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This level is located in an enclosed village. It has several free-standing buildings and underground tunnels that connect them. In the center, there is a tower intended for snipering. There is also a small pond that provides an alternate enterance to the tunnels. Secrets are also hidden throughout the level. There are no Force boosts, therefore, Jedi play may be restricted. I also left out the carb gun along with seekers. As it's not a huge level it creates fast and intense games. Any number of players will make the level worth playing.


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Level Info:

Download: HfTb Village
File Size: 1.6Megs
Date: 05/10/01
Author: HfTb_sidecut
Downloads: 913


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 6
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VJMJessicaPosted: 05/10/01 19:47   Report Abuse
a great level....I love the x-wing and great for rpg!!


__LimPBizKlT_Posted: 05/10/01 20:28   Report Abuse
I haven't downloaded..

And I don't think I'm gonna unless
It gets a whole lot of good comments..

Too boxy


tim_24Posted: 05/10/01 22:22   Report Abuse
I think this level is really, great. I would say if your a big JK fan to go ahead and download it. Its lots of fun.


IRG_CommandoJoePosted: 05/11/01 00:02   Report Abuse
I think if you re-texture it to make it urban, make it feel more Star War-sy, call it Coruscant, you'll THEN have a successful level.


SoupyPosted: 05/11/01 18:57   Report Abuse
To Star War-sy. I think its hott. Its perfect, anyone should like this level unless your a fool. I would dl, it. I think He has a great stage making infront of him. its just perfect!! What elts can I Say?


TalonPosted: 05/14/01 18:30   Report Abuse
I'm not going to rate it because I didn't download it. I haven't posted here much, but I always look.
I think this level is just a tad on the boxy side... ok, it's very on the boxy side, but I can't talk because I haven't gotten JED to work in a while so I can't do much better. I would like to see more decent MotS levels because JK crashes when I try to start a level, so I'm stuck with MotS. Keep working at it and you will get better... one tip would be not to have a wall going strait up and having that as your boarder... looks too much like you carved it with a meat cleaver. Try inside stuff before you go to the harder outside stuff... just a tip :)

Colonel and Dark Jedi Knight Sierra "Talon" Taurus
Commander of Training for the Vast Empire Army
Royal Guard and Elite Griffen Sect member in the Vast Empire Dark Jedi Order


CorrectionPosted: 06/03/01 23:18   Report Abuse
nice start, just spend a little extra time to add lighting and some nice architecture.. lighting, mainly tho, lighting is essential to look'n cool... BTW, "sniping," not "snipering." "to snipe" is a verb, "a sniper" is a noun.


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