_^



FH_BosskPosted: 07/09/01 15:17   Report Abuse
I found that this mod, in plain terms, is very badly done. The human skins look horrible and washed out. The alien skins look better, but they are all variations on the same two or three. The weapons are far too boxy for my taste. The shotgun variance is not realistic at all and far too small. To top it off, I personally prefer not to want to vomit when I look at the HUD, and the HUD in SS3B9 makes me want to - it's flat-colored and unattractive. Overall, this mod is very amateurish and boring. AVOID.


[eVe]DeathBoLTPosted: 07/14/01 04:41   Report Abuse
what level is Screenshot 1 taken on?


Codemaster9Posted: 07/18/01 21:25   Report Abuse
I seriously think that some of you are nuts. SS3 9.0 is nearly 100% better than 8.5! I played both and immediately knew one thing: SavageX knows his gun types! I was really impressed with the realism of 9.0 because of the reloading and the look of the guns themselves. As for 8.5, several weapons and their explosions were under-the-dock washouts. This Mod gets a 10 rating from me. Keep up the good work, Sav!


Codemaster9Posted: 07/18/01 21:25   Report Abuse
I seriously think that some of you are nuts. SS3 9.0 is nearly 100% better than 8.5! I played both and immediately knew one thing: SavageX knows his gun types! I was really impressed with the realism of 9.0 because of the reloading and the look of the guns themselves. As for 8.5, several weapons and their explosions were under-the-dock washouts. This Mod gets a 10 rating from me. Keep up the good work, Sav!


HermDogg14Posted: 07/20/01 02:15   Report Abuse
This guys knows how to make his mods and levels. This is the best mod ever and is fun to use when you do a co-op mission. Best mod to date.


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 07/22/01 14:14   Report Abuse


DemonMunkPosted: 07/25/01 11:36   Report Abuse
This mod is the best thing to come out for JK since sliced bread.If you do not have this mod than you are missing out BIG!


kev316Posted: 08/23/01 02:27   Report Abuse
i gave this mod a 10, but i have a problem when playing it. Whenever i pick up some ammo from another character that i have killed i don't get any ammo, the screen just says cog_00011. Also, whenever i make a quicksave, and die, and then press CTRL to load it, it goes back to the main menu. Can anyone help?


StrikePosted: 09/04/01 04:27   Report Abuse
BTW SavageX, you are incorrect sir. Multiple weapons are indeed a very possible thing for JK, all held within a cog, or multiple cogs called by triggers/messages. I'd be surprised if you couldn't figure out how, but anyway, excellent MOD!


ThrawnmaPosted: 09/07/01 03:03   Report Abuse
Definite ten ten ten TEN!! This mod is my favorite among favorites!! Realistic gameplay, weapons, reloading and multiple firing modes. I seriously prefer this to 8.5 because 8.5's interface was hard to get used to. This is the my favorite mod to play on the ZONE!! I do have a few gripes though.

No1: No SP support, I'd have loved to blast Stormtroopers away with double glocks or a pyro-ion, but it keeps crashing.

No2: The Gatling, I liked the gatling. Sue me. We should have had the gatling.

Thats about it. Where can I get the book? Would you let someone else do a SP conversion for you (I'm askin first otherwise it would be pirating if I did it without your permission. But take it under consideration. Please)



Star_GhostPosted: 09/25/01 12:32   Report Abuse
Ghost's Mod Review:

Gameplay: ... WOW this is one of the best mods I've ever seen! From the realistic looking guns to the Thorsapeon pyro ion cannon to the "bloody" graphics, this is just plain awsome! I have real fun placing those pipe bombs around the corner and reducing him to a bloddy mist. :) (Kinda reminds you of Duke Nukem...doesn't it?) I like the new skins as well!

Final Comments: Great! Absolutely amazing! Too bad SavageX had to leave us :(... BTW does anyone know why I can use the skill powers (the ones in place of force powers)?


Rian_RanemPosted: 09/30/01 23:21   Report Abuse
Well, I think the taser is fun, haha. But that is just my opinion. Pretty well done, but I hope you fix a few things.


justinjustinPosted: 10/26/01 23:12   Report Abuse
this mod really is the best for jedi knights ever.. but itd be SUPER nice if it worked for single player.. is there some kind of hack for ammo and guns.. cause red5 doesnt give all guns.. ammo for glock is quite scarce. at least in the beginning. Is there some cheat for unlimited ammo or something?


506Posted: 12/19/01 15:01   Report Abuse
This is one of the best mods I've played so far. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't work completely in single player. Great job! I give it a 10!


OmegaZeroPosted: 01/06/02 21:26   Report Abuse
I gave this mod a perfect 10!!!! It rules!! The only problem I found with it is that it doesn't give you the correct skin in multiplayer. I wanted to use JT Hammer, instead it gave me a Brian McNeil skin and it called me Raptor Thornsapeon (or however that's spelled)


DarkslasherPosted: 01/18/02 18:51   Report Abuse
Excellent mod, I give it 9.
Not 10 cus most of the weapons and skills dont work in SP.


