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This level was derived from the original Canyon Oasis. It has been fitted with more guns and ammunition, with a similar balance with that of the well-known but difficult-to-find Ji Oasis. Since some of the textures in this level are 16-bit mats, you must have a graphics card that supports these higher-quality images. This level also has a special attribute, that if enabled, will give you a third-person (camera view) crosshair that is very suitable for this level. To enable the crosshair, you need to change the boolean value located in the custom made kyle.cog which resides in 16o.GOB. If you have any questions, please drop me an e-mail or contact me on the MSN Gaming Zone ("_y0nk_" or "_SteppinRazor").


3D Preview

Full Size 3D Preview for 16-Bit Oasis

Level Info:

Download: 16-Bit Oasis
File Size: 345k
Date: 04/25/01
Author: Pedestrian
Downloads: 1597


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 13
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OvermindPosted: 04/25/01 02:38   Report Abuse
Holy King Tut this looks like a pyrmide from a egyptian level. This is a Oasis mod so I give it my normal 2 that I give all levels that are remakes.

-Live for the swarm-


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 04/25/01 02:54   Report Abuse
It looks different, but i don't see why anybody would download an Oasis with the textures changed. What's wrong with the original level?


EX_GerrardPosted: 04/25/01 02:56   Report Abuse
well i dunno about the gameplay but the texturing looks nice so ill be st00pid and 7/10 it for the nice choices


SpirochetePosted: 04/25/01 03:57   Report Abuse
Beats Canyon Oasis and JI Oasis for sure. It even adds some beauty and a higher level of advanced gameplay, while adding a really cool custom cross hair. Even though it is just an oasis remake, it has incorporated many new things not seen before. I give this level a 10.


LightsidePosted: 04/25/01 04:15   Report Abuse
My question of the day: "Why are the walls made of tiles?"


TakimotoPosted: 04/25/01 07:32   Report Abuse
Yawn. I could go on, but that sums it up.


ApoK_DragonPhinnPosted: 04/25/01 18:22   Report Abuse
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't feel that editors aren't taking advantage of AEG's "Starter Set"s. Starter Sets are core units of a level that Editors can modify, instead of making another CO mod. This level looks and plays great, but it probably won't be downloaded and played because it is, after all, just another CO mod. It's not a plug, dude, it's some advice.

Furthermore, it probably would have been better to make this a Modification. Put all the new textures, renamed as the old ones, in a GOB and then have the user use Patch Commander and install it. That way, it is still compatible with other people who use the standard Canyon Oasis, making it more widely used.


PedestrianPosted: 04/25/01 21:15   Report Abuse
Wow, this level has gotten quite a few comments. I made this level quite a while ago and only released it because:

A. I hate JI.

B. I hate telling people that JI is different from the origninal Canyon Oasis that came with the game.

C. I felt that this may help some of the people who have trouble finding a good, slightly altered Canyon Oasis (like JI).

D. I am really tired of playing Canyon Oasis with its ugly textures.

E. I hate drawing a tacky dot on my screen when I could be using a decent looking cross hair.

F. Some of my friends convinced me to release it.



CE_ST_Kir_KanosPosted: 04/25/01 21:20   Report Abuse


BoolPosted: 04/27/01 15:06   Report Abuse
How can you people rate this level on gameplay when the author did nothing to make the gameplay what it is? He didn't make the level, he just changed the textures and threw in some weapons. LEC should get credit for the "good gameplay." I give this level, as with all Oasis mods, a one.

Authors- Create your own levels, please.


PedestrianPosted: 04/28/01 01:08   Report Abuse
Bool is absolutely correct, you should not rate a level if only minor changes were made to a level that I did not even create. I would appreciate it if people would not criticize me on this level, it is by no means a reflection of my capabilities.


GIJEDI_JonPosted: 03/23/02 05:45   Report Abuse
looks better than the old one


MentatMMPosted: 06/10/07 05:22   Report Abuse


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