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While on a patrol mission, Kyle is shot down and captured by a hidden Imperial Outpost. Finding himself in a cell, he must escape so he can warn the New Republic about this Imperial Outpost.

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Download: Escape from Imperial Base
File Size: 114k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Rogue Leader
Downloads: 5321


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 13
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Darthx_MaulPosted: 08/29/00 16:36   Report Abuse
This level is not very good. They need to fix the elivador. its too fast.


Wolfman_357Posted: 09/09/00 03:38   Report Abuse
This level was ok but needs better textures and more enemies.Small download.


Rogue LeaderPosted: 10/10/00 16:37   Report Abuse
Elevator? There isn't any elevator in this level...


Phil CPosted: 10/31/00 21:46   Report Abuse
I found this level very good. It is quite small but 'you dont get big diamonds'. The way it was made and set out was very clever. It is the ideal download if you haven't much time.


DakkonPosted: 12/03/00 17:01   Report Abuse
This level was a dead copy of Jan Ors adventures level 1. Funny part with the gaurds at the heater, though.


The Wise JediPosted: 12/30/00 14:05   Report Abuse
This is not a great leval all around but it's a great leval to test new Mods.


Black KnightPosted: 12/30/00 14:55   Report Abuse
If you don't use mods this is not worth it if you do than this maybe the best testing leval you can get.


knight_barn1Posted: 01/13/01 13:56   Report Abuse


knight_barn1Posted: 01/13/01 13:57   Report Abuse


ConnemaraPosted: 01/27/01 20:52   Report Abuse
Hey, I thought this was pretty good. Not much challenge, it only took me 15 mins (or less!) to complete, but I thought level design was not bad. All-in-all pretty good for it's small size.


DarkPhoenixPosted: 03/13/01 01:56   Report Abuse
Read my review for this level at


TessarPosted: 12/19/01 20:35   Report Abuse
I loved this lvl!

It had lots of enemys and other cool stuff.

my only comment is that the purple hair that he got near the end was, ahhhhh.... interesting?

still it was a nice short lvl with plenty of excitement and it was easy to figure out. (I hate those lvls that are imposible to figure out)

so I give it ten thumbs up! :looks confused for a moment and recounts fingers: ummmm.. ya! ten thumbs! ;)


kunckles1Posted: 03/30/02 21:52   Report Abuse
this level is okay, but a lot of things didn't make sense. For instance, why do they keep your cell door unlocked? Why are all the cell doors unlocked? And why are there weapons in someone elses cell? Basically, there are these things wrong: item placement, enemy placement, door locking, overlooked design. This is all from one play through, so i suggest that you re realease this level or not make any like it again.


Storm_EyesPosted: 12/31/02 18:20   Report Abuse
I think you should of had a diferent begining the just walking out of your cell and beating up yours gaurds. also why do some of the other prisoners punch you. Your letting them out of their jail cell and they beat you. You should have made it smething like on your way to your jail cell you summon enough strength to fore choke your guards. Then you take their weapon to escape. Also the door to the big room with the atat doesn't open from ethier side. I can see it not opening from one side. but both sides? All in all it was stil perrty good i guess.


StormInvaderPosted: 06/15/03 23:09   Report Abuse
I have a good idea if you remake and re-release your level.

In the first part make your self outside the cell with a dead guard in front of you.
Story should be this: you steal the guard''s gun and kill him. Just like Level one,Episode 1 from WOLF3D.


cbPosted: 12/08/04 16:15   Report Abuse
This level was a bit like Wolf3D. I liked the idea of taking on the Imperials from scratch. Levels with challenge can be quite entertaining. I know JK is old now but I think there's still room for growth. I think level editors should make their levels in JK instead of MOTS because JK is still sold in stores, meaning people reading this website before getting the game can actually play the levels. I haven't seen MOTS in stores since spring 2001. A fine level that has been on my computer's hard drive for three years now, I still find JK to be the best SW fps.


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