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An attempt to make a CTF level that works with a small number of players and relies on strategy. Nonsymmetrical, and with plenty of new cogs to keep things somewhat interesting. Set on a snow world, with lots of caves.


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Download: BlargCTF
File Size: 463k
Date: 05/10/01
Author: Brian "Arby" Taylor
Downloads: 1287


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 8
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JipePosted: 05/10/01 23:07   Report Abuse
Having betaed this level several times, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good old-fashioned CTF fun, with an interesting level. Both bases were fairly well balanced, although it is occasionally hard to get out of the caves if you're being chased. I liked the inventive traps that made it hazardous to reach the flag, but not impossible. Well worth the download, and on par with the CTF pack - pity it wasn't finished on time.


DarthBosskPosted: 05/10/01 23:33   Report Abuse
This is probably a stupid question, but is this THE Brian?


GeneralRamosPosted: 05/10/01 23:37   Report Abuse
THE Brian is Brian LOZIER. I think I'm gonna D/L this, looks good.


MeNTaLPosted: 05/11/01 05:46   Report Abuse
WOW I like new ctf levels


Glazed DoughnutPosted: 05/11/01 16:20   Report Abuse
Hey, I d/led this level this morning, and I can't wait until I get home from school to play it. I hope it lives up to the hype!


oninosensiPosted: 05/13/01 13:53   Report Abuse
I don't play much CTF, but this level looks good.


AdunPosted: 05/13/01 18:04   Report Abuse
I also betaed this level and had a lot of fun. Nice job Arbs.


BrianPosted: 05/14/01 23:15   Report Abuse
No, the person working at Massassi named Brian is not the author of this level. Brian "Arby" Taylor used to work on Darkness Falls and I think still works at Jedi Legacy, but I could be wrong.


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