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After crash-landing in one of the surrounding canyons, you decide you must finish your mission and protect the ruins of the Sith from the pirate raiders.


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Download: Ruins of the Sith
File Size: 283k
Date: 04/25/01
Author: William Hooper aka LEGION_DARK
Downloads: 2841


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 13
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OvermindPosted: 04/25/01 02:41   Report Abuse
Good a level for me the dark of all lords. I just love levels that you act as a dark lord protecting the strong side of the force. This is a great level all around so I gave it a 10 like it deserves.

-Live for the swarm-


Ping_MePosted: 04/25/01 03:50   Report Abuse
Ping_Me's rating: Yuck.

The only good thing I can say about this level would be it's mediocre enemy placment and it's attempt at non-liner flow. Enemies were placed around corners and up high making you watch where you're going and teaching you not to rush into things. However there was a larger group of baddies in which the author provided you with a rail det to blash your way through. The AT-ST, however, simply did not fit with the pirate theme.

The level had an atmosphere of destruction and chaos that was barely pulled off, meaning that the author took steps to cleave sectors in odd ways to make things look like the rubble of a hostile takeover. In respect to the flow being non-linear, you sometimes went up and down rather than straight, right or left.

An attempt was made at architecture as I mentioned before, but I would have like to have seen more curves and less boxes. Caverns were very spacious which I found to be unrealistic. There was one fall you had to take, hurting yourself in the process, in order to proceed early in the level.

Level ends when you kill Yun. If I had a dime for every level that ends when you kill a dark jedi...

Texturing was horrible. It makes sense sometimes to have unstitched textures in caves but only when two surfaces are not coplanar. In this level a perfectly straight wall would have all sorts of textures going all different ways. The differences in patterns denoted where one sector ended and another began mostly. Sometimes the floor would be divided into squares where all the textures would be rotated all different ways. It didn't look good to me.

Item placement = bad. Items don't float, my freind. It's very dissapointing to see items that float. It ruins the atmosphere. Otherwise you mostly lived off what you could pick up from dead bodies.

And now, my biggest gripe, the lighting. (God preserve me that I don't lose my temper) Lighting simply DID NOT EXIST. Everything, even the caves, was uniformly lit, namely, at the highest level of light. I don't care if you have an area that had nothing but blue sky above it, always use lights. I'm an art major, and in my art classes one of the most fundamental things you learn is to shade. Shading a line drawing, meaning drawing in shadows, makes it look 100,000% more realistic. This is also the case for Jedi Knight Single Player levels. (gets down on knees) Please, I'm begging you, if you are a level author, please use lights. Don't use sector lighting. Even the deepest cave was as bright as the sand deserts outside them.

In conclusion, much more attention needed to be paid toward this level's atmosphereic effects (lighting, texturing, item placement). It wasn't, however, a complete loss, in respects to enemy placement and halfway decent architecture.

Ping_Me's rating: 5


OddballPosted: 04/25/01 17:59   Report Abuse
not nice to give your own level a 10 by the way.

I gave it a 4


LEGION_DARKPosted: 04/25/01 18:54   Report Abuse
I never rate my levels!

I didnt rate my level a ten!

I think i did better on this than my previous levels, Satar Power Plant and LEGION Temple!


MeNTaLPosted: 05/02/01 04:03   Report Abuse
It was an ok lvl but it just needs more time not bad for a begginner though



YWL_ConnemaraPosted: 05/16/01 19:08   Report Abuse
This level just struck me as too simple. I thought this was gonna involve some sort of difficulty, but it was so easy I coulda made it through with my eyes shut. I thought the A/I on the Dark Jedi at the end was pretty good, but for some reason I was expecting to have to face more than one dark Jedi (maybe cause we were in a SITH temple, and I figured we'd be dealing with SITH), so I was disapointed when the level ended. No plot, no challenge, I give it a 4.


KaoZ^GuruPosted: 06/24/01 11:23   Report Abuse
This is a really elendig bane. It really suge.
I think this level skal bli ødelagt.
I really hope u aldri laga levels igjen.
det var vertfall my thought.


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 06/27/01 06:21   Report Abuse
I have no idea what this guy said ^, but I use this level every time I turn on my system. I use this to practice my mods, saber deflection, and duling capabilities.
So what if it's another one of those levels, it's the little things that count.

For the mods inspired by this level, like my force sheild toggle, coming soon, I give this level a ............. *10*

- thanks joe!


sprok1234Posted: 07/13/01 00:37   Report Abuse
This levvel was ok but i reakon it could have had a bit more effort into it a good amount of enemies but heath packs and other pickups could have been placed more carfully id give this one a 6


Dice_IbegonPosted: 09/15/01 14:05   Report Abuse
yeah wasnt bad but I already played better levels :-/ It was too boxy, byt anyway at least you got the courage to do a level lol, good job


thegrumpyfrogPosted: 03/25/03 05:25   Report Abuse
Cough cough. Hmm. Errgh.

Scores (5 is about the average rating):

~ Visual artistry: 4 out of 10.
Lights are all the same, textures need realigning, architecture is OK, but nothing great. Suggestion: Make the crash site look more like a crash site, with, say, a crater, debris, ruts in the sand and a mound in front of the ship from the ship sliding, etcetera. And please look at your textures. They're all twisty.

~ Plot: 2 out of 10.
This is the same plot every other level in the UNIVERSE seems to use. Also, nothing sticks to the plot! If you're a dark Jedi, why are you fighting Yun? Why must we be subjected to more Yun in the first place? Also, EXCUSE ME MISTER I'M A SITH and I'M DESPICABLY EVIL and UNBELIEVABLY POWERFUL so please give me some BAD GUY FORCE POWERS. And since when does a desert temple have machiney tube things, and especially a "bulkhead"? That bulkhead bit made me laugh. Tip: Be careful what you make the character say. Those WAVs are so overused. Pull out a microphone! Heck, I'm happy to do voice acting for anyone! Anyone! Just ask.

~ Fun factor: 3 out of 10. I played it all the way through, that's something. Enemy placement made it interesting. But it was so bland. Nothing cool happened.

~ Level layout and integrity: 4 out of 10. I have no complaint about having to fall and get hurt early on. That I like. That's good in its place. Adds realism. But it was too linear, and the way you get into the temple doesn't make sense. Caves weren't cavey enough. Imperial bases do not belong everywhere, vast enemies should not spend all their time in courtyards doing nothing, and Tuskens do not really cohabitate happily with STs. And why do ships always crash-land right by a cliffside or in a square or circlular area with one tunnel leading out? Tip: Originality! New ideas! These are the key.

Overall score: 3. Your previous levels may well have been better than this one.

Also, I would like to point out to Overmind in a kind, friendly way that he is a nutter.


ConnemaraPosted: 10/10/03 21:34   Report Abuse
You know what's creepy? When you go and play a level and discover you've played it two and a half years previous and have no memory whatsoever of doing that. :p

Anyway, since I have a new screen name now I can re-rate it, and now that I just played your last level (oh, and way back when I almost joined your JK clan, too :p), I can be a little more objective and all.

Anyway, *much* better than your first attempt! I hope you keep making levels because you are improving.

However, my only criticism was it ended too fast. This second time I played it I was again expecting to face more Jedi/Sith, and I think it would have been cool if you had to face a whole bunch of them. I was gonna rate this higher than I did, but because it cut off just as I was starting to have fun, I give it a 5.


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