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This is a small Multiplayer level. It takes place in a castle, built into a canyon. This is the first level I've ever released, so those who have been editing since 1997 please go easy on me.


Level Info:

Download: Castle Battle
File Size: 1.2Megs
Date: 05/15/01
Author: Brent Slocum
Downloads: 1073


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 8
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OvermindPosted: 05/15/01 01:54   Report Abuse
Very good... I don't think you will have any bad comments for this good level!

-Live for the swarm-


JSauterPosted: 05/15/01 03:30   Report Abuse
YO man this level rocks..... i give it a 9 b/c it is amazing, but i wish there was access to the top of the castle and upper cliffs, but sweet job on everything else! ^_^ DOWNLOAD THIS LEVEL NOW!!! VERY WORTH IT!


MaxisReedPosted: 05/15/01 03:58   Report Abuse
Looks very nice....


ApoK_DarePosted: 05/15/01 19:31   Report Abuse
i guese overmind is right..........yes its a good level!


CaptainRAVEPosted: 05/16/01 19:22   Report Abuse
A nice level for multiplayer. Actually its just as good as the original ones if not better. Download now. I'd only advise this for higher end machines though becuase outside could be quite system intensive. Download it NOW!


Brent SlocumPosted: 05/17/01 01:58   Report Abuse
Thanks for all your comments. i'm vary happy you guys like it.


Chris SwanPosted: 05/18/01 20:06   Report Abuse
I don't really play or download MP levels much. I prefer SP, but I helped Brent with this one. It's turned out very well. Well done Brent!


Reubus HagridPosted: 08/18/01 13:07   Report Abuse
Yer obv'ously very good at this. ^_^
Loved yer lev'l from th' moment I look'd at th' screen shots.


SkyXaxPosted: 07/03/03 19:57   Report Abuse
Hehehe, Hagrid lol. You read Harry Potter then? Aha! (Good books) :) Anyway, nice level! Very good!


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