Sith_Saber615Posted: 03/05/02 00:31   Report Abuse
if anyone has the same problem as me please comment it.THE SKINS.they wont work for always the same skin in games please fix this in 9.1 otherwise i rate this a 9 cuz of lag and i have a high system too


Kyle_2002Posted: 03/20/02 05:55   Report Abuse
This mod is the best I'v down-loaded! I give it an 8. I have a few problems though, I cant reload saved games, and after a while, it locks up. Its probably something with this computer. Great guts though, I like the pyro ion cannon, just like the BFG of Quake II. Did you use the sounds from Quake III?


gLyDe_FfPosted: 04/14/02 00:12   Report Abuse
this is sweet make another one PLZ


GandalfPosted: 05/22/02 01:50   Report Abuse
Possibly the best weapons mod I have ever seen. Every detail is wonderful. The only problem is that all players in mp have the same skin.


LandoPosted: 05/25/02 19:25   Report Abuse
SavegX you aren't Star Wars fan. Becouse there is blood. In Star Wars there are no man who are falling a part. But this mod is technicly good =). I gave it 0 becouse -15 for blood and +3 for weapons :P. That's 10 - 15 + 3 = -13 =)
Creat some mod with out blood...


stickystufPosted: 05/26/02 23:33   Report Abuse


Anyways, SavageX! Your the greatest! This is a GREAT MOD!


Sith_Xanatos__Posted: 06/13/02 19:17   Report Abuse
Have you people even LISTENED? This mod was NOT I repeat NOT made for Single Player, That means he did not do any testing for SP so some stuff in SP are most likly not going to work. I love this mod, I gave it a 10, I have played this for a year now but only got the guts to rate it now. P.S. By the way its not GORE its BLOOD, Whats wrong with blood anyway?
Sith_Xanatos__'s rating: 10


djrazer1Posted: 07/28/02 04:40   Report Abuse
i gave it a 9, it would have gotten a ten but the ammuntion was hard to figure out. i liked the double colt's.


stickystufPosted: 08/15/02 23:37   Report Abuse
RPG stands for "Rocket Propelled Grenade".


land_sea_airPosted: 10/26/02 13:10   Report Abuse
great mod but the force powers didnt work!!!!!


land_sea_airPosted: 10/26/02 13:10   Report Abuse
great mod but the force powers didnt work!!!!!


WoTC_KaoShinPosted: 12/03/02 00:29   Report Abuse
I WANT to like this, sabers for me I guess....

* Plays SBX...*


stickystufPosted: 01/04/03 21:53   Report Abuse
I love this mod! It's just that the skins don't work in most levels. Why is that? Because of that, I give this a 9!



mikeymanPosted: 01/22/03 03:40   Report Abuse
Point blank, if you like mods with modern guns(exam: M-16), get this. NOW. Excellent graphics, great sound effects, good choice of guns, and plenty of extras, such as taunting and fake death. Let me repeat: get this. NOW.


mikeymanPosted: 01/26/03 02:29   Report Abuse
Hey savageX where's your website? That link in the description is broke.


JoshReiterPosted: 02/22/03 02:12   Report Abuse
This is the best mod for JK I have ever seen. I reinstalled JK to play this mod. I only wish that it worked in SP mode, not only MP.


mikeymanPosted: 03/01/03 23:14   Report Abuse
Everyone--SavageX's new website is at!


LaserjoltPosted: 06/19/03 23:43   Report Abuse
From an e-mail I sent him:

All of the games out there have this problem: there just aren't any more than 10 guns. Since you are thinking about adding back the old guns, you should either have them go into the tilde/+&- buttons, or have it be a multi-select like force powers and items are. The multi-select would be really cool. Also, can you get more TS skins (the Dragon looks REALLY cool!!), and make their punches a ripping sound and slash KEY files instead of hitting ones like the humans would be. One more thing, you need to make it so you can push a button to show how much ammo you have left (it would be really useful for the grenade launcer on the Assault Rifle, the times it shows the ammo count for grenades now stinks) Oh, and I know I said only one more thing, but I just thought of this: you need to make seperate pickups for all of the explosive types, not just a box of explosives like you have now. I know this sounds like a lot, but I've played SS3 a lot (more than any other mod), and I know you can do something like that. if you do just a few of these things, your mod would be the best there is (if it isn't already).

- Laserjolt


TDK_DarKstaR_XPosted: 07/20/03 01:57   Report Abuse
I love this mod. I play it everytime I get on the Zone. I gave it a 10 because it's really a work of art. I wish another version would come out with a few modifications to this. The only problems I have with this is the Pyro-Ion Cannon. I wish there was a sniper rifle instead. I know this is a futuristic mod but I just don't like it. It lags me like a bitch and it kills you in 1 hit no matter how much armor and health you have. Other than that I love it. Keep up the great work dood!!

-=Neo D.=-


GAC_RebelPosted: 11/09/03 16:59   Report Abuse
Good mod. That remembers Counter-Strike for me. The soldiers are really atomic! I liked it a lot, but i think it needs to correct few errors.

Note to the creator: If you could fix the bug about skin don't appear in new levels, ill be happier than I am with this mod.


PIPPosted: 03/08/04 22:25   Report Abuse
I gave this mod a 10. It is the best mod i have played (besides another mod you made called fatel resistance forgive me if I misspelled that). I thought it was cool because it reminded of Quake 2, Unreal, Half-Life,etc. The gun sounds and texturing were great. I liked the menu backround,and everything else.

Here are a few suggestions for the next mod you make.

1) A 10 staged single player version

2) Multiplayer AI

3) grappling hook

4) the BFG gun from quake 2

They are just suggestions though. THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOD!!!! Keep up the great work SavageX!!


joe of loathPosted: 05/12/05 14:54   Report Abuse
2 weapons? reminds me of halo 2...


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