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This CTF level is a symmetric and somewhat larger one, which means gameplay is even for both teams and is best for at least 4 players. Open spaces and tight spaces make for some fun gun battles. The bases are easy to get into to get the flag, but they are also easy to defend!! =)

I started making this for the CTF Level Contest but when I saw what I was up against, I reconsidered. If you're looking for eye candy, you won't get much here. I made the level for gameplay in mind. There is a Light and Dark surge, but those are the only Force power-ups. No Force (NF) was in mind for this level.


Level Info:

Download: Ground Zero II: Capture the Flag
File Size: 603k
Date: 04/18/01
Author: _Mantissa_
Downloads: 1660


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 12
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ID_JunkguyPosted: 04/18/01 02:20   Report Abuse
Cool level! Good architecture, nice lighting and texturing. The gameplay is fun, I even enjoyed playing it by myself! Its kind of hard to find the flags at first, but after a while it gets much less confusing.
I like the little mazes :)


ApoK_DarePosted: 04/18/01 21:06   Report Abuse
wow nice looks awsome,plays awsome


RadicePosted: 04/18/01 21:32   Report Abuse
rad really likes this one - 10


ReAcToRPosted: 04/19/01 01:38   Report Abuse
w0w. This is easily the best CTF level since Fusion. Congratulations on a job well done man. I don't know why you didn't think that this would hold up against the levels in the pack. This level is easily the best one. It includes MANY things that make Jedi Knight CTF unique. If you would put this up against the other levels in the pack and it didn't make it in, there would have been an outcry from the CTF community, because this level is what CTF is all about. I'm looking forward to playing this level with my clan for a long time.

I only found one glitch, and I would recommend fixing it and re-releasing it so Massassi can have the updated version. In some of the rooms where you could see the sky above, I was able to force jump up onto the sky and look down at the level below. You could easily remedy this by setting that surface to impassable or making it into a glass window. PLEASE fix this and re-release it, if you don't, there will be plenty of assholes that will capitalize on this glitch.

I hope to see you do more CTF levels in the future. BTW, have you ever played JailBreak for Jedi Knight or Quake 2? Your style would be perfect for creating a JailBreak level pack. Just something to thank about.


_Mantissa_Posted: 04/19/01 06:13   Report Abuse
Thanks for the comments guys. Enjoy!

Reactor, I found the glitch you were talking about and I'm sorry I didn't catch that before. It didn't occur to me that Force Jump would reach that and I can see why that would be a cause to re-release the level, but it would almost be a waste, as this level is designed primarily for NF play and plus having two different versions floating around could cause some conflicts. Maybe I will add some stuff to it, take some stuff out, fix glitches, etc. and come up with 'Ground Zero III: Capture the Flag.'

BTW: Incase you are wondering "what about the first Ground Zero?" That is the opening level of the Mantice Level Pack! =)

Thanks again!



ReAcToRPosted: 04/19/01 08:46   Report Abuse
a Ground Zero III would be a good idea. :)

I mainly mentioned the glitch because it is still possible to get to that area in NF by mine jumping with 3 mines and 100/200 health/armor. I guess you are right about conflicting versions, and hopefully no one will use the glitch in a cheap manner.

Looking forward to your future levels. :)


OvermindPosted: 04/20/01 23:43   Report Abuse
Great level all around. Also does anyone but me notice that your comments are being deleted even when they are upbuilding? Anyways good level this is a keeper.

-Live for the swarm-


Kenobi JDPosted: 04/25/01 02:59   Report Abuse
Very nice level, and I agree with ReAcToR, I don't see why you didn't think this level would be able top compete with the Massi pack. I was able to mine jump up to that area with ease, so I hope no one desides to mis-use that, we'll let you know ;)


Kenobi JDPosted: 04/25/01 03:02   Report Abuse
Override, yeah, I've noticed that. I wrote what was prolly the only encouraging comment in "JK Unlimited" and it was de-l33ted


Kenobi JDPosted: 04/25/01 03:03   Report Abuse
I mean Overmind.. Arrgh


MormegilPosted: 04/26/01 00:36   Report Abuse
Overall good work on the architecture and texturing. And I know I'm probably not one to talk, but I found the level too large for the limited teams that JK CTF can support. I've seen levels this big in UT, but they were recommending 16 players. I don't mean just the physical size, but there are just a lot of paths. I think you've got lots of good ideas in this level, probably enough for 2 or 3 CTF levels.

If you decide to make a #3, focus on 2-3 interconnected paths to each base and really make those parts great. I know it's difficult to cut out areas after you've worked so many hard hours on them, but in the end it's worth it.

It's a good level, probably just too ambitious for JK.


trj0223Posted: 11/21/01 02:38   Report Abuse
It is the best CTF level I have ever played! I love the music when you use the cam! Its veary big level and most of the time I got lost playing it! Downloade it! you wont feel like you were cheted! Good mazes! ^_^


_Trifecta_Posted: 01/03/02 04:45   Report Abuse
This is the best CTF Level I've ever played. I Really loved playing it on the zone to some new people to the level and winning like crazy,but..its great. I give it a 10!


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