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Based off the Final Force Skinpack from Al MacDonald, this is the official Brigade of Light Skin Pack. Contains a total of 148 skins and 57 new lightsabers, including seventeen 16-bit sabers for your enjoyment.

Also contains a brand new black and silver saber handle and a great new main menu loading screen. This pack works like BFP 2X in that not everyone needs this pack active to join a game. People will see Katarn skins if they don't have the pack active while the host does.

Finally, this pack has a LOT of new sounds for the main Star Wars characters from all 4 of the movies. I will let you find out which skins have new sounds. Also all the skins have proper character names, which the original Final Force for some reason lacked.


Level Info:

Download: Brigade of Light Skin Pack v1.0
File Size: 8.31Megs
Date: 04/28/01
Author: BoL_Pretender
Downloads: 2504


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 13
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BoL_PretenderPosted: 04/29/01 00:28   Report Abuse
Also wanted to mention this pack has a LOT of current episode 2 skins from Al that I know we all love =)


SV_SoD_Majin1Posted: 04/29/01 07:30   Report Abuse
Wow! another ripoff of Als skins/Bfp2xs!


BoL_PretenderPosted: 04/29/01 09:00   Report Abuse
Interesting. None of the skins were from BFP2X as the skins in BFP2X are year's outdated. Whereas the Final Force Skinpack and thus this pack has skins that have been ALL REDONE in Paint Shop Pro by Al Macdonald himself this year and it shows in the quality of the skins.

Course you would perhaps know that if you took the time to read whats called a "README.TXT" file in the zip which you didnt.

If and when you ever discover that magical text file you will see that I gave all skins proper character names because in Al's Final Force Skinpack all you had was FILENAMES for the skins like LEIA, SOLO, ANAKIN, PROTOVADER2 ETC, whereas I have it as example Princess Leia, Han Solo, Anakin Skywalker, and Proto Vader.

You would also discover that I FULLY credit Al Macdonald in my README and I list where to download the original Final Force Skinpack.

Second: Al Macdonald's skins have ALWAYS been public domain as long as you credit Al himself which means that a LOT of JK editors in the JK community have used Al's skins in a pack or any other edited form including myself and other editors making skinpacks in the past few years.

Third: I made up a LOT of new sound files for the main movie characters which involved hours of time searching for clips on the VHS tapes, recording the sound clips and editing them for use in JK.

Fourth: ALL the sabers with the exception of the original LEC replacements and some in game MAT sabers, were done by myself and BoL_Goldthunder which took several weeks, all from the BoL Saber Pack.

Now if you are done making yourself look silly by not reading the readme file which again was pretty obvious you didnt, and posting that *UNEDUCATED* comment like you did above then perhaps you will learn something.



FunkyGnome™Posted: 04/29/01 12:21   Report Abuse
thats pret for yea ;) lol good job pret,u know i love those skins lol


BoL_GoldThunderPosted: 04/29/01 13:51   Report Abuse
Its the ignorance in the JK editing community that really upsets me. If any of you out there have created something for the cumminty wether it be a level or a mod, then you all probably know how it feels to be bashed upon. It really hurts. People, such as the above person, who feel the need to critize others work in a wrongful way should not be aloud to comment at all. No matter how crummy the level or mod is, keep your mean comments to yourself. I worked on those sabers for about 2 months, and Pretender worked on that skin pack for quite some time too. Your comment above was very rude, and I did not appreciate it at all. If you dont like it, close your mouth and dont dowload it, period.


nikkolusPosted: 04/29/01 17:53   Report Abuse
geez pret if you wanted to get more downloads for this you should have told them that there is a slave leia picture and that Oolala girl lol.


BoL_PretenderPosted: 04/29/01 19:34   Report Abuse
Yes thats right there are two skins of Oola and Slave Leia =D


JP_DarKnightPosted: 04/29/01 23:20   Report Abuse
WOW SV_SoD_Majin1 needs to lay off the insults! This looks like a great mod! Can't wait for it to finish downloading :)


ValiancePosted: 04/30/01 06:13   Report Abuse
YAY!! Way to go pret! And GT!!!! My main man!! Everyone d/l this thing NOW! That's an order! And try and get everyone else to also! I am so sick of BFP on the zone, especially when this is way better! Try and you will agree. Quit being lazy people, your'e using bfp (old news) and missing out on some great skins,sabers, and sounds!


AarvenPosted: 04/30/01 15:42   Report Abuse
Someone who actually uses proper grammar! That a REAL switch. But, that isn't what this pack is about. And, yes. I know I stared a sentence with a conjunction and all that. Oh well. On to whatever I'm supposed to do. I don't usually approve of these things too much. But, hey. Has anyone that's posted on this forum even TRIED to make a skin pack? I know how to make them and all. But, I'm just an awful artist. Ah well. Maybe one day I'll master the art of making MATs. Before you make insults towards the creator's packs, you should try it yourself. Then, you can insult all you want. Keep up the good work, Pretender. : )


reddogPosted: 04/30/01 17:57   Report Abuse
you should check into seeing if it was legal to take the sounds directly from the movie??? Id say a 9 to al and whatever you did. It is tough when people dis your mods and levels, but usually its people who cant do any kind of mod or level from scratch


TheOneAndOnlyTargonPosted: 05/01/01 01:18   Report Abuse
Well, if you people out there don't know me, this is the former, repeat, former FBJK_Targon, so don't go askin' for my autograph. First off, I want to know what possesses Pret to make all these damn huge mods. Secondly, I want to congratulate Pret on his wonderful job of putting the guy above in his right place. Pret you sound so much like my sister. =) Now, to the mod. I like this, in that not everyone has to have it. Thirdly, well there is no thirdly.

Master of the Universe


TheOneAndOnlyTargonPosted: 05/01/01 01:22   Report Abuse


MeNTaLPosted: 05/03/01 00:05   Report Abuse

I think this alteration is excellent it has all the sighns of a good quality skin pack and yes bfp2x is out of date


OvermindPosted: 05/03/01 02:22   Report Abuse
10 10 10 10 this is such a good pack me and my friends have been using it everytime we play since the day it came out. The sounds are so cool I like Ben and Leia voices they are realy funny. Great pack great great great. Sorry for the repetative words but this pack is so good.

-Live for the swarm-


ESJ_OBI_WAN_KENOBIPosted: 05/05/01 04:21   Report Abuse
How do u send a pack that big? I wanted to send sumthin, but it was too big for hotmail.


BoL_PretenderPosted: 05/05/01 06:36   Report Abuse
ESJ I split up the zip into several 1.44 meg RAR archive files and made them self extracting with instructions to the Massassi staff on how to combine all the RAR archive files so it could unRAR into one large ZIP file.


ChrisPosted: 08/14/01 19:38   Report Abuse
This is one of the best skin packs available for Jedi Knight at the moment. Its along the lines of BFP, loads of new skins and some weird sabers, although it does have better ones. New sounds for most of the characters. Its a must download.


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