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This is a large multiplayer arena with smaller areas for combat. I have added some really neat stuff, like the scrolling skies and breaking glass. Don't forget to check out the POO ROOM.


Level Info:

Download: Castle
File Size: 697k
Date: 04/28/01
Author: Drunken_Squirlz
Downloads: 722


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 10
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OvermindPosted: 04/28/01 02:15   Report Abuse

-Live for the Swarm-


murtamanPosted: 04/28/01 10:25   Report Abuse
WHAT? It's good, but not wow-worthy


SnakePosted: 04/28/01 14:33   Report Abuse
you know, i believe it seems a bit tall, the walls i meen. and those wall textures are quite repetitive. you could surely scale them up. also, u could posibly lose some of the metal textures and replace them with wood, stone, or a more medieval looking metal grate. all in all, an ok job.


drunken_squirlzPosted: 05/11/01 21:40   Report Abuse
Ok I have redone a lot of this level, so it is a lot better that before. There are scrolling skies, breaking glass, and my favorite, the POO ROOM.


CaptainRAVEPosted: 05/14/01 18:45   Report Abuse
I really liked this level, it was great. The only problem i found was that the rail gun placed behind the bar could be seen when it spun and came through the bar wall, other than that it was great.


TN_SidrocPosted: 07/21/01 17:15   Report Abuse
The poo room is pretty good but not up to my standards all in all it sucks. TOO REPETIVE.
:) Actually I suck at level editing so never mind.


drunken_squirlzPosted: 07/21/01 17:16   Report Abuse
Hey TN_Sidroc you ass I know who you are and this isn't a bad level. I know from experience that you suck so bad at making levels that the empty box that comes with Jed looks like a master piece. You asked me to beta test a fucking 3 roomed piece of monkey poo. I don't know why anyone would even bother to make something like that except if the were borred out of there mind. ;)


drunken_squirlzPosted: 07/25/01 03:22   Report Abuse
Oh btw people the comments at the top are from BEFORE the newest version was released. So dont take them to seriously. Anyway I'm working on fixing a couple of bugs in this version and adding a way to get out side (by popular request).



BaDPosted: 08/25/01 00:21   Report Abuse
hey, just don't use things you aren't allowed to- I haven't gotten the newest version of this but it's ok... yea umm
can you guess who I am? Dalia hoo hoo!


MorpheusPosted: 03/18/02 22:28   Report Abuse
Hey, before you make a level that is made to have a "real-life" apperance, you should do some reserch. Casle intereors aren't or weren't as bleak as you've made them out to be. Basicly- every thing is gold, gilded, or gold-laced. There were a lot of decoratives. Any way, about the "poo room": there was no such thing as an "in-door out-house" or a bath room in...say... the twelfth century. In mid-evil times, they went to a shack out-side to do their "buissness". I wouldn't be supprised if the out house was gilded. And I also don't think that they used cheep JK textures (hint, hint).


Storm_EyesPosted: 12/31/02 17:04   Report Abuse
I agree with Morpheus. This level sucks. You get stoped by an invisible wall. You look out ONE window and all you see is stone. There's a bottomless pit near the pool. and your water level doesn't make any sense. You cant walk into a vertical wall of water. I don't know much about castles but I know enough that they were more the some poo room, a small coridor a window that looks into a rock face, a bar, 4 repetative towers and an invisble wall. I respect the fact that you make it the way you want to but if you want to get some posative feedback do a litte research and realise that a scrolling sky doesn't make a level good (besides scrolling skies aren't all that hard to make). All in all I gave it a zero.


Storm_EyesPosted: 12/31/02 17:08   Report Abuse
To make this level better add more stuff to it right now its more of a four tower peice of monkey poo. Put a throne room a court and a jousting place.


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