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If these walls could only speak... what stories could they tell? Stories of battle, strong vs. weak, the loser sent to hell. "I've seen glory shine in a man's eyes, before deliviering the final blow..." the walls begin to say, "...then, in all his glory, he is killed, peaceful and still. Don't ever turn your back on us, for if you do, you will surely pay. Our toll is high, no need to fear, just swing your blade and pray."

This is a very small sabers level meant for NF saber battles, but has force power-ups for those who want them.


Level Info:

Download: Illusions of Victory
File Size: 406k
Date: 04/17/01
Author: SM Sith Lord
Downloads: 1093


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 7
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__LimPBizKlT_Posted: 04/17/01 18:38   Report Abuse
As Purgatory did, this looks great.
Haven't played it yet..

But I noticed summa else....
All your levels have cool storys...

awesome once again


SortexPosted: 04/17/01 19:56   Report Abuse
SM Sith Lord is one of the kings of designing JK levels. And this level doesn't disappoint. The gameplay is fast and furious, and the architecture is absolutely astounding. Although the complexity is nothing in the realm of Purgatory, this is probably the best visual presentation yet to come from Sith Lord, or any other developer!

Great music, too!


ScyformPosted: 12/13/01 01:41   Report Abuse
I don't usually comment on levels but this is great! This is one of my favorite duel levels!


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