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This saber pack gives you a much wider variety of designs to choose from and use in JK multiplayer. Every player can see your new saber, even if they don't have this patch. This is for use with Patch Commander, and does not require any BFP's to be able to use it. It has 29 new sabers, in addition to the 62 sabers from the previous versions. It also includes the original JK sabers, for a total of 98 sabers.


Level Info:

Download: Immortal Sabers Pack 4
File Size: 265k
Date: 04/18/01
Author: ID_Junkguy
Downloads: 2659


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 11
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RadicePosted: 04/18/01 00:35   Report Abuse
I love this patch, even though the quality of some of the sabers ( being JK mats ) isn't perfect, it is cool since everyone can see them. Plus newbies think your hacking. :-)


GangsterPosted: 04/18/01 00:48   Report Abuse
Great saber mod, keep up the good work


NX_GT1_ettPosted: 04/18/01 11:35   Report Abuse
i'm just sry that i didn't get to beta test this one it's me ID_Fett


ApoK_DarePosted: 04/18/01 21:32   Report Abuse
wow nice mod must have tooken a lot of time for all those sabers.


OvermindPosted: 04/19/01 00:32   Report Abuse
Wow for a saber mod this is amazing wow.

-Live for the swarm-


Val LangleyPosted: 04/19/01 01:58   Report Abuse
There's isn't much I can find to do with it, but thanks. It must have taken a long time.


Jedi Master JayPosted: 04/19/01 12:24   Report Abuse
obvisouly this is made for saber luvin people and im 1 of em so therefore i love this patch, great job junk and for those of you who dont know yet im ID_MaverickJay im in Junks clan!


omghaxPosted: 04/20/01 23:53   Report Abuse
excellent work junkie =:o)


_Mantissa_Posted: 04/21/01 03:49   Report Abuse

um... right...



BoL_GoldThunderPosted: 04/24/01 02:51   Report Abuse
I personally like this mod also, but to explain this, it literally takes no time at all. All he did was take in game Mats and use them as sabers so that everyone can see the sabers, which overall is not hard at all. other than that good job.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 04/25/01 00:28   Report Abuse
I also had to take screenshots of every new saber to put in the BMs for the selecting of the sabers. I know its not very hard to do, but it did take some time.
And besides, without normal game mats, no one else would have been able to see them! :)


DeathseedPosted: 08/12/01 20:05   Report Abuse
/\/\/\/\/\_________________ (Heart Monitor)

You know, I am tired. Bone tired of seeing so many saber mods that just involve slapping mats on a saber. Stupid looking colors which look more like a person staring at a baton while tripping with lsd. There are millions of mods like this, which have zero percent quality, and 100 percent waste of memory. I suggest that more people devote their time to making cool, realistic, and just downright kickass sabers. (see Guardians of the Galaxy) I gave this mod a 1, just because it has a very large selection of sabers.


DeathseedPosted: 08/12/01 20:07   Report Abuse
The above is nothing against the author, I just suggest that you put a little more effort into future mods.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 11/24/02 15:26   Report Abuse
Personally, I love this mod and I use it all the time. I don't even need to turn it off, it is compatible with almost everything JK!


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 02/05/03 00:46   Report Abuse
Um, ok, at least i actually MAKE my mats, such as my funky pink saber, blue one and so on, all you did was take jk mats that came with the game, so yea, everyone can see them. Im not rating this, because i dont like to put down authors, look at me, im still trying to figure out how to make a .bm, can you teach me?


a_personPosted: 01/04/04 11:26   Report Abuse
OK good on you you make your own sabers. Personally I think junkguy's idea was really good. I love how everyone can see it and then you come at some newb at he goes how do you have a flashing saber. My simple response. Eat this you newb at I slash him. 10/10 junkguy


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